Sindhu Bhairavi Serial - 211 to 220

Jogi tells to Divya that he should have known about Bhairavi's jealousy against Sindhu. He should have allowed Dhamarai to leave their house when Damarai asked him at the time when Divya was hospitalised.

When Bhairavi's grandmother comes there he accused her that it should be she that has teached Bhairavi to tell lies and is behind all these happenings.

Jogi tells Divya that henceforth Bhairavi should never come before him.

Damarai and Sindhu decide to leave the house and while leaving Sindhu just goes on seeing Jogi as if seeing for the last time. Right there Jogi sees them going with heavy heart and gets pained in heart and falls down. Seeing Jogi falling Sindhu shouts and rushes in. Jogi is hospitalised. Thus their going out of Jogi Thakur's house is now completely shut.

When Jogi Thakur opens his eyes Divya sends Sindhu as the first person to see him since she realises that by seeing her Jogi's recovery will be for the good. Sindhu goes inside and sees Jogi and through the glaring eyes itself they accept that they will never leave Jogi's house.

Veer's Bundela family visit the hospital and on return they find Thakur Tej Singh the illegitimate child of Thakur Baldev Singh doing merry and dancing right in center of the hall.

Veer who is in dark about the secret of Tej Singh finally comes to know that he is the illegitimate son of his grandfather.

Veer comes to know through his father that Tej Singh had spoiled Vijay during his younger days. Tej singh used to lure Vijay and feed him with drugs at is school going days.

Veer decides that henceforth he will take care of his Bundela family protecting it from Tej Singh.

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