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13th Nov 2010

Nearly one in four cancer patients in England is diagnosed only when
they arrive at hospital in an emergency, a national study suggests.

In the cases of acute leukaemia and brain cancer, half of cases were
only discovered at a critical stage.

Cancer Research UK said more education was needed to
recognise symptoms.

The survey suggested those on low incomes, elderly people and the
under-25s were the most likely to be diagnosed at a late stage.

Only 3% of skin cancers went undetected until the emergency
stage, compared with 58% of brain cancers.


Chemotherapy is a treatment option for many cancer patients. Many times, chemotherapy is a combination of drugs referred as "anti-cancer" medications.

Chemotherapy stops the multiplication of Cancerous cells.

Cancer is caused by the out of control multiplication of cells. When these cells break free from the original site, the cancer spreads. Chemotherapy stops this multiplication of cancerous cells. In order to have it completely wiped out of your body you will need many sittings.. Approximately Rs.6,000/- is charged per sitting. ( Appollo Hospital, In Chennai, India)

Administration of Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is administered intravenously, in a pill form, by injection, or even applied to the skin. The frequency or duration of chemotherapy all depends on the type of cancer you have. It varies from patient to patient and often the treatment schedule is according to successes in trial studies.

Chemotherapy results in loss of hair. But it grows later hence it is no problem.


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