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Saravanan Meenatchi

7th November 2011 at

Saravanan Meenatchi-E-32 4th November 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi-E-31 3rd November 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi-E-30 2nd November 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi-E-29 1st November 2011

Saravanan Meenatchi Episode List.

E-17 to 28

Saravanan Meenatchi Latest

Athipookal-980 to 989

Episode-989 31st October 2011 Athipookal

28th October 2011 Athipookal

27th October 2011 Athipookal

25th October 2011 Athipookal

24th October 2011 Athipookal

Episode-980 17th October 2011

Saroja shoots the constable pouring all the bullets from the gun. The mobile phone of the constable then rings.

Saroja asks her men to pick up the mobile and switch on the speaker phone. ACP asks through the phone, if everything is alright and they are in the spot. Saroja hearing this gets alerted and asks her men to run for their life.

Everyboy run and hide themselves and some are caught. Rathinam escapes in the Maruthi van. Saroja hides along side a heap of cardboard boxes.

Ragina enters with the police battalion and sees the constable dead. She shouts out Saroja, the sound shakes Saroja and the cardboard box falls down showing the hide-out of her. Ragina almost nears her when Saroja is able to hide. Ragina not finding her goes down and is about to go out when she hears the footsteps and hides sideways.

Saroja comes down the footsteps and when she is about to go outside, ACP calls her out. Saroja stands there and challenges the ACP to near her. As ACP steps forward Saroja keeps the butt on her own head posing to committ suicide. But as she triggers she finds no bullet in it.

Ragina takes her into her custody for police enquiry.

Nadaswaram-Serial-14-10-11 to 26-10-11

26th October 2011 Nadaswaram

Video Removed

25th October 2011 Nadaswaram

24th October 2011 Nadaswaram

Video Removed

Nadaswaram-Serial-382 15th October 2011

Video Removed

Nadaswaram-Serial-381 14th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi - 5-10-11 to 20-10-11

Sindhu Bhairavi-344 - 20-10-11

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-343 - 19-10-11

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-342 18th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-341 17th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-340 14th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-339 13th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-338 12th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-337 11th October 2011

No Video available

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-336 10th October 2011

Video Removed

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-335 7th October 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-334 6th October 2011

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-333 5th October 2011

Maharani-474 to 478 4-10-11 to 12-10-11

Maharani-Serial-474 to 478 - 4th october to 12th October 2011

Videos removed....

Rani having come to know that Prakash has transferred huge funds to a trust to which Mahalaxmi is the Chairman gets anger and goes to Maha's office and tells her that she will not allow her to enjoy the funds of Devaraj Associates. And as Rani leaves Maha asks Anand why he is standing silently when Rani is talking so much. She tells that something is happening behind her and tells that she will immediately meet Sandhya and ask her what is all about.

Anand could not tell anything and as Maha leaves the place he telephones Vikram.

Maha goes and knocks the door of Sandhya and as Sandhya opens the door asks her whether she is her mother. Sandhya gets anger on her and slaps her. She pulls her inside and tells her that Prakash had sacrificed his own life to protect other people life's. She tells her how on the day of marriage Prakash had hit and slapped Rani when she arranged for the first night. Where Prakash had told Rani that he had married her just to protect other lives and torture her forever.

Sandhya further tells MahaLakshmi that it was Prakash who had arranged Balasubramaniam to give money to her when she started Yamuna Associates. And when Malinga gave her trouble it was Prakash who settled amounts to him. Mahalaxmi listens everything with shock and her heart starts crying for Prakash. She cries and runs away from Sandhya, she recalls when she had slapped him on the road. She recalls when Prakash told her that she is is a fool and does not know what is happening around her.

Prakash is seeing something in his computer when Rani comes from behind him and tells him that someone life is in danger.

Uttaran-721 to 730

Uttaran-723 27th October 2011 Uttaran

Uttaran-722 26th October 2011 Uttaran

Uttaran-721 25th October 2011 Uttaran

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Uttaran- Written Updates.

24th October 2011 Uttaran.

