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Uttaran-701 Written Update 27th September 2011

Uttaran-701 27th September 2011

The Nurse comes running and tells the doctor that the child is having breathing trouble. Doctor asks her, “What? The child was good till now! Let me check. The doctor goes for checking the condition of the child. Ichcha catches hold of Veer’s hand and as he sees, Ichcha faints. Veer sits beside her and calls the Doctor.

The Doctor checks the child, Damini, Gunavanthi, Chanda and Daddaji are waiting outside. The doctor comes out and informs them that she could not save the child.

Everyone of them are shocked hearing this. Gunavanthi and Chanda embrace each other and cry out. Daddaji sheds tears. Everything is being watched silently by a shadowy figure. As Damini leaves shedding tears the shadowy figure too leaves the place.

Rathore is entering the house, he sees a 3 year old girl in the house, stands admiring it and smiles. The servant lady seeing this lifts her child and tells him sorry for having brought the child to house since there was no one to look after it at her house.

Rathore stops the servant and gives her some money telling to keep it for the sake of the child. Rathore tells to himself that how much ever efforts he puts he is unable to forget these things and could not show happiness before Tapasya.

The nurse comes with the child and asks a burqa lady where she had been, if somebody had seen her and caught her what would have happened! The lady silently gives Rupees Ten thousand to the nurse who happily receives that and gives the child to her. The burqa lady throws her burqa and Nani stands there still with the child.

Tapasya is beautifying herself before the mirror and talks to herself, “thank God everything is ready I hope, dal, Roti and rice, whether he likes Panneer I did not know this, mummy used to always say, observe little little things, only in that we get love, more than worshiping husband we have to concentrate on his feed. Then he will love her more. Rathore comes by and Tapasya asks him, “how was time spent by you at office, oh, I should not ask these things, tell me what all you like to eat, whether you like Panneer to eat.” Rathore is in sad mood. Tapasya asks him if he is listening to what she is saying. Rathore keeps mum. Tapasya goes on talking, if he does not like the preparations that she has done she will get to know with Daija. Rathore tells her to eat herself since he is not hunger. Tapasya asks him if he is not in good mood, she then switches on the music and catching hold of his hands dances a little and tells him can she feed him with her hands.

Rathore tells her that he is very tired. Tapasya still persists and Rathore asks her to go when he would freshens up and will be there. Tapasya tells to herself, that she will go on trying and will never fail, she and her husband are one and she is the strength to him.

Nani is with the child and tells to herself, Ichcha you had snatched my Tappu’s luck, now I have got back Tappu’s luck, and your luck I have put to dust, you can’t win Tapasya anytime. You nevertheless got Veer but he will never enjoy the happiness of children, this I will never make to happen. If my Tappu cannot get the happiness of a mother then I will never allow you too to get this happiness.

Nani silently sneaks out of the hospital on the rear side when a security asks her to stop, “he asks her who are you, why are you taking a child and going out from the rear side of the hospital?”

Nani stands there silently and the Security looks her on.


If Veer takes things lightly with cool Rathod is shown as a violent character.

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Uttaran-Serial-699 Written Update 23rd September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-699 23rd September 2011

Tapasya: Have you come here to see my fate. To see how happy you are in this world and I remaining the same unlucky girl.

Ichcha: Tappu.

Tapasya: Don’t call Tappu, only my Appu can call me Tappu.

Ichcha: I came here thinking...

Tapasya: You have come here thinking that I see this innocent child and suffer in the memory of my own lost child and start crying, to think how fool I was and lost my child. You have brought this child purposefully and want to see how God has punished me.

Ichcha: I am also a women Tapppu. How can I think like that. I brought Muktha so that you could play with her, talk with her and forget your loneliness.

At this time Nani has come over and is seeing with anger the ongoings.

Ichcha: This poor thing has lost her mother, and you your daughter. I thought if it could be possible you both share your mother and child love. And nothing else Tappu.

Hearing this a sea-change reaction sets-in in the face of Tapasya, she slowly turns towards her child but not knowing its her child. She smiles and slowly lifts her hand to take the child into her arms. If that really had happened there could have been some other terrific feelings between the real mother and child but again Nani plays the havoc in the life of Tapasya.

Nani shouts, “enough Ichcha,” and Tapasya stops then there and withdraws her hands. Thus she misses a golden opportunity to have the touch of her child.

Ichcha turns and sees towards her.

Nani: If you talk one more word I will pull out your tongue. You want to put this child which was found in the street into the hands of Tapasya?

Nani please.

Keep your voice down, In this house we do not keep servants on our head. You had been very proud to have these two children. What happened got satisfied, since you are going to give birth to a child you lost love on this child. You came here to put this burden into the hands of Tapasya.

Now Tapasya comes to her old senses and asks Ichcha what she wants to get by giving this child to her. “Do you want to show that my happiness should be borrowed from you?”

Ichcha: Tappu.

Tapasya: Thanks for coming here.

Tapasya is put under loss without her knowing because of allowing Nani into her house, she is shut off from her own child.

Nani tells Ichcha to go out of the house and Ichcha leaves.

Nani comes running to Tapasya and tells her not to think of what Ichcha was telling, she cannot see her sad. She tells that there is one way. Tapasya turns back and asks what?
Nani: There is a way, but if Rathore tells something about it.

Tapasya: No, no Rathore will not tell anything, you just tell me what is the way.

Nani: Today you come with me to take the blessings of a Sadhu, people look him very high, they look him has God. If you get the blessing of the Sadhu you too could become a mother.

Veer is walking with tension at his house not finding Ichcha, telling to himself, she has left the phone also, at least she could have gone telling where she is going. By then Ichcha comes in sadly and sits on the cot. Veer takes the child from Ichcha and gives her a doll to play with. He asks Ichcha what had happened to her, where she had been?

Ichcha: I had gone to see Tapasya

Veer: To meet Tapasya why?

Ichcha: Yesterday papa was very sad Veer, I realized then we had been so involved in the function that we have forgotten about Tapasya’s sorrows.

Veer: And what happened there, you wanted to show sympathy to her, and she insulted you, why Ichcha why do you want to do this. Tapasya is not fit for receiving sympathies.

Ichcha: I had become very emotional.

Veer: Ichcha in the life of Tapasya there is no place for emotional feelings. Yesterday did you not see that she still possessed that arrogance and the adamantness.

Ichcha: I am sorry Veer. I thought by seeing Muktha she will get some solace she would embrace Muktha and will cry.

Veer: You went there to give Muktha to her, our daughter! How can you think like that Ichcha , what did you think she will accept it, a lady who left her own child in the street how will she accept other’s child.

Veer takes Muktha into his hand and keeps cuddling with it. Don’t try to separate Muktha from me Ichcha she is my daughter.

Ichcha: I am sorry Veer I made a mistake, please forgive me.

Veer: Ichcha think of the present, forget about Tapasya, this child is ours, our life and we will not leave this child.

At Babti Maharaj’s Ashram Tapasya and Nani take the blessings of him.

Nani: Babji, no one goes empty handed coming here, she is my grand-daughter.

Swami: Your name is Tapasya.

Tapasya and Nani sit their folding their hands to receive the blessings.

