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A Tale of Two Brothers

Once upon a time there lived in an Indian Village two brothers by name Hari and Krishna, they were born in a poor family.

One day their poor father who was counting his last days called the two brothers and gave them some advices.

"Krishna Hari, I fell that I am going to die and I am leaving behind to both of you One Mango tree, one cow and one bedsheet, these are the only things I can give to both of you." Having said that he died.

Hari the elder brother is an innocent boy. Krishna is an intelligent boy. They both decided to divide the Mango tree, cow and bedsheet.

But how to divide a tree without cutting it. They did not know. How to divide a cow without cutting it into two. If cut, it will die. How to divide the bedsheet, it has to be torn into two peices.

So they both of them went on asking people suggestions and advices about how to divide these properties.

No one was able to give proper advice on how to divide the three between the two of them.

Krishna, the younger brother who was a cunning boy, told to his elder brother, "Brother why should we ask suggestions with other people, why not we both of us decide ourselves, and divide the three that our father has left behind fpr us " "Since you are elder brother you take the lower part of the tree which is very strong, which has roots going right through the ground, it is only fair for you to get the strongest part in the tree. I will take care of the upper part of the mango tree". Hari thought, if Krishna says so it might be correct, it is so kind of him that he is giving the big trunk and roots of the tree.

Krishna went on, "brother as for dividing the cow since you are my elder brother you can take the front and head i.e., half of the front portion of the cow, the other part of the cow I will look after since it needs more washing after it lays cowdung.

Hari, thought oh, `my brother is so nice, he has much washing to do for the cow. All I have to do is feed. Hari never thought about the milking and whether it will give birth to calf. So this too was accepted.

As for bedsheet Krishna told him, Oh, brother since you are elder brother to me, keep the bedsheet with you when you awake at the day time, you can always be able to see the bedsheet which our father has given us with love and affection.

Thus Hari accepted and so the division of the three things their valuable properties were divided or shared between themselves.

Every day Hari used to water the mango tree and used to put manure to it. He used to water the cow and feed it with fodder. Day time he used to keep the bedsheet in a corner without any use.

Kirshna used to pluck all the mango fruits. He used to milk the cow and take the milk, he used to collect the cowdung and use it for fire. As night approaches he used keep himself warm by covering himself with the bedsheet.

These things were watched by his neighbour and he called Hari and told him how foolish he is and gave him some advise.

The next day Hari took a axe and he went to cut the tree trunk, Krishna came running objecting it. Hari told him that he can do anything out of his part. And that he needs wood for fire. Krishna pleaded with him not to cut the tree and that he will share the mango fruits with him.

In the same way Hari stopped giving fodder to the cow and the cow stopped milking and Krishna came to know that his brother has come to know of his cunningness and so he agreed to share the milk with him.

As for the bedsheet Hari used to wet the bedsheet saying it needs daily washing and Kirshna was unable to use it at night.

Krishna thought enough was enough and he asked his brother to pardon him and later they both shared the work and the fruits of their work equally.

Thus Hari and Krishna lived happily thereafter.


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