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Shivaji The Boss - Rajnikanth

The Story of the Film

Sivaji (Rajnikant) returns from US who is a software engineer and wants to use his earned money for social good and upliftment of poor. He decides to start a free medical college, and a free hospital, and faces a number of obstacles en route by way of corrupt officials and a political kingpin who sabotages his work. Beaten down by politicians, he decides to take matters into his own hands by overhauling the entire system using his own private army of supporters. Meanwhile, he romances Tamilselvi (Shriya), who unfortunately has been told by an astrologer that her future husband is doomed to die soon.


Loaded with Rajni-style antics such as flicking coins, acrobatically bouncing chewing gum around, and swapping guns from hand to hand whilst flying through the air, the film has a lot to offer for Rajni fans, and also has the usual social development message featuring Rajni as the Messiah. The song picturizations are good and very entertaining. But the film is very long overall flawed by a weak plot, too many repetitive action sequences, and a extremely poor editing.


Though the actors have performed their parts well but we can see that it is one of the worst kind of direction. The director has miserably failed to bring out the talents in each and every actor especially Rajinikanth and Vivek.

Both Rajinikanth and Vivek are expert comedians but they have been underutilised by the director and comedies are not that good to enjoy laughing.

The title "THE BOSS" is only on paper but in actual the hero never could exhibit himself has a BOSS just like he did in `Badshah film'.

The villain has not been shown to his mark. Suman who is a good actor once again has not been utilised properly. The villain never exhibits the terror that he should exhibit.

All in all if any other director instead of Shankar had directed the film probably he would have shown a better interest in the plot and characters and had given lives and thrills into all characters.

It is Director Shankar who is the blacksheep of the otherwise that was supposed to be a good film.


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