Nani: Please bless her, let her become a mother.

Swami: Forget about the past and struggles. I know that you lost your child. But where ever she is she is happy. And very soon in your life you will be getting a heir to live with, this is my blessings.

Nani and Tapasya feel very happy hearing that.

Maharani-Serial-461-462 15-9-11 to 16-9-11

Maharani-Serial-462 - 16th September 2011

Rani is produced before the Police Commissioner and the ACP tells him that he learnt one lesson in this that he can do his job without being in duty. ACP tells the commissioner that Rani is the killer of Topiaz.

Commissioner gives her custody to the ACP to bring out the truth from her. ACP and Balaji take her in their custody and ask her to give her statement. Rani keeps silent and does not give any statement. Finally Rani is taken by Balaji and he introduces her to three lady constables who are specialist in bringing out the truth. The three beat her up and she accepts to tell the truth.

Rani is made to sit before the camera Rani starts telling her version. The camera starts running... She tells that she saw once Topiaz coming with the car driver whom she had utilised before. When he called for a party she got doubt on him and so she went to the place early enough and hid knife's at three places for her use and security. She went there again in the night and Topiaz greeted her with burning fire all over the place. She told him that as per the dealing with Prakash henceforth she is not going to trouble Mahalaxmi and Prakash will not interfere in the affairs of Devaraj Associates. That Topiaz will get his half share. Topiaz hearing this laughs and tells that now he does not want any shares to the shock of Rani.

Maharani-Serial-461 - 15th September 2011

Kaliamurthy is speaking in his mobile with Rani. He tells her that ACP is packing off things and is going to his native place after being suspended from the job, so he is arranging for a party to all of his colleagues. Rani tells him to come and meet her since she wants to discuss about the Anticipatory Bail. Kaliamurthy tells her that he cannot come since he will be at the party. Rani insists on his coming so he tells her that he will try to come as soon as possible.

ACP and Inspector Balaji are at the party room with drinks arranged in the shelf and on the table. Kaliamurthy comes into the party hall, he finds no one and asks about it. ACP jovially tells him that others are coming late and he can take drinks. Balaji goes on giving him drinks and Kaliamurthy starts drinking full. He becomes unsteady when ACP starts his first assault. "Kaliamurthy your bank balance is increasing nowadays, Rani is giving you money." Kaliamurthy gets alerted and starts moving out telling that he has some important work. Balaji kicks him from behind. He beats him up red and blue when his mobile rings. ACP takes it from him and switches it ON when Rani comes on the line. ACP switches it off and then informs the cyber crime the phone number and asks to trace out the number from where it is coming.

ACP keeps the gun into the mouth of Kaliamurthy and asks him to show the place of Rani's hideout. ACP and Balaji reach her hideout with their team of policemen and roundup the rowdies. ACP asks Kaliamurthy to go inside and call Rani and not to alert her. The police team take positions and take each rowdy one by one down. Lastly when Rani comes out she is cornered to the shock of her life and is taken before the commissioner.

Nadaswaram-Serial-361 to 365 15-9-11 to 21-9-11

Nadaswaram-Serial-365 21st September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-364 20th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-363 19th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-362 16th September 2011

Gopi's father goes to invite Maha and her parents for the betrothal of Gopi with Vanitha and paramu with Nelli Andavars youngest son but they shut the door on their face.

Malar receives a divorce notice from Gokul which she signs and takes it. Malars father gets upset on this and tells his son to bring in the Auditor to write all the properties upon the three. Malar's brother then tries to change Malar's decisions.

Nadaswaram-Serial-361 15th September 2011

Nelli Andar comes with his wife to Gopi's house and fixes a date for betrothal ceremony to marry Gopi with Vanitha.

Gopi or his father are unable to tell anything. Nelli Andavar also talks about the marriage of Paramu with his younger son and fixes that too.

Pandi meets his friend who had bad advised him and beat Gopi. He gives drinks and as he drinks he starts beating him up.

Vanitha calls up Gopi and starts talking with him and tells him that she will be often calling him up to get know his daily activities, his likes and dislikes.

Murthy who comes to know that Paramu is being talked to marry his brother feels bad about it and tells to his wife that he will be happy if this marriage does not take place.

Uttaran-698A Written Update 22nd September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-698A 22nd September 2011

Nani stops Chanda on her way and praises her and her work. She enquires where Ichcha is being treated, Chanda tells that Dr.Seema Badkar is looking after her at the Citi Hospital. Her next appointment is about 3 to 4 days from now. Chanda then leaves for her work and Nani repeats herself the name of the hospital, “Citi Hospital.”

Divya asks if she can help out a little. Gunavanthi tells her that it is good that they have come, she further tells her seeing Tapasya happy she felt good. Ichcha and Veer too are very happy. By the grace of God our relationship between our house continue like this. Divya smiles a little in acknowledgement and tells that she is telling right. Divya hears the sound of Khaana and sees him playing with Ichcha. Divya adds Gunavanthiji you have pardoned our Tapasya and I feel happy for that you have also given shelter to orphaned children. Gunavanthi tells her that Veer is going to adopt Muktha. Nani comes there and tells them that their blood will be theirs only. Strangers cannot be believed. You can’t give a name to a child who was found in the street.

Gunavanthi tells her that when Veer likes that they cannot refuse. Ichcha likes them very much. Time would tell who is our own and who is a stranger. She asks for leave and goes off.

Ichcha is moving with Tapasya’s child in her hand and her thoughts move around Tapasya. She recalls some of the events that went through where she had promised Divya that she would look after Tapasya. She then thinks of Veer telling that Tapasya had lost her child. She then feels in this condition Jogi Thakur and Divya had come to her function. She being her friend should understand Tapasya’s sorrows. One side is Mukta who has lost her mother, other side Tapasya who has lost a child. Tapasya has become single and I am with Mukta and then my own would be born child.

At Rathore’s house Tapasya moves away from Nani and tells her that she does not want to talk with anyone. She takes the paper in her hand which has the missing child advertisement that they had given long back. She sees her child’s photo and tells Nani to leave her with her child.

Nani tells her that if she is sad she does not feel good. She asks her what she can prepare for her or if she can take her for shopping. At this time Ichcha comes there with Tapasya’s child which cries and Tapasya runs saying it is her child’s sound. But that her servant comes there and tells her that Ichcha has come with a child in her hand.

Nani tries to tell how dare she could come here, when Tapasya stops her. She tells to the servant to go and she will come there. Nani bursts to herself carrying a child found in the street she has come here too. Tapasya asks her to keep quiet but Nani tells her that on the day of the Ichcha’s function everybody was seeing her as if she alone is going to become the mother. Today I will teach her such a lesson that she will never forget in her life. Tapasya tells her that she will not go anywhere and will stand where she is. What we know for what she has come. Nani please I will go and see. She once more tells her to stand there and goes to meet Ichcha.

Tapasya looks the child not knowing that it is hers with anger in her face. The child smilingly looks her mother Tapasya. Slowly Tapasya feels happy seeing the child and moves slowly towards her own child. The child goes on playing with the doll. Tapasya smiles a little thinks of her own child in flashback and thinks how she had kept the bottle lastly. Again she sees the child and then taking strength to come out of her feelings towards the child tells Namaste to Ichcha.

