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Why to run after money?

I do agree that money is very much needed to lead a peaceful and secured life. But in general, we see people running after more money, even if they have enough for themselves and their generations.

The other day, one of my friend with whom I share ideas came out with his bizzare dream he had that night. He was enjoying and his face blossomed when he told me that in his dream he saw his favourite actress Namitha. He felt sweet to tell that he had showered kisses on her and embrased her. He told me that his dream looked very very real and he still cannot believe it to be a dream. That dream was too sweet of the greatest kind for him. I, who was hearing his dream tale thought he should be a fool to tell this to me. After all it was a dream and not real.

Later.... I realised that my friends sweet and good time were during that dreams period that he enjoyed. That moment was the sweetest moment for him. How many are gifted to dream sweet dreams which looks real!

Now... here take my another friend who is a lawyer by profession. This lawyer is a very busy lawyer. He earns a lot. He hardly sleeps for two or three hours. If he ever dreams, only case files runs through his mind, for him there is no chance of getting rest in his sleep. For him Court matters is his first wife and love. Other things are pure secondary.

I could compare the health of these two.

Well my former friend who is also a lawyer is fond of his dreams more than the money that he earns in his profession. He sleeps much and dreams much and thinks very less of his profession but earns money that is sufficient for his needs.

While this sleepy friend looks good and healthy the later friend who thinks only of his court cases and sleeps very little leads his life with medicines and lots of wrinkles on his forehead and all over his face.

There are people who say that desire for money is the root cause for all miseries in life.

Hmmm, then there are people who say that desire for money gives that push in a man to take positive actions. He works hard to get it. Through him some other person gets employed, the country needs him and the country prospers because of him.

There is no power without money. Politicians seek power, to get it they need money and men at their disposal. They spend money in the hope to get it back 100 times more. Many do get it.

Money creates competitiveness among people. In competitiveness comes actions. There is no relaxation, for if you relax the other guy will overtake you. To be competitive is to be worldly. There is competitiveness everywhere not only rich men but poor men too compete in their own way.

Even saints do compete. A different kind of competitiveness, though not for money. You can go in the caves where saints live. You may get attracted towards their supernatural powers, then you too would like to have it. You can go in the caves, but there are other saints living in other caves and there will be competition; then you have created another world. Talks will take place on who is achieving new siddhis, new powers, who can fast more, who can torture himself more, who can lie down on a bed of nails, who can live without clothes in the cold winter, who can sit in the burning hot sun with fire all around him and who is the topmost saint.

There are different types of competitions in this world. New competitions arise and there is no lack for competitions.

Below is a episode about competitiveness.....of who is more humble to their guru.

Once Rajneesh was invited by Shankaracharya....he was not aware of Rajneesh's way of thinking. Thinking, that it was a good opportunity, Rajneesh went there, and of course there was great trouble.

The first trouble started when they got introduced to each other. Shankaracharya was sitting on a golden throne and just by the side of him there was a smaller golden throne on which another Hindu monk was sitting, and there were other monks who were sitting on the floor.

Shankaracharya proudly said to Rajneesh, "you must be wondering who is this man who is sitting by my side on the smaller throne. He has been Chief Justice of the High Court, but he is such a great spiritual man -- he renounced it. He renounced the world, his high salary, his post, his power. He became my disciple. And he is so humble that he never sits on the equal platform with me."

Rajneesh said, "I can see that he is very humble - he is sitting on a smaller throne than you - but then others are sitting on the floor! If he is really humble he should dig a hole in the floor and he should sit there - if he is really humble! He is only humble towards you and about others he is very arrogant."

And Rajneesh could see the anger. Both the persons became very angry. They were at a loss for a moment what to say, what not to say. Rajneesh said, "you see your humbleness -you both are angry! And this man is still sitting! If he is humble he should get down. Dig a hole immediately! Don't cling to the throne. And then there will be a competition, of course. Others will dig bigger holes . . . Then there is a well outside in the garden - he should jump into the well to be the most humble person!"

Rajneesh told Shankaracharya that, "He is simply waiting when you should die, and immediately he will jump on your chair, he will sit there. He is just waiting, he is already half way. He is praying in his heart that. "You old fool - die soon!" so that he can tell somebody else to sit on the smaller throne and he will introduce him as a very humble person. Neither you are humble nor he is humble. If he is humble by sitting on a smaller throne, then who are you? You are sitting on a higher throne than him. And if it is only a question of sitting higher and lower, then what about the spider on the ceiling? He is the highest! He is the greatest, because he is higher than you, you cannot go higher than him. And what about the birds who are flying in the sky?"

Rajneesh further said to Shankaracharya, "If this is the way then you have not renounced anything. You are carrying the same old stupidity in new names."

Only the names have changed, the old dreams continue. The old desires, the old egos are still being strengthened. You can go to any monastery and you can see - the same competition persisting.

Sankaracharya though was embarrassed by the situation created by Rajneesh, he had his own ability to put things right.

Sankaracharya told Rajneesh, "you go deep into things and criticize the system that is followed, though you are right in one sense there is other side of it, humbleness is a thing that as to be followed by each and everyone living in this world. A student is humble with his teacher to prosper in his studies, a son is humble to his father to lead his life on the experience and footsteps of his father, a politician is humble to his people while asking votes, a lawyer is humble towards the judge to win his case. When people practice humbleness and if there is competition in it then it is a welcome sign and we are bound to see a good society. The result of every humbleness is a gain to a higher pedestal."

Sankaracharya continued, "As you have said if this Judge is showing his humbleness to step into my throne after my death, then let that happen. He gained the throne by spending his each hour being humble. So being humble has many positiveness."

Thus for the people gathered there it was an interesting day with great intelligent inputs.

Mahatma Gandhi is being praised and worshipped because he was very humble towards his people whom he meets. People who were humble towards Gandhiji became leaders. Rich people and successful people have been humble towards other one time or the other.

These days world is seeing more of arrogance and people are terrorist minded. They want to be powerful enough and dictate terms with others, they want their ideology and mindset to be followed by others.

People thus run for money and power. Days have gone by when people wanted to live a satisfied simple life peacefully. Now people love to have more money and wealth. If you lead a simple satisfying life with your little money, others will look down upon you. May not come to your house or communicate much with you. You need to have big sofa set, Big flat T.V., computer and luxurious items to show off at least. These days speeches of Rajneesh and other saints may not go well. Love is put down and clobbered in our feet. Today those who have money have power too.

There were days when slavery flourished with men in power, Kings used to get work done from the poor people cheaply and build huge structures of their likes. No money were given to them just food for their staying alive.

Today people have improved and they know how to live sometimes in a different kinds of slavery. Only in Jails works are forced upon you, otherwise people are forced to work because they need money. Thus money has become corner stone to get any work done. If everyone is rich and satisfied, then he will not work, if he never works then many projects are not completed and the country goes to brink!

People in India in ancient times were controlled by Kings and saints. Religious leaders did have a strong hold on their followers. Religious leaders preached, 'work is worship." They preached not to be greedy and live a simple satisfied life.

The control of these Kings and saints on Indian people made them to lead a serene life. But now the things have drastically changed.


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