Uttaran - 21-10-11

Tapasya’s abuses are showered like a rain on Ichcha who takes those silently. Rathore tries to calm her telling that Ichcha has done nothing and the child looks very happy. Tapasya becomes more angry and asks him to chose between herself and Ichcha. Ichcha then finally tells sorry to both of them. Rathore tells thanks to her. Ichcha leaves the place.

Khaana is playing with the ball which goes to Gunavanthi’s room. Khaana goes in search of the ball and finds it under a table. He happily takes that when Gunavanthi enters the room. On the table is the jewels box. Khaana seeing Gunavanthi hides his ball behind his back inside his shirt. Gunavanthi thinks that he has taken some jewels and is hiding it behind him. She scolds him, takes him along with her to complain and to reveal his theft item to Ichcha. She does not know that he is hiding his ball.

Nani visits Jogi Thakur’s house. Pushkar hides behind a door and is afraid to show his face to Nani. Rohini talks with her, Nani sends her to get some oil and tells to herself, “this Pushkar should be hiding here somewhere,” and goes in search of him. Pushkar plays hide and seek and does not see Nani coming from behind him. She smacks his back with a thud, he turns back shocked and bends his head to take her blessings. Nani tells him to do something, tells him to lift the child from the house. Pushkar asks her how he could do it. Nani tells him that she feels like killing the child mixing poison in the milk. Pushkar tells her not to do such a thing and then spend her life in Jail. Nani then tells him that she will do something and no one will ever know that she did it.

Tapasya dismisses the servant of her house who had left Yuvaraj alone and Ichcha was able to feed him. Nani comes back and asks her what she will do without the servant. Tapasya tells that she herself will take care of the child. She tells that Ichcha had come and had fed the child her breast milk. Nani gets into fright and thinks whether she has identified her child and knows that it is hers. She gets into thinking of in what condition she is put into. The child goes on crying and Tapasya tries to bottle feed him. It is a known thing that a child which has tasted the milk from the nipple of its mother will never like to drink milk from any other source. It goes on crying. Nani asks the child and tells Tapasya to freshen up. Nani takes the child into her hand she then bottle feeds him and the child goes silent. Omighosh!!!

Uttaran - 20-10-11


Tapasya calls up the servant and tells her to look after the baby. She tells the servant to wash her hands clean and the milk bottle.

Nani asks her where she is going for which she tells she is going for shopping to buy things to Yuvaraj.

Nani asks her only last week they had purchased items for the child why again.

Tapasya tells her that Rathore wants to buy more and she too likes shopping.

Nani get frustrated having felt that Yuvaraj is getting more and more attention and luxury.

On the other end, Ichcha is walking with restless feeling, thinking of the child she is unable to restrain herself being far away from the child and so she goes to Tapasya’s house.

Once again, she finds the child crying and left alone in the cradle no one looking after it.

Ichcha then lifts the baby and her mother hood raises its head and she is unable to control the flow of milk in her breast and thus feeds the child. A great relief for the mother and the child.

As she is feeding the child Rathore comes to the room and seeing her back stands there near the door, he could see in the mirror that she is feeding milk to the child.

Ichcha having finished feeding the child happily with smiles all over her face tries to keep back the child in the cradle when she finds Rathore standing.

Rathore becomes serious with a little anger in his face asks her what she is doing here.

Ichcha hesitates for some time and then tells him that since the child was hungry she breast fed him.

Rathore touches the child and sees him very happy. He tells her that he never saw his child so happy. He then tells Ichcha that he should thank her for this.

By then Tapasya comes there and as she hears Ichcha had breast fed the child she becomes angry and she recalls that the other day too she should have been doing the same thing.

Rathore could not restrain Tapasya abusing Ichcha, Ichcha stands there silently taking all the abuses.

Uttaran - 19-10-11

Veer adopts the two children, he shows the certificate of adoption to Ichcha and Umed Singh.

Tapasya is not having food and drinks until Rathore comes back to house. Rathore consoles her and then she takes food.

Ichcha while lying on the bed feels the unusual attachment that she has developed inside her after taking Tapasya’s adopted son, which is her own son. She feels the Anand mai moments that she had when she breast fed him even now. She thinks whom she will share this feelings.