Ichcha is happy seeing her and she smiles and asks her how she is. Tapasya calls her servant Geeta and tells her that she has not given any water or coffee to a guest. This is a first salvo telling that she is not her friend.

Tapasya tells her servant that her friend has come to give some happy news bring her some sweets.

Ichcha tells her that she has not come to give any happy news. Tapasya places apples and tells Ichcha that the fruits are for her and the milk is for the baby. She is crying.

Ichcha keeps the child aside and asks her why she is talking like a stranger.

Tapasya tells her that for her information she is married, now she is not Tapasya Thakur but Mrs Tapasya Raghuvender Pratap Rathore. “If you want to you can call me Mrs.Rathore Mrs.Bundela.’

Ichcha tells her that she came to know about her child she can understand what goes in her mind.

“What ran in my mind from my childhood till now you could not understand that, what I am in now you can understand?”

Tapasya don’t talk like that we are childhood friends Tappu. Tell me what happened, how did these happen.”

What will you do knowing this? Will you go and tell your family how I lost my child so that they can abuse me more.

Tapasya you are misunderstanding me.

How much I know about you no one else will know Mrs.Bundela. Asking about my child what do you want to prove yourself. And by now you would have come to know this also that I cannot conceive any more become a mother any more.

Ichcha is stunned hearing this and gets up from her seat.

Have you come here to see luck how I am leading my life want to show to the world how much you are living happily in the world and me still in the same position.

Thendral-13-9-11 to 19-9-11

Thendral - Serial - 19th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 16th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 15th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 14th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 13th September 2011

Athipookal-963-964 21-9-11 and 22-9-11

Episode-964 22nd September 2011

Dakshina and Manga tell to ACP that Manohar had taken the blame of kidnapping the child in order release Manga from the clutches of Saroja.

After enquiries Dakshina and Manga leave the ACP's office. ACP tells to Inspector Sudhakar that she needs to see this Manohar who is in the jail to arrive at something in this case.

Gangamma comes to the police station to sign the register, one of the constable asks her to sit and wait since the inspector wants to see her. Gangamma waits sitting in the bench when the constable goes out to inform to the Inspector about her visit and that he had asked her to sit. One of the black sheep among the police gets doubts and secretly tells Gangamma to escape. Gangamma gets alerted and she sneaks out and takes the auto when other constables are not watching her. As her auto moves out in comes ACP's police van, it comes in the way of auto and it has to stop. Inspector Sudhakar and ACP get down from their Zeep. Another constable now comes running outside telling that she had gone out inspite of asking her to sit.

Gangamma tells them she had come outside to take fresh air, ACP tells her to come inside and takes her to enquiry cell. ACP puts her first question, "Where is Saroja?" Ganagamma asks back, "Saroja, who is she?" ACP slaps her. Then on further enquiry she tells that she knows her but they are enemies now. ACP asks her then why she helped her by pushing Panjali into the fire and sending her to hospital. She tells that she only poured water on her to save her. ACP tells her she did it to increase the wound on her. Gangamma tells her that she does not have guts to catch the real culprits and is asking questions to her. ACP thrashes her and keeps the gun on her forehead.

Episode-963 21th September 2011

The ACP inquires Gowramma about the incident and who was standing near when Panjali fell into the fire. Gowramma speaks out that Gangamma was there, on further enquiries she tells that Gangamma had told them that Saroja will do something to bring them out.

ACP orders Inspector Sudhakar to catch hold of Gangamma when she comes to sign the register at the police station. Inspector calls up through his mobile but he does not get signal. The ACP then tells him to call up from the landline. When the inspector is about to telephone, Gangamma comes to the police station in an auto to sign the register. She asks the auto to wait for her and goes inside the station to sign the register.

Gangamma signs the register and goes out, the constable who was helping her to sign the register receives the telephone call and getting the information he runs out to bring back Gangamma and put her behind lock-up but by then she goes off in the waiting auto. The constable asks if he should follow her, the inspector in turn asks the ACP. The ACP tells him that she should never know or the people around about that she is wanted so she asks them to wait till next day when she comes for signing the register.

Bhanu's uncle comes in a car with his goonda associates and asks Bhanu to accompany him. Karpagam resists him, he tells that he had borrowed five lakhs of rupees for marrying off Bhanu and that person now is demanding the money back or Bhanu. He tells that if he could get the money then he will leave Bhanu. Karpagam agrees to give five lakhs of rupees by one month. He demands that he should get it by Friday. So Karpagam agrees to pay him in five days i.e., by Friday.

Dakshina and Manga have been called by ACP for enquiry, they arrive and enter the ACP room. Manga tells to the ACP that she is ready to give her life for the sake of Karpagam who is striving to make Manohar and Padma live as husband and wife happily. ACP asks them why Karpagam's husband is not seen in the picture.

Uttaran-Serial-697A-Written Update 21st September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-697A-Written Update 21st September 2011

Colors TV has been wrongly quoting Episode Nos in their Youtube Channel hence from today the Episode Number will change according to theirs.

Veer asks Damini to join the giving of presents (Shagun) but Gunavanthi tells Veer that an widower cannot do these things. Veer tells at least she can give blessings and brings her along.

Damini blesses Ichcha and she feels happy. Ichcha then gets sad seeing the faces of Nani, Divya and thinks about Tapasya. Divya is in the thought of Tapasya’s crying on the loss of her child. Jogi Thakur blesses Ichcha and tells her that she become mother like Damini and Veer father like his Dadaji. Ichcha tells that he should be like Jogi Thakur also.

Divya unwillingly takes the rice and coconut to give it to Ichcha. She hesitates giving it and goes to some thought, she drops the coconut and rice on the ground to the shock of Gunavanthi and others. Jogi Thakur gives her one more coconut and she then gives it to Ichcha. Ichcha takes blessings from her. Divya then gives saris.

Dadaji tells that he is very happy today because Ichcha is giving a great gift. He declares that he is writing the Bundela’s house to the name of his grandson and daughter-in-law. Ichcha and Veer smile seeing each other and so does Damini. As usual Nani is in a jealousy mood. Nani sees Veer and tells him that he get all the happy in the world, Veer just stares her and tells her that Ichcha is now his wife and she will always be happy.

Rathore sits in a sad mood and Daija tells him to take rest and sleep. He tells that he gets troubles one after the other. Daija tells him that from the childhood he is in the habit of hiding the sad within himself.

Rathore tells her that the life is snatched away from him, he had one belief and that too is now no more. Now getting up in the morning and breathing the air has no meaning. If Tapasya is sad he consoles her but if he breaks.

Daija tells him to believe in God and he will get peace. Rathore gets anger, he tells there is no God, he did not give him anything from the chilodhood he is snatching away things from him, this is what is justice, "he snatched away my parents, my child and one child was there I could not even take it and keep in my lap, this is his justice there is no God if he is here he is sleeping turning his face to other side, he likes people to go and stand in line to have his darshan."

