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Carbon Neutrality


Do you have a bicycle in your house?

No! Will be the answer that I would get from many. It is but natural that riding a bicycle or keeping one, they feel it, as a poor man’s product. They do not want to be branded poor.

Doctors’ advice people to exercise; and one of the exercises that they recommend are cycling. Hence having a cycle in their house it would solve their problem.

Though inside they like to ride a bicycle but they can’t for the simple reason they fear of being teased by people they meet. Even though people may be appreciative of them they never know that.

So what is that stopping you to use the cheapest mode of transportation, self image, prestige?! Yes it is. Now after having known the bad effect of carbon emissions and its green house effects you still go on contributing to it even though you could have avoided it.

A simple question. Are you not doing something which is harmful to your own children and grandchildren? Are you not the cause for their living in an atmosphere full of co2 filled? The answer cannot be `No’ but `Yes’. Now having accepted your folly what next best thing is there for you to do.

Carbon neutrality is the answer you can offset that part of unavoidable emissions by balancing it with planting trees or funding carbon projects. If you have released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, then you can compensate it with renewable energy that creates a similar amount of useful energy, so that the carbon emissions are compensated. Alternatively using only renewable energies that don't produce any carbon dioxide (this last is called a post-carbon economy).

In this way you can prevent future greenhouse gas emissions. There is another way to compensate i.e., buying carbon credits to remove (or 'retire') them through carbon trading. These practices are often used in parallel, together with energy conservation measures to minimize energy use.

In the long run these practices will often save money. Energy prices across the world are rising, making it harder to afford to travel, heat and light homes and factories, and keep a modern economy ticking over. Limiting energy usage and emissions from transportation, by walking, using bicycles or public transport, by avoiding flying, using low-energy vehicles can be some of the solutions you could dig out to reduce GHG emissions.


Carbon offsets aim to neutralize the amount of Co2 emissions contribution by funding projects which should cause an equal reduction of emissions somewhere else, such as tree planting. Under the premise, first reduce what you can, then offset the remainder, offsetting can be done by supporting a responsible carbon project, or by buying carbon credits.

So, please give a helping hand to those companies and offshoots coming up which are thriving in the reduction of GHG effect.


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