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Better Homes and Gardens

Assuming that you are a retired person and have enough money to spend with and like to live a better life than you had all along been living. Now read on...

Who does not like to live in a even more better homes than they are presently living in. A better home that is built in a larger site area for gardening. Everyone and mostly retired persons like to spend their time leisurely and doing gardening. Planting trees in their garden and looking after them watering and seeing its growth itself is an unique experience.

The best way to get into one of a better homes and do gardening is to go and purchase a site outside the city limits.

You are habituated to live among the peoples in around the city and near city area. Once you somehow go out of the area and buy a site outside and are used to gardening then you would have built your own world.

My experience with gardening and one example of it....

In my young tender age I liked gardening so much so that, I grew vegetables, green leaves, tomatoes, brinjal, ladies finger etc. The best part of it is when cooked the sambar tasted more tasteful compared to the vegetables purchased from the market.

Then I had this Guava tree planted. First I picked up a tasteful Guava and then took seeds out of it dried it and then sowed it.

I waited for it to sprout and when it showed up above the ground. I started talking with it. I started telling it to grow good, with great strength, give great amount of fruits, tasteful fruits. Whatever positive words were possible I talked with it. As it grew after thirty days or so when it grew to a sufficient height of some one feet I plucked the top part of it. Then it started growing two sides as two branches after it attained two feet height I plucked the top of the two branches that was growing, now I had four branches. Again after it grew to more height I plucked all the top of the four branches. That's it the Guava tree grew rather studiously with green leaves and brown strong branches and started bearing fruits within 6 or 7 months itself. It had eight branches making
it easy as ladder to climb on to pluck the Guava fruits.

The better part of it is it tasted so much sweet like honey that even if you plucked and ate it before its ripening it tasted good. It gave out enough amount of fruits that not only whole of my family ate it but there were enough amount to give to all the friends who came by and also sell it who were coming asking for it even though our intention firstly was not to sell.


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