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India vs Pakistan - S/F ICC World Cup 2011-Match Fixed

To start with I want Indian Cricket team always to win. At the same time I do not want to be fooled also.

Indian media cannot telecast about match-fixing and such like things because it would then loose its mass viewers. No cricket gossips that you see in all channels will ever utter a word like match-fixing. But the media in other countries have lots of news about match-fixings. My dear friend there is no smoke without a fire.

If you are die-hard fan of Indian cricketing team just enjoy its winning streaks and read no further. Stop reading here... and go to see films that I have in this blog. I too enjoy to see Indian team winning always.

When there is hue cry and thumbs up congrats to Indian cricket team coming all over India, I like to see all this in a different view and angle. Let us forget once that we are Indians and get fooled by peoples.

This match was wrongly used for political purposes and political gains showing wrong signals and giving wrong examples. It is dangerous for sport. Because tomorrow the sports will get linked directly to international politics.

Indian Politician were trying to just escape from their scams and were using this platform to take away the people from real scam issues to a show to show that they are friendly with their neighbors and that they are good at politics.

Pakistan can never be trusted who are hand in glove with China. Already the Indian High Commissioner at Pakistan is missing and his whereabouts are not known.

You cannot say that Pakistan people are bad and cannot be trusted but they are fully controlled by terrorists groups. They are forced to speak and act against their wishes. By heart every people have love and this will be the same with Pakistan people too...but alas they are not free, their life is always not safe, bullets always hangs above their head.

It was another match between North Indian Players and Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2011. Dhoni is a lucky guy in that he chose a weak team but came out successful because of the opposite players performances. In all probability he knows that he will win because the match is already fixed!

When Ashwin was the right choice Dhoni purposefully kept him out. He dislikes players from South India. Hence you can see players only from North India.

This match was another WWF of a sort.

Match fixing of the match was strikingly visible. Not only the Pakistan match but if you go deep each match has a story to offer.

Imagine India loosing in the preliminary round itself. You will see empty stands in stadiums. Media will be dull. No advertisements. Huge loss of money. The only team which can give lot of money is India. Let them play anywhere they generate enough money. So India should win at all times. Other teams need not worry, they will be paid enough money for loosing. They have to do their acts perfect. A day may come when everything gets exposed but until then everyone will think what they think now.

True things are these...that Tendulkar is the greatest batsman and Muthaiah Muralidharan is the greatest bowler. These things and other great things about players are true that cannot be said to be fluke. But captaincy is the one which is not true always they are controlled.

Shane Warne predicts 9 hours before the match that India and England match is fixed and it will be a tie! Ami Ghosh it is a tie! How the hell did you know?

In Pakistan match...

What a match! Pakistan were playing like school boys...and the Pakistan Minister Malik's warning of match-fixing has something in it.

Can you believe when Tendulkar is targeted by Pakistan players in that to see he never gets out early. Simple catches gettable ones were floored. Stakes were high that he will hit a century. Bookies lost huge money when he failed to hit a century.

Below video is by a Pakistani... Hi Hi I am an Indian...but I know how cricket is played all over the world, I want you too to know something of that. There is no sport where there is no match-fixing. Yes there are some genuine matches too.

Younus Khan drops a sitter but watch him still smiling!

Such a boring match it was to watch with no fight seen from Pakistan players. Pakistan's at least three players were playing below par. The first one is Umar Gul who regarded to be the main strike bowler of Pakistan became the most run giver for India and is one of the cause for India's high score.

In Pakistan innings for no reason Yunis Khan and Misbah were just playing into the hands of India by playing slowly. They were never trying to hit the ball for boundaries. The responsibility fell to their partners and the pressure built up they went for shots and lost their wicket.

The Indian bowling was just not of high class but it was made to look of high class since two of this Pakistan batsmen without ever anybody knowing it built the pressure for their partners to go for big shots and lose their wickets.

The power-play was not taken early purposefully and Misbah showed his talent that he too could hit the ball to sixes but he did it in the last overs and when the match was in the kitty of Indians.

The match lost its interest half way through Pakistan Innings for true cricket-lovers.

Lucky were Indian team to win this Semi-Final in the most easiest way which was not imaginable.

We can't blame Pakistan for this match fixing because their life itself is risky. They are forced to follow the orders coming from high betting community and terrorists. Other wise their family is at risk in their country.

For Terrorists one of the main source of income/money is betting. The money involved in this high profile match was mind boggling. It is said that as many as 24 bookies collected the money (Rs40 billion, out of which Rs29 billion were collected from Karachi only) from at least 31 areas of the Capital city of Islamabad and these were then sent to India through some cricketers, politicians, and some government officials.

An Indian bookie has claimed a group in Pakistan cricket team operates who go on doing spot and fancy fixing during the tournament, especially in the matches against Sri Lanka and Canada.

At the start of ICC Cricket World Cup Pakistan’s rate was over Rs.12 which went down to somewhere around Rs4 before the Semi-Final match against India where India’s rate was Rs0.60. Weak teams rates are high. A huge calculation goes on during the matches. The biggest media groups calculated that in case Pakistan won the Mohali battle, 90 percent of the bookies would have defaulted across the world, especially in United Arab Emirates. The only way then for the bookies to make money and be on the business is to control the game themselves. Betting is done for every ball played and here is what the calculations of betters went against their predictions. The manipulators made huge money here. All money is made in the ball by ball game rather than to the final outcome of the game.

The runaway wicketkeeper, Zulqarnain Haider, who fled to UK from UAE after he claimed to have been threatened by bookies, told media, that a group of players including Akmal brothers had fixed the semi-final. He said no one would have been in the team if they had dropped catches as much as Kamran has dropped. Players are not allowed to settle into the team if they don’t go along with a group. That's what happened during the captaincy of Azharuddin. At one time he had 7 members taken from Karnataka alone to play matches since other players were not co-operating. Venkatesh Prasad, Sunil Joshi and others were all just moderate players who got moulded playing for the team. Manoj Prabhakar was the one who exposed the match-fixing and betting of Indian team.

According to Samaa TV reports, Azhar Siddiq, the petitioner, pleaded to the court on Thursday to publish the phone call records of the team and the captain Shahid Afridi. The petition said the match was fixed to promote friendly ties between India and Pakistan.

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray said that he was happy that “India inflicted a shameful defeat on Pakistan.”

He said that India’s victory meant that the “ugly feet of the Pakistanis would not touch the soil of Mumbai,” in the Cricket World Series Final on Saturday.

India and England match-fixed? - Shane Warne predicts 9 hours before the match that it will be a tie, how did he know it?

How did Indian players just were getting out easily in some matches?


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