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Uttaran-709 Written Update 7th October 2011

Uttaran-709 Written Update 7th October 2011

Veer asks Ichcha if she is worried hearing Gunavanthi’s comments. He justifies her words telling that she speaks so because she has lost her grandson and they themselves their son. He tells he understands that telling is easy but if we sit worrying about this how their life is going to be. He comforts her keeping his hand on hers.

He tells that she should worry about Muktha and Khaana concentrate on them they are in need of them. Khaana’s care and look after will be until his becoming major then he will stand on his own leg and do whatever he can do in this world. But Mukta is a girl, she has no one without us, we have to be her guardian life long, we have to support these two children.

Ichcha tells him, that she has full faith in him but…!

But Mai, is not it?! Ichcha Mai is a old custom natured lady. You don’t worry about Mai. Put this child on your shoulders then you will see and have the feeling as if you have your own child. There is nothing like ours and others.

How can we tell in confident that other child will stay with us. Do you know Veer when I went to Tapasya’s house I did not tell her to take the coming child the child I am going to give birth. But I felt like to give her Mukta. And probably now God has punished because of this. I have thought something Veer, about us, about our family.

Tell Ichcha.

Veer I was thinking that we shall not go for our child anymore. Veer now Khaana and Mukta are our children. This is our family, I have regarded this children as my children. I was not able to tell this, which was ringing in my heart. When I first embraced Mukta on my chest then my motherly feeling got awaked. I don’t know Veer when I became mother. Then Khaana came into my life he made me his aunt. And there developed a relationship of a mother and son between us. These poor children do not know who is theirs and who are strangers to them. And for a mother every children are one and the same Veer. Veer do you think this is right.

Veer tells her, that he is with her in this decision of hers. From today Mukta, Khaana, yourself and myself are the family.

As Nani enters the hall at Rathore’s house she finds Tapasya playing with Ichcha’s son. She tells to herself that she had thought that this child will grow in some dirty atmosphere but he has become the princess of this house. Here he is enjoying costly oil, powder, scents, Pushkar was telling right that Ichcha’s son is also a lucky fellow like her and Tapasya daughter…? How she will be, where she will be!!!

Nani goes on thinking, I can’t even tell that this is Ichcha’s child, somehow I have to keep the child far from Tapasya. Nani tells Tapasya why she is doing this, the servants are there to see the child, Daija is there.

Tapasya tells ‘No’ Rathore wants his Junior Rathore to be taken care of by ourselves, he does not want to give it to someone’s hand, some servants hand. I did not do anything to my child I will do everything for this child. Happily Tapasya goes on playing and making love with the child. Suddenly the child pisses off. Tapasya tells, hurray, hurray, every five minutes you piss, naughty. And now started crying.

Nani goes off ground, she tells to herself ‘oh God, what I am seeing, Tapasya is cleaning the pissing of Ichcha’s child. What is this?’ Ram Hi Rakhee!

Nani will you do one work, please change the diaper of the child I will bring some clothes. Tapasya gives the child to Nani and moves off. Nani just keeps the child in her hand.

Tapasya comes back and sees the diaper not changed and does it herself.

Tapasya tells her that for two hours she was with him and has become tired and Rathore tells her every then and then to change and wear a new dress to the child.

Nani tells to herself, what a fate I am in, to whom I had life long hated, I have to love her child. Ichcha who had grown in slum went on to live in Jogi Thakur’s house along with Tapasya she went to school. If luck is there whatever you do nothing will happen. Hey, you are a very lucky boy yaar.

Ichcha is standing and weeping when Gunavanthi comes there and consoles her. She tells that she can understand her feelings, she is a mother. For a mother to carry a child for 9 months and lose it like this is unbearable. They both embrace each other. Gunavanthi then tells that God is great and He will give her once again the chance to give birth to a child. You can give heir to this family.

Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that she wants to tell her something she should not take it wrong. She can’t fulfill her wish.

Gunavanthi asks her, why if doctor had told her something.

Ichcha shakes her head and tells, no Mai, doctor did not tell anything, this is my decision and Veer’s decision. We will not go to give birth to our own children anymore.

Gunavanthi opens her mouth in shock.


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