Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-241 to 254 24-5-11 to 10-6-11

Vijay saves Prakash from the clutches of drug smugglers/sellers inside the Rehabilitation centre. Vijay gives the watch back to Sindhu and tells her why he had earlier objected to she giving costly items to Prakash. Sindhu says sorry to him. Vijay asks her to get a kite for flying, Sindhu tells next time she will make it herself
and bring it.

Sindu complains to the chief Doctor about drug sellers inside the centre, and the doctor assures her that he will take care of it. He also tells that Vijay's will power is amazing who had been a drug addict for 13 years is able to save another person from getting addict to it.

Vijay thus always keeps watch on Prakash and as expected he once again goes after drug seller. vijay follows him, beats and chases the ward man out who is the drug seller.

When we suffer we reach out at God. For Sindhu her mother is the solace. Damarai gives the rightful advice to the worried heart of Sindhu. She tells her all the sufferings are an experience and the life should be faced courageously. These sufferings might be for the good that is going to come.

There is shock for Vijay when Prakash gets desperate and goes for the drug seller in his absence. This time there is no chance and Prakash succumbs to the drug. When Sindhu asks Vijay how could he leave Prakash alone he feels very guilt. Later Sindhu realises that she should not have chided Vijay so much. When Sindhu goes to pacify him, here starts the turning point in the life of Vijay, he gets more pulled towards her.

Bhairavi utilises Sid's love towards her advantageously, she speaks volumes of ill-will against Sindhu and instigates anger inside him. Though at first he does not believe it but later falls for the trap.

Veer visits Jogi's house to see Sindhu and Nani abuses him. Bhairavi comes to his rescue and tells Nani that she cannot tolerate anybody saying anything against Bundela's family.

At hospital Vijay refuses to take medicines or food and does not come into the control of ward boys. As soon as Sindhu comes there like a child seeing his mother he looks on her with longing eyes. Her voice and words rings the sweetest to him. He comes into the control of hypnotic effect of Sindhu ready to do whatever she asks him to do.

Sindhu catches hold of her ears and asks sorry to him, tells him that he has not done any wrong, asks him to take food and medicine. Vijay tells him, "sorry teacher" and gets ready to take food and medicines.

We see a bondage between them getting closer together and we like it. Every drug addict who longs for love he gets it and we like it.

Bhairavi locks Sid with her lies and makes him to go after Sindhu and kill her. As soon as she gets confirmation of this from Sid she plays the friendship chord with Sindhu and tells sorry, catching her ears. Back in the mind she thinks, Sindhu you have one more day to live.

Veer tells his parents that Vijay is fully recovered and is spending his time happily.

Gunavanthi and Umed Singh go to see Vijay but is asked by him why they have come. Gunavanthi gets upset when the doctor comes there and tells that after the death of Prakash his condition has gone worse and yesterday he had some what recovered when the teacher met him. Gunavanthi asks about the whereabouts of the teacher but the doctor promises them to tell them after he comes to know of it.

Siddarth calls up Bhairavi with gun in his hand and asks her if this killing is necessary. Bhairavi tells him that if he could not kill Sindhu then to forget her and her only option is to commit suicide.

Sid then waits for Sindhu to kill her. There follows a high action drama when Sid drags Sindhu into the car and drives on. Veer who just then happens to come by sees this and follows Sid in his car. After a long chase and misses and then searches he finally finds Sid dragging Sindhu to an unknown place. There ensues a long fight and with repeated orders from Veer to Sindhu to leave the place she refuses only to get the bullet shot into her belly.

Veer lifts her up, is able to get a taxi and admits her to hospital. Bhairavi is waiting anxiously at her home to hear back from Sid about his attempts on the life of Sindhu.

Bhairavi's grandmother receives the call and gets to know that Sindhu is admitted to hospital. She along with Bhairavi, Pushkar and Rohini come to hospital with great tension. Veer tells them that someone had tried to kill Sindhu. Pushkar tries to get Divya and Jogi but does not get them. Bhairavi in order to avoid calls from Sid had removed the sim card. Her grandmother asks her to call up Divya and tell them about the hospitalisation of Sindhu. Finally Pushkar gets connected and Divya receives the call. The three of them rush in to the hospital cutting short their tour.

On the car during travel time Damini like all mother recalls all the days that she spent with her daughter.

Back at hospital Sindhu survives and Veer takes her hand and sits beside her.

Meanwhile Sid having failed to get connected through mobile ventures in person and arrives at the hospital with a bedsheet covering around him. He sees Bhairavi and calls her to come near him. Bhairavi sees the danger that is lurking seeing him. Jogi Thakur had already pledged that he is going to catch the culprit and will complain with the police commissioner. Bhairavi is going through horrible times. Will she be caught for the attempted murder of Sindhu through Sid?

Bhairavi with confusing walks by to talk to Sid when she suddenly sees him running away and before she could get to know why he is running she finds Veer passing by her and chasing him. For once her life tries to escape from her body. There is a chase by Veer within the hospital and finally Sid is caught. There ensues one more tussle and finally police is called in and he is handed over.

Bhairavi is in tension and her family feels that she is upset because of Sindhu. Jogi Thakur gets the information about Sid and he goes to the police station.

Vijay is worried that Sindhu has not come to meet him and he refuses to take medicines. The Doctor consoles him and promises him that he will call his teacher for him.

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  1. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  2. damn nice tiz drama .............
    i rely love tiz.............
    i hope the ending will be superb

  3. Sindhu Bhairavi has a long time still to go. Presently it is in 252nd Episode the Hindi version has already touched 623rd version...its possible heading towards 1000 or beyond that.

  4. I like this story. This is simply superb and very interesting

  5. Yes, in the past weeks we see the highlights of the life of drug addicts and how they are longing for love. Vijay's life is going to change and the life of Sindhu and this again is due to Bhairavi.



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