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Athipookal Episodes List

Athipooka is shown in Sun TV at 2:00 P.M. ISD. We can easily say that the No.1 villian of all episodes that we see in Tamil channels the award will go to Anjali character. The dialogues written for her has been done with due care and importance. In the latest episodes Padma is taking shelter at Anjali's house and a group of people on the side like Karpagam, Manohar, Shekar, Manga etc are putting all their efforst to defeat Anjali. Their first goal towards this is to find out the whereabouts of Panjali. But Anjali and Saroja get alerted when Karpagam group's attempt to find out Panjali fails.

Shekar in order to checkmate Anjali presses the criminal case against Anjali. Anjali is sent to jail in that case.

Padma now takes over Anjali's company and helps financially.

Manga stays at Saroja's house bears fruit and through her the police are able to track out Panjali's whereabouts. Panjali is arrested and brought to the police station.

Saroja comes to know that Manga has been passing information to Karpagam about her underground works and takes her into her captivity and tortures her.

Saroja in order to release her makes a deal with Manohar and as per the deal Panjali at the witness box tells that Manohar is the one who had asked her to kidnap the child to which Manohar accepts the kidnapping case and goes to jail. Saroja plans to send Manga as per the deal but injecting her with poison. Bell Bhaskar who is given the injection tacitly does not inject the poison thus saves Manga's life.

The police decide to conduct Narco test on Panjali, Saroja gets scared and send Gangamma to the jail to take upon Panjali. Gangamma pushes Panjali into the fire from back and Panjali gets admitted to the hospital where she is killed by Saroja's men Rathinam.

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Athipookal-14-12-10 to 03-01-11

Athipookal-04-01-11 to 24-01-11

Athipookal-01-03-11 to 15-03-11

Athipookal-16-03-11 to 31-03-11

Athipookal-01-04-11 to 27-04-11

Athipookal-28-04-11 to 18-05-11

Athipookal-19-05-11 to 03-06-11

Athipookal-06-06-11 to 17-06-11

Athipookal-20-06-11 to 24-08-11

Athipookal-25-08-11 to 29-08-11

Athipookal-30-08-11 to 02-09-11

Athipookal-05-09-11 to 07-09-11

Athipookal-08-09-11 to 12-09-11

Athipookal-Written Update 13-09-11

Athipookal-Written Update 14-09-11

Athipookal-Written Update-15-16-9-11

Athipookal-961-962 Written Update

Athipookal-963-964 Written Update

Athipookal-965-970 Written Update

Athipookal-971 Written Update

Athipookal-972-973 Written Update

Athipookal-974-977 Written Update

Athipookal-978-979 Written Update


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