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The Full Moon day is to occur on 19th March 2011, it seems more destructions are awaited.

All countries who disrespect human lives and values could face dangerous consequences. Countries which supply Arms and Ammunitions and destructive weapons to countries which need them to fight their own people fall in this category. Both the weapon supplier and user could face the wrath. There has been many countries coming under this list.

Japan had not been in this type of job but for some reason the destruction is striking there.

Japan had fought the calamity bravely. The lessons that these earthquakes gave are many but do the Government of India will take it. First danger is the Nuclear Power Plants. Yes power is most needed but the danger of these plants its emissions are here to stay and affect all those who are near to it. The Government should concentrate on alternative energy sources for example : Wind Energy, Solar Energy, hydraulic power energy etc.

Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves.

Tokyo earthquake AS IT HAPPENED 3/11/11

India is growing in economy and developing fast as per the video here that's alright but ask your corporator or you see around and you will find footpaths are being relaid where it is not necessary. The money out of this contract is shared by many upto the top.

But see the many highroads being left in bad condition. Why? The contracts and the corporator will not get very high money here for sharing. Why? Because the inspection is easy here. You can't manipulate accounts much.

So you know how all the excess money is wasted. Work is done only where there is profit to the politicians. Where there is no profit and underneath deals, you can't expect any work.

Laugh with the babies...

What a shake...

Football Comedy...

Kids in conversations and trying to imitate or outwit others.

What a dance?


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