Nani feels jealousy on the way Yuvaraj is looked after by Rathore and Tapasya, she feels like drawing Tapasya away from the child telling that if she gives birth to a child whom she will love then. Tapasya does not fall to her advices and rebukes her telling that Rathore is happy with the child and how can she ever discuss this kind of thing with him.

Nani is flabber ghasted.

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26th October 2011 Uttaran

25th October 2011 Uttaran

Ichcha is in her room engrossed in her thoughts about the child and Tapasya’s abuses. Veer comes there and asks her what she is thinking. Without waiting for her to answer he tells her that he knows what she is thinking, he tells her that she is thinking about Muktha and Khaana. He tells her that he too always thinks about them. Then Veer tells her that Rathod had called him and was asking about her. Ichcha asks what he told him. Veer tells her that he was telling that they have loving children Muktha and Khaana. Veer then tells her that he is lucky to have Ichcha as his wife and goes out to give toy gun to Khaana. Ichcha thinks if she can only tell her thoughts to Veer.

Veer goes to the lawn and sees Khaana sitting there. Veer tries to make him cheerful. Khaana tells him that Gunavanthi was calling him thief. Veer encourages him and tells him if he grows up and becomes a Police Inspector Gunavanthi will become very happy and would love him. For this he should have a gun telling that he gives him the toy gun. Khaana becomes happy at this and shoots Veer with his toy gun. Veer does antics and then embraces him.

Jogi Thakur is in his car going somewhere when he finds Damini standing in the bus stand. Jogi Thakur asks the driver to stop the car and asks Damini to get in so that he could drop her. Damini gets into the car, Jogi Thakur asks her if she is worried on something. Damini tells him that Veer and Ichcha have decided not to have their own child and adopt Muktha and Khaana. Ichcha is grown up under Jogi Thakur’s advices and culture. She looks others as her own. Jogi Thakur tells her to come to him if she ever needs any help. Damini accepts that and as her house comes she gets down.

Gunavanthi sees Veer standing in the balcony and asks him why he is not talking with her these days. Veer tells her when she cannot understand his feelings what he can talk with her. She cannot understand in what his happiness is. He asks her why she hates Muktha and Khaana for his mistakes. She scolds Khaana for TV, She has called Khaana to be a thief and she knows that by accusing what she has to suffer, she had accused Satya of stealing and she knows for that how they have to suffer. He tells her that she knows what enmity will bring. She had taught him when he was young that if they show enmity they will face enmity. If she harms the child and hurts him how he can be happy and smile with her. If she only does not accept the children who else will. Veer leaves Gunavanthi thinking to herself.

Rathod and Tapasya visit a clinic with the child, the doctor tells them that adopted child usually has to face these problems. She tells them she will give some medicines and asks them to change the milk powder. As they leave Rathod asks Tapasya to be in the car and meets the doctor alone. He asks the doctor whether mothers milk is the best milk. The doctor says, ‘yes.’ He asks the doctor if she can arrange for mother’s milk at any cost. The doctor tells him that it is difficult. Rathod leaves thinking of what he can do and thinks about Ichcha feeding the child.

24th October 2011 Uttaran

Gunavanthi brings along Khaana shouting and searching for Ichcha when she meets Damini. Gunavanthi then tells her that Khaana has stolen something and is hiding it behind him. Damini asks him what he is hiding. Khaana then slowly brings the ball from his behind. Gunavanthi scolds him why he did not tell her that it was ball.

Damini asks Khaana to go and play and tells Gunavanthi that if she talks like this will the children start thinking at this tender age.

Gunavanthi tells her that as long as Ichcha is adamant in not having a baby of her own she too will not accept other children and will behave with them like this.

Rathod thinks about Ichcha and asks himself why she had come and went giving milk. Rathod then calls up Veer and asks his well-being as well as Ichcha's. He tells that he is fine and Ichcha is spending her time with Mukta and Khaana. Rathod speaks out that Veer has lost a boy child and has got a girl child while he lost a girl child and got a boy. He asks about Ichcha once again when Veer gets a call from his office from Madhura, he takes leave from Rathod and attends Madhura's call. Rathod tells the name of Muktha and smiles to himself, he thinks what name he would have kept for his own daughter.