Daija tells him how he thinks and his thoughts are he will look like that only. "Maybe God has planned to take something and is liking to give you something. For today’s sad if you blame the God for all that happened it has no meaning, tomorrow's happiness gets birth from today’s incidents. Your child is being looked after well by someone she is getting the love of a mother father and the family. Yes, think like this, you too adopt a child and give it your love may be God is liking you to do this."

Rathore tells that he will not adopt some other child. Daija tells that he is not born to her but he is looking her as his mother, because she has not asked him anything, she had poured all the motherly love to him. "Now place yourself in my place and adopt some child, embrace it and give your love to it, maybe because of this your own child would get love. Are you understanding me."

Rathore tells her that he will take the responsibility of all the orphaned children if she likes but how long he had been waiting for his own child, why he should he give some other child his name.

Daija tells him not to give importance to his name and see the world very little. Because he did not bow his head he lost many things. This arrogance is not nice, not to think of himself, think of Tapasya if she can give motherly love to a child what difference it will make to him. She tells him to give love and see, then he will understand about love.

Uttaran-Serial-696A Written Update- 20th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-696A 20th September 2011

Tapasya is seated in her room and feels sad about not understanding her father’s love. She realizes now about his love on her, how much does parents bear their children’s wrongs. They treat every wrong of their children kindly, make them understand their wrongs. She recalls her father’s advices, and Rathore’s expectations on the child’s. And if she is not able to give birth to a baby what will be her position before Rathore. She thinks how bad Rathore will now feel without kid. He loves her very much, respects her and takes care of her so much but she could not fulfill his one desire at least. And due to her fault she lost her child also. As she broods and cries Rathore enters the room. Rathore looks her intensively standing near the door.

Must watch scenes….


Ichcha is in her room she talks with her baby that is in her womb she tells the child in the womb that her mother’s baby carrying function is today.

Veer silently enters the room with a gift and as Ichcha is wearing a necklace he helps her tying it. Veer tells her that first he felt his friend is very beautiful but now his wife is very beautiful. Always a mother looks more beautiful.

The scenes have come out well with Ichcha well dressed up and shows her eyes with twists and expectations. Veer asks her to see herself in the mirror and asks her if she had been this beautiful before. He tells her that she has changed, she is the most beautiful women in this entire universe. Ichcha tells him to stop his praise and she tells her child that Veer too looks cute. Veer takes the gift and hides it and Ichcha tells him lovingly not to cheat her that she has seen it. Veer then shows the gift and asks her to guess the gift.

Ichcha tells bangles, necklace, ear rings right, and then she finally opens the gift, and tells beautiful, it’s a doll of Mother Mary carrying Jesus child in her hand. She kisses the doll and hugs veer and tells thanks to him.

Veer tells her that she came into his life as a friend he felt good, she married him, took her families responsibilities on her shoulder, she shared her happiness and sad with him, and now she is going to give him a valuable gift of his life. He tells her thanks and keeps his hand on the womb, she tells him I love you Veer and Veer kisses her hand.
End of a good scenes.

Rathod comes in and stands like a statue and greets Tapasya with open arms to which Tapasya comes and cuddles herself in. Both start weeping with tears in their eyes thinking of their fate without a child.

Jogi Thakur enters Bundela’s house along with Divya and Nani. Damini asks about her and Tapasya well being but Divya shows her harsh face and tells her daughter will always be right. Damini looks on. Gunavanthi welcomes everyone by telling them Namaste. Nani stands there with villain look.

Rathore takes along Tapasya and they sit on the cot. Rathore tells her that he will not go anywhere leaving her. He will stand with her always. Tapasya promises him that she will be his strength life long. Tapasya cries and Rathore tells that she should not cry when he is there to support her. Tapasya tells that he just had asked one thing a child which she could not give even that. Her all sins are now truanting him. He had given her all happiness and changed her life, gave her full of love and in return she could do nothing. Rathore tells that he wants nothing except her, she is his wife, he will save her respect.

Tapasya tells him that from childhood till now she has lost all love, hence she has to fight to get it. She tells sorry, and Rathore hugging her tells her not to tell sorry. Rathore tells her that in his life he has never accepted defeat.

Veer brings in Ichcha down the stairs to the function hall. Damini looks on so do others. Veer tells Namaste to Jogi Thakur. Gunavanthi tells Divya that they will start the function and takes a handful of rice and gives it to Ichcha who receives it holding the ends of her saree. Gunavanthi further gives some more gifts and blesses her telling that God protect her from evil eyes. Nani is shown at that time who curses herself.

Other visitors do their rituals some give coconuts. Veer asks Damini to take part in Shagun when Gunavanthi stops him and tells him that widowers cannot give Shagun. Damini tells her that Veer does not know it. Ichcha, Veer Jogi Thakur feel sad about it.

Athipookal-961-962 19-9-11 and 20-9-11

Episode-962 20th September 2011

Saroja and the gang men are playing cards happily and merrily when Saroja's informer the constable telephones Saroja and tells her that Panjali's case has once again hotted up. ACP Rejina Victor has been newly appointed in this case. The new ACP is a very talented lady and she had solved many cases. Saroja asks him what name she has kept Victor or something will she come in the bike to catch her. The constable tells her that not a bike but she could come in the rocket to catch her. Saroja gets angry on the constable and switches off the phone. Saroja right hand man tells her the matter is getting serious. Saroja tells him that her name is getting popular in the crime world.

ACP and the inspector visit the jail. ACP asks the Jailor whether being afraid of getting blamed for negligence she had not enquired properly in the case. The ACP tells her that Panjali's falling in fire was not an accident but an incident which has to be probed into. ACP asks her to show the spot where Panjali fell into fire.

Inspector Sudhakar and the ACP visit the spot where Panjali fell into fire. She draws conclusion that in this flat boundary she can never would have fallen accidently and ask who were present when she fell into the fire.

The Jailor tells the ACP that Goveramma was with Panjali during the incident. ACP meets Govramma at her cell and asks whether she had pushed Panjali into the fire. Goveramma tells her that she was brooming and filling the leaves in baskets and Panjali was putting those in fire when suddenly she saw her shouting and rolling in fire. Now she herself is afraid of her life. The ACP then asks her who was standing near the fire. Gowramma tells her that Gangamma was standing near the fire. ACP asks the details of her detention. The Jailor tells her that she was brought to the jail on August 30th and got bail on 6th September. When she is in the jail she used to control other convicts. ACP tells to herself that the incident took place on 5th September and she had got bail on 6th September, she asks the Inspector if he feels something odd about it. Inspector tells that she is still on police roll and she comes to sign to the police station.

Episode-961 19th September 2011

Padma's parents visit Jail to see Manohar they praise him and his sacrifices and brood their daughter's dead mind. Shekar goes to M/s Padma Marbles and gives sweets to Karpagam and Krishnasamy in lieu of Manohar's birthday.

ACP makes a visit to the police station Inspector Sudhakar greets her and tells her that Panjali's report has been received. He tells that as per report Panjali has been injected with poison. Inspector asks if they start the investigation from there. ACP tells him it is a known fact that Saroja's henchman had killed Panjali and there is no need to investigate further in that matter. The investigation should precede it, that is who is reponsible for Panjali to fall into the fire and get hospitalised. Inspector tells her that the report says that she accidentally fell into the fire. ACP tells that the report has been done without any enquiries. So they proceed to the Jail to investigate on this.

