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How to make friends in a new city?

Having Friends is great.

But to have a good and true friend is what matters.

It does not matter where you live every place is the same and the people are same.

The matter may become worst if that friend could become cause of chaos in your family and your privacy.

People will be always ready to become friends, two people become friends when they think the same thing and have same views. Be careful - while making friends.

Nowadays, most people just enjoy to watch more of T.V. rather than to gossip with others and to make friends. Friends for them are disturb mongers in their privacy. But they do not know that good friends sometimes are very helpful in our needy hour or day.

By interacting with friends sometimes good information is collected which could be best utilized. But it is other matter that commonly people gossip and enjoy discussing other people's activities.

The invention and introduction of mobile contributes greatly in expanding friends circle. Everyone has a mobile these days, if you want to keep your friends and expand your friendship just use this. Of course overindulgence will give you problems in many ways.


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