Damini is with Muktha when Ichcha returns back to her house. Damini finds her sad and tells her that for some days she will take Khaana and Muktha to her house. Ichcha tells her mother that she is able to forget her worries only being with these children.

Damini tells her that people become so sad that they fail to think and act. Gunavanthi has become so sad losing her grandson that she has lost her senses. She tells that children only want love, if they are brought up well they grow up well, if something bad is said to them it will stick in their mind, what type of words and actions stick to their mind till end it cannot be said. Damini then tells Ichcha not to lose her will-power and leaves.

Ichcha thinks that she has two children but why often her mind is drawn towards that child.

Rathod hears the crying of the child and lifts the child. He sways the child to and fro and as the child stops crying he puts it in the cradle. He comes out shouting and calls Tapasya, Tapasya comes out with fright and so are other servants of the house. Rathod asks the servants to go and then ask Tapasya why no one is there to look after Yuvaraj.

Nani comes in support of Tapasya and tells him not to get so much angry and Tapasya was warming up milk for the child. Day long she looks after the child. Rathod gets pacified and tells sorry to Tapasya. He asks why the child is crying so much.

Nani tells him that Ichcha had done something to the child.

Tapasya tells him that after Ichcha left the child was not drinking milk neither by feeding bottle nor by spoon. Rathod suggests that they take him to doctor and they go to take him to doctor.

Nani thinks Rathod is loving this child so much whether this love in future will land Tapasya's life in trouble.

25th October 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi

24th October 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi

Manvasanai-6-10-11 to 20-10-11

Manvasanai -20-10-11

Video Removed

Manvasanai -19-10-11

Video Removed

Manvasanai-Serial - 18th October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 17th October 2011

Video Removed

Manvasanai-Serial - 14th October 2011

Video Removed

Manvasanai-Serial - 13th October 2011


Manvasanai-Serial - 12th October 2011


Manvasanai-Serial - 11th October 2011

Video Removed

Manvasanai-Serial - 10th October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 7th October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 6th October 2011

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26th October 2011 Uttaran

Athipookal-978 to 979

Episode-979 14th October 2011

Videos removed.

ACP Ragini asks one of the constable to keep trail of the movements of the shoe-polisher. He informs her that the shoe-polisher has sent some message through a slip of paper keeping right inside the shoe which he had polished.

ACP tells him to follow that fellow. The constable runs behind him when he sees him catching an Auto. The constable too catches a auto and follows him. Sitting inside the auto he informs the ACP that he is going following the man on Tirutanni Road.

ACP then calls her team and gets ready to follow the constable. On the way Saroja informer passes on the message that he received to another man who is standing beside his bike by the side of the road. The bike man then starts to move and the constable asks his automan to follow the bike now.

The fellow on the bike takes a left turn and moves on a muddy road and then to a secluded bungalow.

The constable leaves his auto that he came by and goes in search of the bike man and finds him entering a secluded bungalow. He immediately informs the exact location to ACP Ragini who receives the message.

The constable being not alert gets himself watched and caught. He is brought before Saroja. Saroja asks her man to remove gun from him and with his own gun she shoots him thrice. The policeman falls to the ground.

By this time ACP Ragini comes there with the police battalion and takes positions.

Episode-978 13th October 2011

Part-3 video removed.

Nadaswaram-Serial-376 to 380

Nadaswaram-Serial-380 13th October 2011

Video Removed

Nadaswaram-Serial-379 12th October 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-378 11th October 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-377 10th October 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-376 7th October 2011

Uttaran-714 Written Update 14th October 2011

Tapasya is talking with the invitees and is telling them Yuvaraj has become a very pet boy to Rathore. Nani comes there and tells her that Ichcha has come. Tapasya sees Ichcha being embraced by her father and wiping of her tears .