As ACP is about to go out she sees the mustache of a constable and feels his looks are not good. She tells him it is not necessary to keep such a big mustache, his look also should be brave, asks to take care of himself. He is none other than the constable who is the informer of Saroja.

Uttaran-Serial-698 Written Update 19th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-698 Written Update 19th September 2011

Rathore comes near Tapasya and tells her sorry for what had happened yesterday’s night, he had felt very bad hearing her words yesterday that she will be unable to bear a child. He had forgotten yesterday to wipe her tears yesterday and console her. He had spent many days thinking of having a child and he don’t know when that had become his life’s important thing. He had not come to her whole night, he did not realize and when he saw the Sun he remembered her eyes and came to the conclusion that Tapasya is all to him and if she is not there nothing is there for him. Once she had asked him if he will accept her without child and now the fate has forced him to tell if child is not there will he accept her and now he will accept her. He wipes her tears, he will either knock the door of a man or God and will get a child. He tells her to believe in him. Tapasya smiles.

Rathore tells to Jogi Thakur, the love which a father gives, a husband cannot give. But he requests him that in this condition he does not want to leave Tapasya alone, if she feels bad he will bring her to him.

Jogi Thakur tells him that when he had come yesterday he could not talk to him for some reason but now when he saw the love he had on Tapasya he and Divya have come to know that Tapasya has chosen a very good man, you will live in all of her sad and happiness.

Divya embraces Tapasya and then asks Nani to accompany them to home and leave Rathore and Tapasya alone. All the three then take leave.

Rathore tells that he will leave them and will return back.

Ichcha is seated in the hall wearing a red saree with preparations and decorations going on in the house. Gunavanthi asks Chanda if everything is ready, like gifts to the visitors. Ichcha asks Gunavanthi that she had told her to make the function simple but she is celebrating grandly. Gunavanthi gives some apples to eat to Ichcha by her own hand when Damini comes by and stands near the door watching the love that Gunavanthi is sharing with Ichcha.

Khaana was the one who sees her first and greets her, Gunavanthi greets her with Namaste and asks her to sit. She asks Chanda to bring breakfast. Damini tells Gunavanthi that she had breakfast at her house. Gunavanthi tells her that today she has to hear what she says. Today is her daughter baby carrying ceremony. In a few days from now they are going to become grandmothers. If they get this type of happiness what else they need. Damini acknowledges it, Gunavanthi goes to bring breakfast. Damini sits beside Ichcha and tells her that everybody looks after her well. Ichcha thinks of the past when Gunavanthi had told to Chanda that all servants only take and do not give, she sheds some tears, Damini wipes her tears and tells her that now onwards there should be only happiness in her life.

Nani tells Divya that Ichcha’s eyes had fallen on Tapasya hence she is unable to bear a child. Ichcha who had lived here now is getting everything, jewels, clothes and children everything she is getting. When she sees and thinks about Ichcha carrying a child she gets to boiling inside.

Jogi Thakur comes and tells Divya that today they have to go to Ichcha’s baby carrying ceremony. Divya tells that they will not be going, Tapasya has had a such a great tragedy she has lost her child, how she can go to some other child bearing ceremony.

Jogi Thakur tells her that he too feels sad about Tapasya’s condition and what if they do not go to function the sad of Tapasya will get lessoned. He tells they will go and give blessings to Ichcha, in everybody’s life what they give they will get back, by this Tapasya life could get mended. Ichcha is also their daughter, Divya tells that she is not their daughter but like one. She asks Jogi Thakur also not to go. Jogi Thakur tells her that if she does not want to go he will not compel her but he will go alone.

Nani tells that Jogi Thakur is telling correct and they all will go to baby carrying ceremony, if they do blessings then Tapasya also will get the blessing, in their society if they do not bless a baby carrying women it is regarded has a very inauspicious thing.

Nani tells Divya that this is the time that they should not leave Jogi Thakur alone with Ichcha an Damini because they both could do some trick on Jogi Thakur.

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Uttaran-Serial-697 Written Update - 16th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-697 - 16th September 2011

Rathore waits there in an confused atmosphere holding the rails Tapasya returns back with the small bangle that Rathore gave to her as gift for her would be child that she would carry, she gives that back telling that the report had come and she cannot become a mother. She sits down repeatedly telling that she cannot give him a child and be a mother, she cannot keep her promise that she had given him. Rathore just looks steadily somewhere and stands like a stone.

Veer supports along Ichcha in her walk and as they enter the house with pooja plate Khaana runs shouting seeing Ichcha and embraces her when she drops the pooja plate. Chand who comes there tries to make it a big issue and tells that today being her child bearing function day she dropped the pooja plate.

Gunavanthi who comes there with Umed Singh asks Veer where he had been so early in the morning taking Ichcha in this condition. Veer tells her that he only had been to temple to take the blessings of God and if God’s blessings are with them nothing wrong will happen. Veer also chides a little on Chanda for making commotion on this small thing. Gunavanthi tells that in this condition Ichcha should not go outside. Umed Singh stops Gunavanthi speaking further on the matter telling her that they had been only to temple. Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that she believes in her luck and Gunavanthi blessings and that nothing will happen to her baby. If God wishes anything bad in her life nobody can stop it, she understands her feelings and henceforth will not go anywhere without asking her.

Nani comes to Tapasya’s room and wakes her up telling that it is already 8:00 A.M., when she should have awaked early and taken bath by this time. Rathore had got up at 6:00 A.M. and looked as if he did not sleep all night and then had gone to the child’s room and then went outside.

Tapasya asks where he had gone?

Nani tells today as always he did not go for jogging. Nani asks what happened to them, both are silent and Rathore has gone out, whether she told about the report matter to him.

Tapasya tells her that she had told about the report, she had told lot of lies in her life and Rathore loves her very much and why she should tell lies to him.

Nani tells that she had told the truth and lessened her burden. She should know what to tell and what not to tell to men. Especially for Rathore she should think a thousand times before telling anything. What if her life now will have to be lead like in a jail. And when Tapasya cries hearing this she consoles her telling that everything will be alright.

Jogi Thakur and Divya come by at this time and Tapasya runs and embraces him weeping on his shoulder. And as always he tells nothing will happen and consoles her.

Tapasya tells Jogi Thakur that he had told her rightly that she neither could become a good daughter nor a good friend and now a mother. She got the punishment for what she did and the lies she had told. She can never become a mother and then she sees and mother and embraces her to get consoled. They both weep, Tapasya asks her why it should happen for her like this. Because of her own fault she lost her only baby.

Jogi Thakur tells her that God is not so stone-hearted and asks her to keep faith on him. Asks her to come to his house.

Rathore comes back at this time and as he looks on Tapasya tells Jogi Thakur that she can’t come because Rathore is more sad than herself.

Divya asks where is Rathore and Nani tells her that he had left morning itself since Tapasya had told the truth. Nani tells that she is very afraid what will happen.

Rathore now comes wishing them with folded hands. He goes straight to Tapasya and looks in the face of and eyes of Tapasya, it is a emotional look which could mean that henceforth she will be his child and he her child.

