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Nadaswaram - Episode List

Nadaswaram serial in Sun TV is woven around love stories.  The love story of all the characters is fraught with difficulties.  The main character Gopi love fails.  Paandi a villain character in the family plays havoc in Gopi's family.

In the latest episodes Paandi clubs down Maha and she is admitted to hospital.  What will happen to Gopi and Malar's love?

Maha is kidnapped by Pandi.

Malar sees her with Pandi in a hospital and informs Gopi and the whole Gopi family goes in search of her.

Pandi is not found but he with the help of some locals marries Maha. Later Gopi finds Pandi and Maha and bring them home.

Maha's parents do not accept the marriage. They still prefer Gopi.

On the other side Malar who had married Gokul finds him a rogue and has now gone to the extent of divorcing him. The only obstacle to her now seems to be Ashok her brother.

Gokul who had married Malar is in very much in love with her still and he always thinks that he can get back to her and now his only hope is Ashok Malar's brother.

Gopi obstacle for his love is his own mother and her sister. They prefer to marry him to Vanitha the daughter of Nelli Andavar. The reason is they had already married their daughter Kamu to his son Murthy.

The marriage was almost finalised successfully and everything went fine when it got stalled by Maha's mother once again. So the marriage talks though not broken still hangs in air.

Meanwhile due the efforts of Gopi's father Gopi and Malar have rekindled their love life and things seemed to be going in a positive way when Maha's mother clubs her own daughter when her target was Pandi who ducked. Maha is hospitalised.

On recovery Maha gets back her senses and thinks that Gopi had tied marriage thread to her. Doctor advices the family to take care of Maha for 3 months. Hence for 3 months Gopi's love talk with Malar has to be put aside now.

The waiting question at present is...

Will Gopi marry Malar.

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