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One thing that now I came to know is this....

I thought only the Indian politicians are worst but I see that politicians in the whole world are the same.

Take for example: Every educated people and the world knows what is the Struggle that LTTE is against the Sri Lankan Government. They do know that Sri Lanka in the name of fighting LTTE are just killing thousand of civilian tamils. They even know that innumerable of civilians who have moved to the safe zone as per the call given by SriLankan Government are being kidnapped, raped and killed. They know that these people who have come to the safe zone are being arrested and tortured and then killed.

Knowing all these why is the World silent...

The reason is people are enjoying the war. They are eager to know how LTTE leader Prabhakaran who is considered as one of the most able military leader and deadliest leader takes on Sri Lanka Government.

They know that Sri Lanka Government cannot get victory. For the world this is one more rejoicing story to write how a valiant leader like Prabhakaran was able to stand an oppressive Governments military attacks.

The gross, consistent, and continuing violations of the rights of the Tamil people, by the Sri Lankan government and its agencies during the past several decades, include grave breaches of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Genocide Convention, and the Geneva Conventions relating to the humanitarian law of armed conflict.

These violations by Sri Lanka have been well documented by several human rights organisations and independent observers as well as by eye witnesses - and have been the subject of hundreds of statements and interventions at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

what are these reports for, when there is no punishment for these violations.

Today, the harsh reality is that on the one hand international actors are concerned to use the opportunity of the conflict in the island to advance each of their own strategic interests - and on the other hand, Sri Lanka seeks to use the political space created by the geo strategic triangle of US-India-China in the Indian Ocean region, to buy the support of all three for the continued rule of the people of Tamil Eelam by a permanent Sinhala majority within the confines of one state. Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee was disarmingly frank in the Indian Parliament in October 2008. He said -

“We have a very comprehensive relationship with Sri Lanka. In our anxiety to protect the (Tamil) civilians, we should not forget the strategic importance of this island to India's interests,... especially in view of attempts by countries like Pakistan and China to gain a strategic foothold in the island nation." We won’t stop military cooperation with Lanka says Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee. October 2008

The words of Taraki some 3 years ago will also come to mind to many Tamils -

"A CIA regional analyst in Washington said in July 2001: “containing the LTTE while stepping up pressure on the civilian population under its control by stepping up ‘terror’ bombing might create conditions for unseating Prabhararan”. " US Strategic Interests in Sri Lanka, Taraki, 30 July 2005

Threats of court actions against President Rajapaksa led by personnel in US based think tanks will help to pressure President Rajapaksa to fall in line with US strategic interests in the Indian Ocean region. When that is achieved, the threats of court action will also die a natural death. Alternatively if President Rajapakse's internal left of centre political constituency makes him unable to openly play ball with the US, then other more acceptable Sinhala leaders will be promoted to continue the rule of the Tamil people but not before the Rajapaksa coterie has been allowed to accomplish their genocidal task.

Now let us see what is happening in Tamilnadu....

Very few political parties are genuinely concerned about the sufferings of SriLankan Tamils. Almost all people of tamilnadu are showing genuine concern on Tamilians genocides in Sri Lanka and are for immediate stoppage of war, and these sentiments of the people are being well utilised by the politicians.

For example no Central Leaders both ruling and opposition are talking about war in Sri Lanka. No single word is being uttered by them when Tamilnadu is burning for stoppage of war. All these shows that Tamilnadu has been virtually a neglected state, no suicides evoke any response. It is unimaginable that Sri Lankan Navy yesterday had shot gunfires on Tamilnadu fishermen (Jaya News) were some 60 of them were injured. No word is talked about this.

This situation is really dangerous for the state, it has to rethink about its own leaders and to how about going self-sufficient in everything. The state should protect itself in a worst situation.

It also brings in another thing to the fore. Politicians seems to have no feelings for human lives. The Indian people are living in a very dangerous country were help may not come forth if faced with real problems.

As the days goes every state and the country as a whole will face some acute shortage of water. No politician is seriously working for linking of all rivers. Nothing about this future problem of water shortage is being talked now. It is time now that people start thinking of their own futures and fight for it until it is accomplished.

To start with FIGHT FOR LINKAGE OF ALL RIVERS IN OUR COUNTRY to save ourselves from water shortage. Fight for it until it is accomplished.


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