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Anna Hazare Wave - A new dimension

Anna Hazare Wave is creating new kinds of positive things.

The criminals for some unusual reasons have stopped indulging in it. Rape crime has gone down. There were fewer F.I.R's booked in when the fast of Anna Hazare started. This report was revealed by the Delhi police. Other cities reports are awaited.

In one of the Sub-Registrar office at Bangalore the Registrar told the Advocate who had gone there for registering the site for his client that he is not taking bribe until Anna Hazare is fighting for our cause and nation. After that he says he will certainly take. Hence his name could not be revealed.

It also turned out to be the same case in one of the R.T.O. A wave is created where the people who are corrupt themselves are coming forward to stop it for the time-being until Anna Hazare is fighting for the cause.

The military was quick to give in reply to an R.T.I. activist that Anna Hazare was serving good and left clean the army. A politician who criticised Anna Hazare on his leaving army has thus got black paint on his face.

There are many heart moving things going on in the country. A love wave and a love bond among Indians are seen all over.

Once again India seems great a new Gandhian era or a Anna Hazare Era is in the offing.

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