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God and Intellect - Part-1

A man sees a Gold ring lying and glitering on the road. He runs for it, a dog who was beside by him also runs in the same direction. The dog thinks it should somehow reach first and get it. The man thinks that he should get it first before the dog.

The dog which can run faster reaches first and gets what it liked.
What the dog was after was the shit that was beside the gold ring and not the gold. Man reaches later and get holds of the Gold.
Why did the dog did not go for the Gold ring? For dog's limited intelligence Gold has no value for it. A dog cannot appreciate the beauty of a Gold because of its limited intelligence. If it passes by a gold the first thing it will do is to piss on it.

What will happen if the dog too possessed the intelligence of a man! There certainly would have been a fight for getting hold of the gold.
The dog thus is happy with his choice of what he got. Very very happy indeed.
The man is happy to have the gold that he has got. For him gold has more value. His intellect says so, that the gold has value. May be for some other person Gold may be of no value at all. For example for an insane person it will not have any value. His intellect is such. So the choices of a certain thing by a man is determined by his intellect and intelligence.

In short, every choice a man makes consciously is limited by his intellect.

What will happen if this intellect in man grows?

And how to grow this intellect/intelligence?

In a step by step way as you read further you will know. You will know certain things for which you had already the answer in your mind but which till now was not awakened.

Just for Gags

Jhun jhun wala who happened to hear the above discourse wanted to really see if the dog really pisses on the Gold ring.

He saw a dog going along the road, he called the dog in its own language and threw his Gold ring. The dog became curious of what was thrown down. As it is its habit it started smelling the gold ring when suddenly the gold ring got stuck into the nose of the dog. The dog felt frightened about this foreign element in her nose. It became beautiful to look at now with the ring in her nose. It sneezed but the ring never fell, it had difficulty in breathing. When Jhun Jhun wala saw this he was eager to take back his ring from the dog nose and went towards it. The dog became more frightened and started running. Jhun Jhun wala started chasing it.

It was an astounding sight for the people who saw that the dog was being chased by a man, rather than the dog chasing a man. Jhun Jhun wala not knowing what to shout started shouting thief, thief, thief the dog is taking my gold ring. Then other people started chasing it too, then a policeman. All for the Gold ring.

Now move on to Part-2


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