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Mobile Phones and its inroads into people's lives

Mobile phones monopoly

Writing letters or sending emails all have taken back seat after the introduction of mobile phones.

Now it is cheap for making a local call or International call and so people want to convey message instantly.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for reply after writing and posting a letter.

Next, the income of all peoples have grown to dizzy heights that paying a telephone bill never pinches their pockets.

So the habit of writing is slowly vanishing.

The other development which has attracted people to mobile phone is now they can use the mobile phone for internet and chatting.

Young girls use it for their own safety. For example If a young girl is walking in a road and if she finds some guys following her she becomes cautious, she flicks open her mobile phone and starts acting as if she is busy talking with her friend or someone else in her mobile phone. The boys who see her may dare not tease her since she is ready to report it through her mobile phone.

Having a mobile phone, talking and moving with it has become a stylish act. It shows their wealth, their interactions, their vast friends circle, some make it look as if they are a good business people.

All in all, people don't realise that using mobile phones and keeping it near your ear is dangerous in the long run. The magnetic waves emitted by it is a thing that is to be avoided. Talking and using less of mobile phones is good for your health and saves lots of money on all types of bills.

Take care......

After a year of its use now I do not use mobile phone. Anyone who likes to communicate to me has to communicate to me on my landline and at a specific time when I am available. All the messages are shared during that period alone.

By this way I am saving my telephone bills, my health and my privacy. Why not you?


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