Ichcha then comes over to see the baby, Tapasya is glad to see her and smilingly invites her asks about her well-being and tells that she can understand what is running inside her, she too had lost her child. Tapasya then tells that the child has been kept the name of Yuvaraj. Then she is about to give the child to Ichcha when someone calls her and she takes back the child. Ichcha’s protruding hand to take the child remains like that. Nani feels happy that Ichcha could not touch her child.

Veer is watching from far and tells himself that Nani has brought Ichcha to feel the loss of her child more intensively. Veer goes to comfort her when Nani comes in between and starts telling him that she felt sorry for Ichcha having lost the child and that nobody can win over the fate.

Gunavanthi is questioning Khaana what he had done, Chanda tells her to leave him, Gunavanthi asks her to shut her mouth and again questions how he fell that TV set to ground. Khaana tells her that he was playing with ball and then this happened. Gunavanthi asks why he could not play down in the garden. Then she slaps him and leaves him crying closing his face. Chanda is seen upset seeing this and sad.

Tapasya is holding the child and Ichcha is longing to have the child in her hand. Rathore comes there and feels sorry for the loss that Ichcha had. Tapasya looks like giving the child to Ichcha and then takes away, again the extended hand of Ichcha just remains there, this time Rathore just observes her extended hand and gets to know that Ichcha is longing to have the child in her hand. So Rathore asks her to follow Tapasya.

Damini comes to Veer’s house and finds no one in the house when Chanda comes there and informs that Ichcha had gone to name bearing ceremony of Tapasya’s son.

At Rathore house the child is not stopping his cry and Daima takes him to their room and puts him in the cot. Daima feels that the child needs milk and just then Nani passes by. Daima calls Nani and asks her to look after the child when she will bring milk for him.

Nani is left alone with the child and she starts abusing the child telling him that Ichcha had been controlling Jogi Thakur’s house and here he is taking control.

Daima comes with the milk bottle and as she is about to give him she puts the milk bottle down which breaks.

Nani feels that she can no more stand there so she tells Daima that she can’t bear his crying so she will bring in Tapasya.

The child goes on crying, Daima leaves the child in the cot and goes to bring in the milk.

Ichcha comes searching for Tapasya and sees the baby alone crying in the cot.

At Veer’s house Damini goes in search for Khaana and finds him crying under the cot. She goes near him and asks him what had happened, why he is crying?

Khaana tells her that the grandmother had beat him, he tells that when the baby was to come everybody showed loved to him but when the baby did not come they started showing anger on him. He asks why the baby did not come. Damini says that the God had decided to send him late since Mukta and Khaana are already there. She gives him sweet and embraces him emotionally.

Ichcha is left now alone in the room and she takes her child into her hand. The motherly touch brings in the nature flow of breast milk. The cry of the baby makes her to give the child her milk. She feels the finale satisfaction that had so long eluded her after the child of her was told to her was dead. At last the mother and child got linked. But their link is about to be delinked when Tapasya comes there searching.

Tapasya is then coming in search of Daima and the child. She enters her room finds Ichcha giving milk to her child.

Athipookal-974 to 977 6-10-11 to 12-10-11

Episode-977 12th October 2011

Video Removed

Episode-976 11th October 2011

Video part removed

Episode-975 10th October 2011

Video Part-3 removed

Karpagam drops Deiva Sagayam in his house and finds that ACP Ragini is his daughter-in-law. ACP too comes back from her duty and informs her that Manohar has been left on bail and she can go to the Jail and release him fulfilling all the formalities. ACP also tells her that they are nearing the hide-out of Saroja. ACP then tells her that she has one more good new which she will tell later.

Maha comes to padma's house and tells her that Padma Marbles is going to become a public Limited company. Maha then questions her why she returned some of the goods telling that it is of low quality. Because of that she may not even be able to pay this months salary.

Padma tells her that she can't buy low quality goods and asks her to mind her business.

Episode-974 6th October 2011

The Mustache constable comes back and tells the ACP that Saroja had taken him to her hide-out blind-folded and hence he could not know the route for her place. He further tells her that she is hiding in a old-building surrounded by rowdies. He hands over the cash that he received from Saroja. The ACP gives the money to Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to note down the numbers.

