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Tamil Comedian actor Singamuthu has met AIADMK General Secretary J.Jayalalitha and decided to campaign for AIADMK in coming elections 2011. This is like a fitting reply to comedian Vadivelu who is already in the streets for DMK.

Vijaykanth now becomes a thorn in the alliance with Jayalalitha. He has done that which no politicians dare do or the video is morphed some say DMK has morphed this video.

Which party is now having the real push in Tamilnadu Jayalalitha or Karunanidi.

Vijay supports Jayalalitha..

Who is controlling Tamil films...

Jayalalitha's speech on Tamil Eelam.

Seeman is greeted by people with drum beating.

11th March 2011

Congress agenda is clear and that is to in-rode into states politics and then rule it. That is has succeeded to some extent in Tamilnadu and this it is going to do with other states too.

With corruption striking it hard now it is not worried for survival, if other parties pulls its support then it can face the election with sympathy wave. But if other parties pulls its support on corruption ground then it will be put to embarrassment. Congress is playing its card clear. Draw as much gain as possible now.

6th March 2011

DMK seems to have pulled the plug from the UPA government in Delhi on Saturday evening. Congress got unawares and it sent poll-charged politics into a tailspin? Congress had thought to arm twist DMK using the 2G Spectrum scam where the scam money lead to link DMK TV channels.

Now Jayalalitha poses really a strong threat to DMK after her tie-up with Captain Vijayakant's Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK). But that could be nuetralised when people who are against congress (there are many) could now align around Karunanidhi and then DMK would go strong.

Congress after elections will be wiped out of Tamilnadu politics who were hitherto sailing with the help of Dravidian parties.

But tommorrow could be different when suddenly Congress may call up DMK leader and accept whatever he says. It is wise that Karunanidhi shuts his door once for all.

An opportunity for DMK to shun congress (24th Feb 2011

DMK would have shunned congress in the parliament election itself. All other parties had aligned on one side against CongreSS in protest of its policies against tamil peoples and LTTE. At that time surprisingly DMK stuck with congress and won the elections too. Thanks to Electronic Voting Machines. Nobody expected the result to be so much in favour of congress. There was a sure defeat for Chidambaram too in his constituency but he too won. Thanks again to the Electronic Voting Machine. All over India congress was able to get substantial seats and form the government. Thanks again to Electronic Voting Machines.

Spectrum 2G Scam and the arrest of Raja was something DMK did not expect. But still it stuck with congress because Jayalalitha was waiting to rope in congress to form an alliance with it. And if DMK cuts its alliance just for nailing them on corruption then it is DMK under loss and congress gains because it brought the corrupt out. That would be a wrong very weak reason to break the alliance but they would have the heat and burning inside them. They may then have waited for the next best opportunity to cut off their ties with congress.

Nowadays we see Jayalalitha talking too much about killing of fishemen. Getting back Katcha Theevu. Protests against atrocities etc. If she comes back to power how much she will be beneficial to people is not known to anybody. People are vying for an alternative political head which completely works for their welfare. On this count DMK is scoring better with its many welfare schemes. DMK does have many points at hand to say at election rallies.

If Jayalalitha is able to win this election and continues it with good welfare schemes for the people and runs a corruption free friendly government then we may see the end of DMK government and the congress in Tamilnadu forever. If she continues her own style after winning the election then it will be doom to her political career forever.

The future will then become a place for Vijayakanth or even Rajnikanth since he has not till now told that he will not enter politics. Rajnikanth too is seeing an opportunity to enter politics.

The political pary main alignments its seems would be DMK, PMK and congress on one side and ADMK and TMDK on the other side. Vijayakanth's TMDK is really a force to reckon with in this election.

Now a strong reason for DMK to shun congress is in seat sharing.

Congress has formed a 5 member group in Tamilnadu which now has been given the full authority and power to talk and decide about the alliance with DMK.

This time they have been promised that Sonia Gandhi will not interfere in their decisions.

This 5 member groups have kept a 5 point demands before DMK which are as follows:-

1. To run government by Sharing of power.

2. Sharing should be in the ratio of 3:1 if there are 30 ministers in the government 10 ministers has to be from congress party. This Power sharing has to go right to the grass-root level in the local administration also.

3. A group need to be appointed to look over their workings.

4. All welfare activities are to be decided before hand by consultations.

5. Lastly 90 seats has to be left to congress for contesting this election.

When stalin said about these talks to Mr.Karunanidhi he has said that, "these are not practically possible. Let them talk with their leadership and come back".

Now talks around political circles are that the alliance may break if these demands continue since power sharing in the state is not possible.

An opportunity now has arisen for DMK and Karunanidhi to come out of THE Congress alliance and then try to rope in Vijayakanth to his side if possible. Maybe there are scores of other parties waiting to jump into DMK alliance when congress goes out. For example CPM and CPI.

Seat sharing of DMK seats.

Highly-placed sources in the DMK said they were going ahead with seat-sharing talks with the Pattali Makal Katchi and allocation of seats to a number of small allies. Now that DMK is left with many seats to share with it can accomodate many parties including CPI and CPM if they can cross over from AIADMK. There are many parties who are opposed to Congress and its policies now is the time for all of them to allign behind DMK.

The sources said it appears that there is no chance of a patch-up with the Congress.

This they say even if the congress comes down in their demands but sources say that they too will not budge.

So if AIADMK also intelligently keeps away from congress then it would be bye bye for congress in Tamilnadu politics for ever.


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