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Age of Empires

Age of Empires is the King of all games. Most modern games lack the unique graphics that age of empires has. The life in the characters in age of empires game is unique. Playing the game is also easy and easily learnable. Unlike other games where we have to spent some time getting used to its features in Age of Empires, it is not so.

The game is produced by Microsoft and the game producer has brilliantly used his talent on every aspects of the game.

In this game there are villagers who work and earn gold, stone, wood and food for you. Having this you go about producing buildings and soldiers and go about constructing your empire with strong fortress. You become its king. The interesting part is when you are going about doing this, another empire is slowly developing by another king. That king never keeps quiet and he always want to wage a war with another empire. In any single play there can be 8 empires with 8 kings. They can make allies between other kings or could go about single handed fighting with its neighboring kingdoms.

It is almost like the online Travian game, but is more powerful and has rich features that Travian lacs. You can watch the fights right before your eyes between soldiers and horses. You can watch the destruction of buildings. You can lead your forces and defeat a king.

There are stories about the ancient king within the game. There is audio treats during the game, you will be guided through the game of what next the king has to do. At the start of the game brief history about the King is narrated and at the finish of the game again the story is ended with further continuation linked to another story.

There could be many good modern games with some good graphics but nothing could compare with the graphics of age of empires. Microsoft has released more games in continuous of age of empires but they too are unable to bring in the quality and interest that this game has generated.

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