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Life and Universe


Its important that you have grasped things that has been said in part-1 and 2.

So you agree that life is more difficult to create then to create a house.

For creating a house you already know that it needs intelligence and intellect, someone has to design it in his mind before bringing it to creation.

Can a life create itself? It has blood vessels, nerves, digestive system etc. These things do you think created itself. So this life has come into being only because it has been imagined before hand. It really needs great intelligence and intellect to design a life. Just think of the various functions that the body performs in our day to day life. How perfect and systematic it is.

So some intellect a really great intellect has to exist, before life can come into this Universe. Greater intelligence than the intelligence that is needed to create a house is required for a life to be created..

So Remember - that even a house cannot be created without Intelligence. And that Life required far greater intelligence to be designed than a house.

Now move on to Part - 4


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