Bhanu who gets bonus from Padma Marbles decides to donate the amount to the Orphanage and tells this to Karpagam. Karpagam appreciates her and tells her that she too will accompany her. Karpagam and Bhanu go to the Orphanage and hand over him 25,000/- as donation.

As they are there a lady comes running and tells them that Deiva Sagayam has fainted. They go to see him and after sprinkling water he gets up. Father introduces Karpagam and Bhanu to him. Further father tells him to go to the house leaving his two-wheeler back. Karpagam tells to the father that she will take Deiva Sagayam in her car and will drop him.

Uttaran-711-to-720 Written- Updates

Short Written Updates on the above links...Click on the link for detailed updates

Uttaran-711 11th October 2011

Gunavanthi takes Muktha to Damini's house and asks her to keep it, but Damini returns back the child to Ichcha and Veer.

Gunavanthi, Dadaji and Umed Singh discuss about how to tell Veer and Ichcha to have their own child.

Rathore and Tapasya talk about celebrating Name bearing ceremony of their child and they go to invite Veer and Ichcha.


Uttaran-712 12th October 2011

Rathore and Tapasya invite Bundela's family to their son's name bearing ceremony. Rathore for the first time comes to know that Veer has lost his child and feels sorry for that. He feels that he should not have come to invite them.

Ichcha tells Veer to attend the function and he accepts to go for the function.


Uttaran-713 13th October 2011

The name bearing ceremony of Ichcha's child is conducted at Rathore's house, Veer and Ichcha attend the function. Rathore keeps his son's name has Yuvaraj.

Khaana breaks TV and is scolded by Gunavanthi.


Uttaran-714 14th October 2011

Ichcha feels for her child and gets an opportunity to be alone with her child and her motherly feelings gives boost to breast feed her child.

Khaana is slapped by Gunavanthi and Damini gets to know this.


Uttaran-713 Written Update 13th October 2011

Uttaran-713 Written Update 13th October 2011

Name bearing ceremony of Ichcha's child is conducted by Rathore and Tapasya. People start coming in. Jogi Thakur and Divya come in and are greeted by Nani and Tapasya. Then enter Veer and Umed Singh, Rathore and Tapasya greet them, Tapasya sees with expectation if Ichcha had come.

Veer calls up Jogi Thakur who is having Ichcha’s child in his hand. Jogi Thakur comes over to him and embraces Veer… seen by Divya and Nani in an anger way but Tapasya in an happy way. Jogi Thakur feels sorry for his lost child. Veer tells him that Ichcha had a message for him, that those who dare never fail. Umed Singh tells him that this is an happy occasion and we should forgot sad things.

Veer comes near Rathore and Tapasya who are having his child and takes it in his hand while Nani looks on. Umed Singh tells Jogi Thakur that Veer is fond of child very much. Nani teases him saying who can stop the fate otherwise he would have his own child in his hand. Rathore looks towards Tapasya angrily. Nani feels that if Ichcha had come a balance would have been made she would be seeing her own child from far. Somehow one part has been accomplished. Veer who had insulted Tapasya cannot tell his child as his.

Divya asks if Ichcha had not come. Umed tells that she is not well to come. Rathore smiles on. Nani feels that Ichcha should have come today. Veer gives back his child to Rathore who takes it happily.

Ichcha is with Mukta in the garden when Chanda brings milk for the child.
Nani comes over to Ichcha’s house and as she enters the compound hears Chanda telling Ichcha that Tapasya should have thought before inviting her. Nani comes near her and tells her “put fire put as much as you can, you are fond of doing this, my Tapasya happiness is not liked by many. (Towards Ichcha) You had come to the house when Tapasya had lost her child carrying this child found in the street, what happened now?”

Ichcha: Nani Tapasya happiness is mine and I need nothing more.

