Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial - 221 to 230 -26-4-11 to 9-5-11

Chandra enters the house of Bundela's family on the advice of Tej Singh. She is welcomed by the Bundela family.

At the hospital Divya decides not to allow Bhairavi's grandmother inside Jogi Thakur's room citing that he needs rest.

At Bundela's family Veer is bringing confidence into Vijay's mind. He tells him that he is his Hero.

Vijay who is a drug addict gets upset and confused he tells, that he is being kept in his room locked always and no one likes him.

Veer puts more confidence in his mind. He tells him that Vijay is a Thakur and he could do anything when he can apply his mind.

Tej Singh adds lust in the minds of Chandra he asks her to help him to enter the house of Bundela's family so that he can sneak and steal the Gold and get away.

As Tej Singh is about to loot all the jewels Veer hearing some sound comes over there and finds him, even other memebers of the family gather there. Tej Singh gets an opportunity to catch hold of Tapasya. He puts knife on her neck and asks Veer, if he can finish her off from his life so that he can marry his loved one.

Veer overcomes him and the police arrives to take him to custody.

Police tells that someone inside house had opened the door for Tej singh to come inside. The suspicion falls on Vijay. Vijay gets upset on this and he goes out of the house in search of drugs. He takes drug and falls on the roadside.

Veer who comes in search of vijay finally finds him and takes him home. He then takes care of him and admits him to drug rehabilitation center. Veer gives Vijay the much needed positive feedbacks that he will become alright and will come out of this drug habit. Vijay takes his word to his heart and himself gets more strong to come out of his rut.

Back home Tapasya tries to win over the heart of Veer and fails.

Jogi Thakur comes back to his house after getting treated in hospital. For his rest and change of place they decide to go to Darjeeling. Divya, Jogi and Damini leave for Darjeeling. Sindhu stays back so that he could look after Prakash who is addicted to drug.

The coming episodes are very interesting and not to be missed episodes it covers more around Drug Rehabilitation Center and is more emotional and very interesting to watch. Vijay gets greatly impressed on Sindhu who cares for others. There relationships is touchy and very very emotional one to watch. A new love story comes up later. Don't miss those.

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Sindhu Bhairavi - Serial - 230 - 9-5-11

Tapasya dances in the rain and then she dances with Veer and thinks that she had arousen him for the good.

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