Athipookal-959-960 15-9-11 and 16-9-11

Episode-960 16th September 2011

Maha gives 5 lakhs to Gangamma and asks her what for this money is given to her. Gangamma tells her that she need not know it. She leaves the place without knowing the reason.

ACP Regina visits Karpagam's house and makes inquiries about her for which she gets vague answers. ACP asks Bhanu who is there how really Saroja escaped after knifing her when the police team raided her. Bhanu tells ACP that Saroja got a phone call and hence she acted. Karpagam tells ACP the in her department itself someone is there who is passing on the information. ACP tells her that she would return for enquiry.

Her first job seems to catch hold of the black sheep in her department itself before proceeding with further investigation.

Episode-959 15th September 2011

ACP Ragini waits for her bait in the zeep when the owner of the house comes disguised in mustache. He walks through with his cycle and reaches his son's hiding place. ACP Ragini who follows in a zeep finds him going inside woods and so she walks alone telling other to wait for the signal of her gun shots.

The owner of the house enters his son's hiding place where two goonda elements are kept for his security. He finds his son with another lady and gets upset but goes and ties the thread given by the ACP. He tells his son that today's night his shifting of the place is arranged and gives him some money.

ACP enters the hiding place clapping her hands. The two gang men pounce on her but she overcomes them wielding gun in her hand. She finally asks the culprit criminal to go and sit in the Zeep.

ACP Ragini comes to the commissioner's office and finds Inspector Sudhakar coming out. Inspector Sudhakar tells her that he has been kept under suspension. ACP tells him that for all wrongs happening without their knowledge the end will come in the name of suspension. She asks him to wait and goes inside to meet the commissioner. The commissioner tells her that child kidnapper Saroja is giving a great challenge to the police department and she has to be nabbed by her.

Uttaran-Serial-696 Written Update 15th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-696 - 15th September 2011

Rathore is seeing the photo of Tapasya when Jogi Thakur comes there. Jogi Thakur asks him if he is alone. Rathore tells him that Tapasya has gone to bring some photo from her mother. Rathore tells him that he forgot all the past and has invited them so he is thankful. Tapasya loves him very much and remembers him everyday. He too is happy seeing her happy. After his father’s death he asks if he can look him as his son. Jogi Thakur keeps his hand on him acknowledging it. Jogi Thakur tells him that at childhood he had to tell Tapasya many stories and he loves her very much. Rathore tells him that he too loves her and has prepared to tell stories to his child. The new born child will be his child, his name, his blood. The best, only the best child.

Nani, Tapasya and Divya come there and listen to what Rathore is saying. Nani tells to Tapasya that he is mad to have a child and so not to tell him about the report. If he comes to know what he will do is not known.

Ichcha is playing with Tapasya’s child making sounds with dolls. Veer comes there to join them. Veer tells her that she looks more beautiful when she is with child. Ichcha acknowledges it. Veer asks where is Khaana and Ichcha tells that he is hearing stories from Daddaji. Veer tells that his Daddaji used to show shadows on the wall and would tell threatening stories. Veer takes the child and Ichcha admires him taking care of her putting in the cradle, he sings of what he knows to the child. Ichcha tells him that he can never make her sleep with these singing.

Tapasya is in a sad mood and recalls Nani telling her not to tell about the report. Rathore comes near her and kisses on her forehead and Tapasya sees/reads something in his face.

Veer tells that his Daddaji taught him much playing. He comes near Ichcha and tells that their dreams will be fulfilled very soon. Ichcha tells that after she gives birth she will become a full women. Veer tells her that he hopes that he will become a good father. Ichcha tells him that her love may be less but not his love. Veer kisses on her forehead. He tells her that the day is nearing for the brith of the baby. Nowadays doctor allows the father too inside the labour room. Ichcha aks him if he comes there who is going to look after Khaana and Muktha. Veer tells yes she has told right thing. They decide to divide their responsibility and then go into cuddling.

Rathore asks her why is she so sad and if she wants anything she could ask him and it will be brought before her. Tapasya looks on and asks him if he loves her very much. Rathore asks her if she is expecting some big gift from him. Tells her he loves her very much, if she wants to test him he is ready. Tapasya tells him what he can test him she herself has failed in her test. Rathore asks her what she is talking, what happened, what she wants let her tell once and he will bring it to her. Tapasya tells him it would be good if it so happens asks him to stay there when she will return back. Rathore goes into deep thinking confused.

Uttaran-Serial-695-Written Update 14th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-695 - 14th September 2011

Rathore takes blessings from Gunavanthi, Rathore asks her to bless Tapasya too. Gunavanthi sees towards Tapasya and Tapasya comes near her and takes blessings. Gunavanthi blesses her telling that like Ichcha she too conceive early and tells her that she felt sorry knowing that she lost her child. Then Gunavanthi and Chanda take leave.

Veer and Ichcha are at Damini’s house and refreshed. Ichcha tells Khaana won over the heart of all in the family and Veer has become his best friend. Ichcha asks Damini to come to her house immediately for the child-bearing ceremony of hers. Damini tells her that she has to make preparations. Veer gets a call from Madhura and goes outside to receive the call. Ichcha tells her mother that she met Tapasya in the shopping mall and that she had married Rathore. Damini gets happy knowing that she is married. Ichcha tells that if her best friend is happy Jogi Thakur too will be happy. Veer comes back and tells Damini that he knows she will not come and live with them so he has seen a new house for her and asks her to shift there. Damini tells that God has now given everything to her now she wants nothing, she could have gone to Jogi Thakur’s house too. Ichcha interferes and tells her to go to Jogi Thakur’s house. Damini tells she wants to live alone. Veer understands her feelings and tells that though the house is small Damini is the boss of this house so she better live here itself, and that he understands that whether it is his house or Jogi Thakur’s Damini will not get that happiness. Veer and Ichcha take leave.

Tapasya and Rathore are happily seeing the album where Tapasya is seen as six years old. She describes all the photos in the album in a fast manner happily; Rathore sees her eyes in the photo and admires that. When she sees a photo of her and Ichcha together Rathore asks her who is this. Tapasya becomes sad and tells him in a low voice that she is Ichcha her childhood’s friend and she does not want to talk about her. She tells that she will bring another photo of her being with her father. He catches hold of her hand and they make a little dance. Tapasya tells him that the door is opened. Then she escapes from his clutches and goes laughing telling him that she will bring the photo.

Divya is busy arranging sweets in boxes to give it to Tapasya, Nani comes there with her sad face, Divya asks her why is she so sad, is it because of the function of Ichcha. Nani tells her that the matter that she is going tell will make her faint. She then tells her that she had been to get the report and the doctor had told her that Tapasya cannot become a mother. Tapasya who just happens to come there at the right time hears those word at the right time, Divya gets stunned and closes her mouth. Nani turns back and sees Tapasya standing there. Tapasya slowly takes to thoughtful crying. Divya runs near her and Nani tells her that she did not hear fully of what she is telling. Nani tells her that everything will be Okayed after they see a good doctor and get treatment. Slowly the shriek of Tapasya gets louder and unbearable with Divya consoling her putting her on her shoulder.

