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Sindhu Bhairavi Episodes List

Sindhu Bhairavi is a love story, it is a family story. Sindhu is born in a poor family and has no father. Her mother who works has a servant maid had to struggle for money when she fortunately gets to work in Jogi Thakur's family. Jogi unfortunately had caused a car accident in which Sindhu's father died. As a retribution Jogi Thakur looks after Sindhu's family. Jogi Thakur has a daughter Bhairavi.

Sindhu and Bhairavi grow up together. Bhairavi who initially is very friendly towards Sindhu gets jealousy as time passes by due to her grandmother's evil mind.

Sindhu loves Veer while Bhairavi loves Sid.

Sindhu's marriage is fixed with Veer. Bhairavi who initially loves only Sid and not Veer now falls in love with Veer's wealth and adoration's. She becomes jealous of Sindhu getting married to Veer and enjoying a happy life in a Palace like place. So she plans to marry Veer now taking the place of Sindhu. Nani supports her in fulfilling her wish. During marriage she convinces Sindhu to back off and adornes the brides dress and marries Veer. Veer later finds that he had married Bhairavi and not Sindhu gets angry on Bhairavi and seeks her divorce.

Bhairavi sees Veer is very much in love with Sindhu so she plans to marry Sindhu to Vijay who is a drug addict and brother of Veer. Like her Gunavanthi too wants to marry off Sindhu to Vijay. Then there is Nani thus the trio's convince Ichchha in marrying Vijay. When Veer comes to know their plans he gets anger but he too is unable to tell Vijay that Sindhu is his lover.

Jogi Thakur refuses the alliance of Vijay when he comes to know that the Bundela's family had been seeking Ichchha for Vijay a drug addict and not for Veer who actually is her lover.

Sindhu is forced into the marriage by Nani and Tapasya's acts. Nani directly asks her to marry Vijay while Tapasya tacitly instigates her taking advantage of her good feeling towards Vijay. She converts the link of Sindhu and Vijay to love.

Veer is left to brood over his fate and just weep. Vijay loves Sindhu very deeply and this love Bhairavi well utilises to culminate it into their marriage.

Bhairavi then never leaves Sindhu to live happily with Vijay also, she reveals to Vijay that Sindhu is the lover of Veer before his marriage itself but through her grandmother Vijay is made to go through the marriage proceedings. Vijay though marries her he rejects her in his life.

Sindhu Bhairavi - Episode List - Click Below

Episode- 150 to 160 - 10-01-11 to 28-01-11

Episode- 161 to 170 - 31-01-11 to 11-02-11

Episode- 171 to 180 - 14-02-11 to 25-02-11

Written updates of Sindhu Bhairavi dated 17th Feb 2011

Episode- 181 to 190 - 28-02-11 to 11-03-11

Episode- 191 to 200 - 14-03-11 to 25-03-11

Episode- 201 to 210 - 28-03-11 to 08-04-11

Episode- 211 to 220 - 11-04-11 to 25-04-11

Episode- 221 to 230 - 26-04-11 to 09-05-11

Episode- 231 to 240 - 10-05-11 to 23-05-11

Episode- 241 to 254 - 24-05-11 to 10-06-11

Episode- 255 to 264 - 13-06-11 to 28-06-11

Episode- 265 to 275 - 29-06-11 to 13-07-11

Episode- 276 to 285 - 14-07-11 to 27-07-11

Episode- 286 to 295 - 28-07-11 to 10-08-11

Episode- 296 to 298 - 11-08-11 to 16-08-11

Episode- 299 to 302 - 17-08-11 to 22-08-11

Episode- 303 to 305 - 23-08-11 to 25-08-11

Episode-306 Written Update 26-8-11

E-307-308 Written Update 29-8-11 to 30-08-11

E-309-310 Written Update 31-8-11 to 02-09-11

E-311-319 Written Update 05-9-11 to 15-09-11

E-320-332 - 16-9-11 to 04-10-11

E-320-344 - 05-10-11 to 20-10-11

Sindhu Bhairavi Latest-I

Sindhu Bhairavi Latest-II


  1. please update the serial from episode 1

    1. please update the serial from 1st episode bcz i missed it actually

    2. please update the serial from 1st episode bcz i missed it actually

  2. Sindhu Bhairavi Serial is not available from Episode-1, however the Hindi Version is available as you know.

    There are written updates available in Hindi version written by me... you can watch it from

  3. pls any bady help update this serial from episode 1....tamil

  4. I like sindhu bhairavi serial vvvvvvvvv.much. I want only sindhu and veer to be loved and married.

  5. From The Begining Bairavi is Not Caught for her Mistakes which she done she need to be caught by her Father, Veer, Sindhu, & Vijay

  6. where can i get the episodes from 1 in tamil anybody help me

  7. please upload the latest episode.. tq!

  8. please upload the next episode (28th January 2011) tq!

  9. i like sidhu very much because she is very pretty

  10. i like sidhu very much because she is very pretty

  11. i like sidhu very much because she is very pretty

  12. please update may 1 2012 episode

  13. please update the episode may 1 2012

  14. I guess this is copied version or dubbed version of hindi tv serial Uttaran.....

  15. i love sindu bairavi serial vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.much. i am crazy about it .

  16. I love sindhu bairavi the most .I am crazy about it .

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