Sindhu Bhairavi - Episode - 201 to 210

Jogi Thakur goes into a depressed mood and tells firmly to Divya that he does not want to see the face of Bhairavi.

Bhairavi convinces her mother Divya that she had done all this in order to save the family's name since Sindhu at the last moment had refused to marry Veer citing her poor background.

Veer decides to reveal the true face of Bhairavi and comes to Jogi Thakur's house. He asks all the family members to sit and listen to what he has to say.
Veer's gives a stelling performance breaking the mukada/mask of Bhairavi to all.

Veer teases Bhairavi telling all of them assembled that we should celebrate and install a idol in the name of Bhairavi for the sacrifice she has done to the family.

He asks Sindhu, "whether you realised not to be my wife just 5 minutes before?" He then tells that he has done the greatest mistake of loving her and regarding her as his true love. Damarai suddenly becomes angry and cries aloud, "Veer!"

Veer, asks her, "Are you getting angry, Ammu?" This angry you should have got when Bairavi took the place of Sindhu...

Veer lifts the hand of Bhairavi and reveals the cut in her hand and says that with this fake suicide drama Bhairavi had insisted Sindhu Bhairavi to forsake her love and had taken the bride's place during marriage.

Jogi Thakur goes into a depressed mood and is convinced that Bhairavi has done all this just to spoil the love life and marriage of Sindhu Bhairavi and not for the love of Veer.

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