Uttaran-Serial-694 -Written Update 13th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-694 - 13th September 2011

Tapasya talks with her Nani who is on the line while Rathore is engrossed in his talk with Veer. Nani reminds her that she has to bring reports from hospital. Tapasya tells her that she met Veer and Ichcha and Veer had come to buy saree for his wife. And that Ichcha is pregnant too. Nani tells her that she knows that and she was not having the strength to tell it. She tells that she saw some two three children also was there. Tapasya thinks bad on her mother who had failed to inform her. She tells Nani that she does not want anything that she is happy with Rathore. She is not worried now if Ichcha has two or three children. Nani once again reminds her about the report. Tapasya then tells bye to her and going back asks Rathore to take leave.

Nani comes to the hospital to take the report. The doctor asks if Mr and Mrs Rathore have not come. Nani tells they haven’t. Then the doctor tells that Tapasya has some lump in the oval and it can be corrected but she can never conceive/give birth to a baby. Nani gets anger on the doctor and shouts on her, then as the doctor gives the report she becomes sad. She thinks what the astrologer had told them before. Slowly she rounds her mind with thoughts and thinks what if Rathore chases Tapasya away from his life knowing she will not be able to conceive and she can’t hide this report also from him.

Rathore and Tapasya visit Jogi Thakur’s house, Divya embraces Tapasya and Rathore takes blessing from Divya. Jogi Thakur sees them and stands at a distance seeing her.

Tapasya goes to him and they both look on intensively and Tapasya cries. Jogi Thakur asks how is she and she just embraces him and get into his cuddling who kisses on her head and weeps. Jogi Thakur asks if she loves him very much. He sees Rathore and he takes blessings from him and they embrace. They get into happy moods. Tapasya asks Jogi Thakur when he is coming to her house. Jogi Thakur tells that he was always remembering her.

Just as they are in great moods Gunavanthi rings the door bell and enters the house. Gunavanthi throws her questionable look on Tapasya and she on her. Everyone stand to greet Gunavanthi who has come with Chanda. Gunavanthi and Chanda are offered their seat.

Gunavanthi tells that she has come to invite them for the child bearing ceremony of Ichcha. She tells that though she wanted to celebrate it in a great manner Ichcha wanted that in a simple way and she has to do as her wishes.

Gunavanthi takes leave and as she goes Rathore calls her and going near her takes her blessings. Gunavanthi blesses him to live happily. Rathore asks if she will not bless Tapasya since he cannot live without his wife being happy.

Nani also comes there probably thinking what blessing will do good to their life without any issues.

Uttaran-Serial-693-Written Update 12th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-693 - 12th September 2011

Ichcha calls Khaana to dress him up for school. But Khaana is already ready, Veer had dressed him up and polished his shoes. He puts the bag on his shoulder gives him water bottle and sends him to school. Khaana tells bye to Ichcha and goes to his school. Ichcha tells him to be a good boy.

Veer tells to Ichcha that he liked talking with Khaana, he was asking to buy a helicopter to him. Veer had told him to first become a pilot and then drive a real plane. Veer symbolizes him as his son. Ichcha thinks what Gunavanthi had told Veer that it is lifelong decision and that Khaana cannot be his son who is an outsider. Ichcha asks Veer if he feels that the children are not his own.

Tapasya is sitting putting her head down. Rathore asks her why is she showing faces like a child. Tapasya asks him why he had talked with Nani like that last night. Rathore tells her that what is right has to be told and what is right it has to be accepted. He tells that he is a straight forward man, he talks with respect and expects the other person too to give respect to him. He listens what others tell and wants them to listen what he says too. What is correct he had told her. And he never carry forwards his moods. He is not servant to moods. And now she is daughter-in-law of this house and should shoulder responsibility, should not be adamant. He tells bye and leaves.

Veer asks Ichcha what she is talking about whether she is okay. Her mother too was telling like that. He does not understand all this. Jogi Thakur too had adopted her and regarded her as daughter whether his relationship was less then to a blood relationship, and if she never adopts the children who will and he knows that Ichcha thinks that after she gives birth he would differentiate between the children. He promises that he would not differentiate between the children. He tells her that she was ready to accept Tapasya baby knowing very well that it was not Veer’s. And Ichcha left the house because Veer did not believe her. Even if the child was Tapasya’s she would have adopted. Then Veer tells that Tapasya had lost her child. Ichcha is surprised to hear this and asks him how she lost it. Veer changes track and tells to leave that matter and that she is pregnant and there is one more child to come in their life. And now Veer life is Ichcha’s happiness, they will very soon adopt these children. Ichcha feels very thankful to Veer hearing this and goes to touch his feet. Veer stops her and tells her that they are friends. Ichcha tells that she is proud of having him as her husband and now she need not worry about Khaana and Mukta. They both tell ‘I love you’ to one another.

Rathore takes Tapasya to a sari house where Veer and Ichcha are already there selecting sarees. Ichcha goes on seeing sarees after sarees but does not like any of them. Then she asks Veer to select, Veer selects a saree that is hung for display and tells the sales women to pack it off. They then move to see other clothes. Tapasya and Rathore now enter the showroom and Tapasya seeing all over, her eyes falls on the same saree which Veer had selected for Ichcha and asks the sales women that she likes that. The sales women tells her that it is sold off. Tapasya tells her to bring another one of the same type, but the sales women tells her that it is the only saree available in that design. Tapasya then tells her that she would double the price for that saree. But when that too is not accepted Tapasya tells Rathore that she wants to go home and does not like shopping now.

Rathore asks the sales women who has purchased the saree and she points towards Veer, Rathore goes there to request him. The sales girl tells to Veer that what he has liked Rathore’s wife also has liked the same saree. Rathore and Veer see each other. Veer seriously looks him. While Rathore is relaxed and says congrats to both Veer and Ichcha and asks about her well-being. Just then Tapasya’s mobile rings and she goes leaving them to talk.

Uttaran-Serial-692-Written Update 9th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-692 - 9th September 2011

Budela's family discuss about celebrating Ichcha's baby bearing ceremony in a grand manner. They recall how bad Tapasya's celebration turned out. Ichcha and Veer come there, Gunavanthi tells Ichcha about this. Ichcha tells that her celebrations be simple and the funds saved can be given to some orphanage. Everybody finds it a good idea Gunavanthi asks Veer to take leave to office and go for shopping with Ichcha and buy her whatever she wishes.

Veer and Khaana are playing. Ichcha sees Veer shyly drawing him towards her. Veer comes near her when Khaana first troubles them and then the baby. Veer takes the baby and feeds him milk from bottle. Ichcha appreciates Veer that he has won the child's love in one day. Veer tells that they prayed God for children and they got three children. Their night spends in looking after the children.

Nani wakes up Tapasya, she gets bed-coffee, when she is about to drink, dai-maa comes there and tells her to fast. Nani objects when Rathore arrives there and explains her to follow some faith. Rathore asks Tapasya to get ready to go for hospital. Rathore and Tapasya visit hospital, doctor tells them that some checkup needs to be taken.

