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3rd April 2011

Sensex -- Will Get support at 15000 .--

People in India are advised to sell off any shares that you hold and keep off the Share Market.

You have to wait until the Market's Sensex touches at least 7000. From there there is no guarantee it will turn upwards it may go down further to touch 3000.

And this will happen from 1 to 2 years from now. That is a long wait for people who are eager to invest in shares.

You can see in Media and newspapers saying that this is the Best time to invest when the shares are now available for cheap etc.

Don't ever go behind anybody's advice even if it is an expert's one. Since no expert can predict correctly the market moves.

Till now the bulls were having a good run on the bourses. Now the time has come for the bears to show their power.

In this market some bad news here and there are manipulated, and then there is huge sell-off's. People think that the market fell because of this bad news and they wait that all is going to be well in the long run.

You should know that the market players cannot make money always when the shares are selling at high prices and when the sensex is 21000 points. It has to be brought down and bringing down to not just 15000 index that they prefer, they eye more low and that is 2000, 2500 to 3000 index. Gradually the bear operators will bring it down to this level.

Many common people, small time investor's will go bankrupt. All those people who were floating in dreams of being a rich man will see their dreams shattered if you do not come out off the market.

Majority of people will not accept, for them Indian Economy is good and so there is no reason why should people be not invested. They will go thus far to advise people, telling them that this is the best time/opportunity to invest. Some will ask you to invest a percentage of money in shares. Everyone are hired by market players. Never come under anybody's advice. Do not think that all the companies like the I.T. companies are doing good. These software companies now are facing recession. You will see a cycle of things happenning. One software company which is depended on another will start closing its business. There will be chain of reactions.

No Government will be able to stop the closing of Software companies. Making use of the good marketing conditions many Software companies had opened their office expecting orders. They had hired people ready to take up the orders. Now as the shares are falling and as there is gloom atmosphere, orders will start drying up. At first people will not get salary. Then, the compnay itself will start closing down. First the small and first time companies will close down. Then the big software companies will ask some of their employees to retire.

All fresh Engineering Graduates will have no jobs. Only experienced Software people will be given jobs and that there will be plenty available.

You can see students shunning Engineering Colleges. Just doing computer science and to get a B.Sc degree might be fine now. People will start looking for Job security and that is Government Jobs.


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