Gopi and Malar meet at Pollachi, Malar says to him that she loves him. For the first time ever Malar tells this openly and Gopi too opens up and tells her that he too loves her. Malar asks him why not they both commit suicide. Gopi then tells her instead of committing suicide why not they marry and face the situations boldly. This idea gives them enough strength and they both marry at a temple. Rohini and Gopi's little tailor shop boy help them.

One of the neighbor who happens to see them marrying informs to both Gopi's house and Malar's house. Malar's brother goes with his goonda elements and beats up Gopi's father who gets hospitalized in a serious condition.

Pandi and his father along with Maha's brother become so angry that they go to Malar's house and thrash her brother. Maha's brother takes a brick and hits his head which starts bleeding. Malars father comes there and they talk hot. Malar's father tells them henceforth Malar is not his daughter and they can do anything to her. Pandi's father tells him that they have not accepted Gopi has their son anymore.

In these conditions Gopi and Malar are on their way back home.

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