Jogi Thakur visits Damini's house and gives her salary for her work. He asks her how is her time going on, if she wants she can come back to office and take the canteen job. Damini looks on.

Veer is standing outside his room as Ichcha is looking after the children. Gunavanthi comes there and tells that it is time to search for the parents of the child. Veer tells he wants to adopt Mukta, Gunavathi refuses, tells him that it is life's decision, it has to be taken after thinking deeply on the matter. Ichcha is seen weeping hearing everything.

Uttaran-Serial-691-Written Update- 8th September 2011

Uttaran-Serial-691 - 8th September 2011

Nani enters the house while Divya looks surprised, Jogi Thakur is in light smile while Pushkar and Rohini take her blessing. Ichcha tells Namaste to her.

Nani immediately starts her usual lambasts.

Nani: Hey little girl you came back, I heard that you did some drama and had gone. You left your husband and house and went with your mother, what happened you did not get any place to stay.

Veer tells Nani if you know everything why do ask, whatever you want to ask as me, and what my wife does and does not it is our botheration, it is not necessary to tell you. Khaana comes running there and dashes a little upon Nani and she scolds him. Khaana tells sorry to her. She goes near Jogi Thakur and asks how is he. Just then Jogi Thakur receives a call in his mobile so he gives the child into the hands of Nani and goes far off to talk. Nani asks whose child it is. Veer tells that he has adopted it. Nani asks why this drama when Ichcha is already carrying.

Ichcha tells if she hears the story of how she got the child she too will pity on her. Nani immediately throws the child as if she has touched a untouchable one coming to know that it is a found child. Ichcha shouts at her telling her to talk with her whatever she wants to and not show anger to the child.

Jogi Thakur hears the commotion and coming just tells that she will never understand Ichcha at least she can respect the motherly love that she has. Veer then takes leave.

At Rathore’s house Tapasya feels pain in her stomach she tells to Rathore that since two days she is getting stomach pain suddenly. Rathore why she has not told him. Tapasya promises him that morning they will go to doctor. Then an invitation to exhibition is given by Rathore and she gets into happy mood and tells that it is her favorite designer. She tells him thanks and kisses the invitation. They decide to go to the exhibition next day, Rathore tells her that she looks very good being happy. Tapasya tells if he goes on giving gifts like this she will be happy always. She tells him that he is the world’s most good husband and she a bad woman who can’t give any gift. Rathore tells that he is a business man and he expects a beautiful baby from her. A love songs ends with their love looks.

Nani abuses Divya that she has no botheration about her daughter and what is her needs. Tapasya’s child is lost and no one came over to wipe her tears and for this girl who has brought a baby from a street so much attention is being given, by then Jogi arrives there and she tells Tapasya loves him and wants to come here. Jogi tells her that she has excused her since now Ichcha and Veer have joined together and she could come home if she wants and he tells sorry for Divya sending her out. Divya looks on and then tells her not to tell Tapasya that Ichcha is pregnant.

Nani goes back and his boiling inside thinking of the incidents and the happy moments Ichcha is passing through. Tapasya comes there and Nani searches on her face if she could become a mother. Nani tells that Jogi had permitted her to come to the house and she becomes happy.

Thirumathi Selvam-6-9-11 to 12-9-11

Thendral - Serial - 12th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 9th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 8th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 7th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 6th September 2011

Athipookal-958 Written Update 14th September 2011

Episode-958 14th September 2011

The commissioner calls up the station inspector and daunts him telling that he has failed to protect Panjali knowing very well that she has a threat to her life from Saroja. The inspector tells him that the incident happened when he went to bring in the Magistrate to the hospital. The commissioner is not satisfied with his answer and tells him that he suspends him and is handing over the case to the new ACP.

A police lady is disguised as a fortune teller and she visits a house, opens the gate and asks if anyone is there. The house lady comes and asks her to go out and tells her she is not interested to hear any predictions.

The police lady speaks on when the house owner comes there and asks her to go off. The police lady tells him that she has been sent by the God to tell fortune about their son whom he has hidden. She tells him that there is a danger to his life and if he wishes he can save him. The house lady then tells her to come inside and tells her husband that they will hear from her what she has to say.

The police lady enters the house and asks for water, when the house lady goes to fetch the water she fixes mini mike below the sofa. As she returns with water the police lady drinks the water and asks house owner to come and sit in front of her. She tells him that he should not waste time since his son is in danger and he should be shifted from his present place. She also gives him a thread and tells that it should be tied to his hand so that his life is not in danger. She takes money and then leaves. Outside the gate she fixes the headphone and starts hearing the conversations that is going on inside the house.

The house owner and his wife discuss themselves about saving their son. They then decide that he shall go in disguise to escape the watch eyes of police and tie this thread to his son.

The lady police hearing all meets her other police associates who had been waiting for her. She tells them that finally he is going to reveal the place where he is hiding his son.

Athipookal-957 Written Update 13th September 2011

Episode-957 13th September 2011

Padma starts thinking about the murder of Panjali. Maha enters her cabin room and sees Padma seriously thinking, she asks her what is she thinking so seriously. Padma tells her that when panjali is about to tell something to the Magistrate she has been killed by Saroja. Then she should have told lie in the court against her husband. Maha now starts thinking, if Padma starts thinking then it will be dangerous for Anjali, so she tells that Panjali would have called Magistrate to give statement on some other matter about Saroja to the Magistrate and not on Kidnapping matter. Maha tells her not to get confused which will be helpful for her enemies.

Maha comes and sits in her seat when Gangamma comes there searching for her. Maha takes her to a separate cabin room. Gangamma asks her money. Padma tells her to wait for sometime since she is finding it difficulty to get the money from Padma. Gangamma tells her that it is not her botheration and if the money is not forthcoming by night she will see that Anjali stays permanently in jail.

Maha sees things going out of hand and tells her that she will arrange money for her. Padma who comes out of her cabin sees Maha talking with Gangamma and asks her who she is. Maha tells her that she had come asking for sweeping job. Padma tells her in future not to take people inside cabin to talk.

Sigamani who is driving in his two-wheeler finds mechanical problem in his vehicle and it stops completely. He sees the tank but the petrol is full. A car comes near him and out comes Maha from the car. She teases him seeing his two-wheeler and tells him that Padma marbles would go to dust early enough. Sigamani tells her that very soon they are going to start work on the newly bought quarry and then Padma marbles will buy off Anjali marbles itself. Maha gets angry, she tells that she wants to go to bank and leaves the place.

At the temple old lady meets the Siddar who tells her that fate has taken away the life of Panjali but in the future she will know the reason and benefit that is derived from it. Padma's prayer will not fail and her end goal of uniting Manohar and Padma will be achieved.

(Tommorrow: The police may watch Maha withdrawing huge money and could trace out where the money is going and may arrest Gangamma and question her what for she has received 5 lakhs from Maha).

Manvasanai-26-8-11 to 15-9-11

Manvasanai Serial - 15th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 14th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 13th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 12th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 9th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 8th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 7th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 6th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 5th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 2nd September 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 31st August 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 30th August 2011

Video will be updated as when it is available.

Manvasanai Serial - 29th August 2011

Manvasanai Serial - 26th August 2011


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