Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial - 231 to 240 -10-5-11 to 23-5-11

Bhairavi tries to arouse love inside Veer and Veer puts her fire out by pouring a bucket of water in her head.

Bhairavi shots back asking him that what Sindhu has done to win over her love if it was true love on him. If it was a true love between them (Sindhu and Veer) why it failed? She tells that it is hers love that is true and not Sindhu's.

Sindhu goes to police station and finds Prakash there and pleads with the police to release him. The inspector having taken her word releases him. sindhu makes arrangements to join him to a drug rehabilitation center to treat him. It is the same center where Vijay is also taking treatment. They both meet on many occasions and Vijay is very much pleased and moved by her care that she takes and gives to others especially Prakash.

Bhairavi goes shopping and while returning she is followed by Siddarth her previous lover. He forces her to stop the car, Bhairavi tells him that her marriage was done hurriedly against her wish. Sid tells her that he will do anything for her he even can bring the stars from the sky for her. Bhairavi catches of this love Sid has with her and utilises this to turn it against Sindhu to kill her.

Sindhu who has admitted Prakash to Rehabilitation center has no mind to leave him behind but the doctor advises her to leave since her presence could disturb the patient.

Sindhu goes out and sits on the footsteps and here starts her first close talk with Vijay which Sindhu at this time do not know how close she would become with this guy and how he would change his life. Neither Vijay knows that how deep he is going to love her. The following episodes and the love story of Vijay on Sindhu is really good to watch and you would also get to know how a drug rehabilitation center runs. There are some emotional events that are going to take place in this rehabilitation center... so watch not miss.

Vijay sees in Sindhu the same attitude that Veer has, the mind to help others, to love other people who really are in need of it. As Veer puts some positive thoughts and feelings in Vijay's mind to bring him out of this drug habit so does Sindhu on Prakash and Vijay. Vijay sees on Sindhu a different kind of person with love and helping nature on others which is not seen usually with all.

Veer tells his family members that he will put an end to all of their worries about Bhairavi and that he will go to meet Bhairavi.

At Jogi Thakur's house Bhairavi asks Sindhu where she had been and Sindhu tells that she had been to hospital to admit Prakash in proof of that she shows the hospital receipt. That was a mistake which Sindhu does not realise and Bhairavi though shows no interest on her visit to hospital at a later stage it helps her in her cunning plans.

At hospital Sindhu takes care of Prakash and sings song for him... her acts of love and care on Prakash are closely watched by Vijay when he suddenly sees Sindhu giving a watch to Prakash. He foresees the danger in Prakash having the watch so he rushes in and tells Sindhu not to give that to Prakash. Sindhu tells him being a third person he has no right to interfere and takes Prakash away from him and sends him to his room through a ward boy.

At Jogi Thakur's house we see Gunavanthi visiting there to take back Tapasya. Veer arrives later and delivers shock to the whole gathering there telling that he wants to divorce Tapasya and marry Ichchha.

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  1. superb serial>...i like sindhu very much i want to know her real name if anyone knows pls say me...dnt stop this serial....

  2. hi priya....real name of sindhu is Tina Dutta....i too watch this serial.i like it very much.

  3. can i please know any other links to watch sindhu bhairavi in tamil online

  4. Why I find this is the best blog which gives updated written comments and video which I found no where else

  5. Check out...

  6. her reaql name ichchcha..

  7. Sindhu is called as Ichchha in Uttaran the hindi version. Her real name is Tina Dutta.

  8. sindu is nice girl



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