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Child's Death

Have this straight down your throat. Your newly born child is going to die by 43 years from now. I am very considerate and liberal when I put his age at 43, when there is all possibility for your child dying at his age of 25 years! Or even at 20 years!

Have this straight down your brain. Being a father, you do not love your newly born child. Hence, he dies so early.

Have this straight down your heart. Oh! mother you are too responsible for your newly born child's death. Your selfishness is the cause for his early death.

Right now after reading this, you never take this serious. You batter down this message aside telling that you have nothing to do with this. You are so selfish that you never want to take this serious and you want to enjoy the present state of life fully.

If you are so selfish and right after knowing that, your child will die before 25 years of his age. Why on earth, should you give him that education at all? Your child's death is not instant; there will be lot of sufferings before it ends up in his death.

7 to 10 years from now position will turn to worst and water will be so scarcely available that there will be a fight for it. You absolutely cannot blame the rain God for it. If there are floods in one part of the place there will be drought in another part of it. Sea water will get warm and the ice gets melted. When ice melts the sea-level will rise to 20 feet. The sea water will inroad into many lands along its coast. Many lands will be submerged in water and it will remain so until the return of coolness on this earth. People will die in huge numbers, they will never try to migrate to safer places.

Due to the change in climate new species and living beings start taking birth, with it the new diseases. Some of the species like Polar bear cannot live in the warm turned climate and will be extinguished.

There will be strong winds and hurricanes taking its birth from the warm sea. Tsunami will hit many coastal areas.

Not only you but there are so many others who do not know that their child's death would occur by her 20 or 25 years of age.

The earth where you are living will turn so hot that it is impossible for your child to live in.

Do you know how this earth will become so hot?

Let me explain you in simple language. Draw a circle and denote it as Earth, draw an outer circle so that the Earth is safe inside this outer circle. Now draw another circle denoting it as Sun. Now the Sun's rays passes through the outer circle and hits on the Earth. On its impact on Earth, it radiates and the infrared rays that are thrown away from earth go back to the atmosphere and out of the outer circle that you have drawn. But this outer circle is becoming stronger and stronger that it no longer allows the radiation to escape from the earth, it throws back the radiation to the earth, the gases present in the atmosphere absorbs the heat. The more the Co2 in the atmosphere more of suns heat is absorbed by it making the earth more hot. The heat in the atmosphere makes the sea more warm and there is more of evaporation of sea water. The heat sucks in all the water in earth. The earth will start breaking. Later these evaporated water comes down on earth strongly in the form of heavy rains NOT dispersed evenly. There are floods in some part of the world and there are drought in other parts.

Ultimately, the Earth becomes a hell for living in for your child.

My point blank suggestions for you to save your child.

  1. File a Public Interest Litigation in High Court to save your child.
  2. Go back to your village and live a simple life. Build your house through thatched roofs protecting yourself from the heat of the sun. You may also get to know how to live in caves. Inside a cave you can escape from the heat and vigarous of nature. Find one near and get used to it. When the time comes it may be handy.
  3. Start living a primitive type of life.
  4. Earn your living by whatever job you get very near your dwelling within the radius of 5 to 10 kilometers.
  5. Use only bicycle to travel or even a horse.
  6. Try to get your own garden where you can get all your vegetables.
  7. Dwell in a small house and live a simple life.
  8. Join your child to the nearby school and do NOT worry about his education.
  9. Just concentrate on your surviving and live a sage's life.
  10. Take along the whole society along with you and make them too to live the same life that you live.

The Result will be the closing down of the perpetuators of this Global Warming:-

  1. Factories and Industries will get closed.
  2. Manufactures of Air conditioners will have to shut down their production.
  3. Production of cars and two-wheelers will come down.
  4. Movement of automobiles will come down.
  5. A sea change in outlook of the world will bring back the primitive type of living in all parts of the world.
  6. More and more people will start adopting this type of living.

Guts within you is all that is needed to save your child from the disaster that is falling on him. Other methods will not work in spite of you possessing immense wealth.


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