Nani: Good, if you are so happy then why you did not come. If you are loving Jogi Thakur’s family why you did not come. You regard Tapasya as your sister then why you did not come over to see Tapasya’s happy moments forgetting your sorrows. I know very well that from the start you are jealousy towards Tapasya being happy. That day you had come just to laugh at Tapasya because at that time you were carrying but God has balanced the act.

Ichcha: Nani please believe me that I had gone there to share Tapasya’s sorrow.

Nani: Good then to share happiness, if you are so pure at your heart then come with me I have come to take you there. Come and congratulate Tapasya and her son at his naming ceremony.

Veer is looking the children caressing their head when Rathore come there and asks sorry to him for having come on that day to invite them. Veer tells him that Rathore had not done any fault but he had in not informing to anyone. Rathore tells that he knows the feeling of losing a child he had spent days in that conditions.

Back at Ichcha house….

Ichcha: Please forgive me I can’t come.

Chanda: Forgive me Nani, but you can’t come to our house and talk like this to our daughter-in-law. Just because no one is there in the house you can’t talk whatever you want to. If Mai was there you would have dared not to speak like this.

Nani: Stop talking telling I don’t have guts to speak, I know your Mai very well now you go on seeing what your Mai will do to Ichcha. I want to tell you this Ichcha, that person who had done so much to you life long , who loved you so much now he has joined the happy moments of her daughter. But his eyes shows he is worried about your sorrow. If not for Tappu you could have come for the sake of that person. If you had been the true daughter of Jogi Thakur will not you have come.

Nani feels that she had touched her heart.

Rathore ties knot to the child when Veer helps him in it. The poojari tells that as per the stars his name should start from ‘Y’ and name can be kept to him starting from ‘Y’. Rathore and Tapasya talk with one another, Rathore tells that he is the prince of this house and keeps his name has Yuvaraj Raghuvender Rathore.

Nani and Ichcha come in, Veer and Umed sees her coming.

Dadaji asks where is Kaka. Gunavanthi tells that he has gone to bring Khaana from school then he will have to take care of him on other things only later he will do household works. And Chanda could be taking care of Muktha. They have made the house orphanage center. Ichcha has herself gone to attend Tapasya naming ceremony, not even a month has gone by losing her child she has gone there. She did not even think of the society. As Chanda comes there Gunavanthi asks her if she is there to do Aaya work to the children. At this time a heavy sound is heard upstairs and everyone run there to see what had happened. They find Khaana standing near the TV which has fallen down and broken. Daddaji asks Kaka to find out if he is not hurt. Kaka checks him and finds that he is alright. Gunavanthi comes near him and shakes him and questions him how he broke the TV. Chanda looks on worriedly.

Veer looks on Ichcha and asks her how she is here. Ichcha tells that Nani had come to bring her and she had come because of Jogi Thakur, if I do not come maybe he may feel bad. He was in my side on all my sorrows Veer you don’t worry. Ichcha goes and meets Jogi Thakur who is happy seeing her and embraces her, while Divya looks on with jealousy.

Uttaran-712 Written Update 12th October 2011

Uttaran-712 Written Update 12th October 2011

Veer comes down the steps when he hears Rathore saying, "seems I have come in the wrong time."

Veer: There is nothing of that sort Mr.Rathore, please come in, be seated.

Rathore: come

Tapasya: Chanda bibi make some tea for them.

Rathore: We are in urgent, probably you are all not happy in my coming here.

Veer: Nothing like that. You were telling something.

Rathore: (smiles lightly) I have come here to invite to the naming ceremony of my child. (Tapasya smiles lightly keeping her mukata on her head as a sign of respect to elders).

Daddaji is seen seated with a angry look.

Gunavanthi: Oh! then you got back your child.

Chanda Bibi: That's why they are celebrating this function.

Rathore: No not, I have adopted my son.

Veer: Congratulations, it is a very good decision.

Rathore: Thank you, call your wife too. She would have delivered, how is she with the baby? (Tapasya catches hold of Rathore's hand to stop him asking this, Rathore looks towards her).

Veer: Our child died as it was born.

Rathore: I am sorry, I am extremely sorry, I did not know it. Now we have to go, please give us permission. (Rathore stands up).

Everybody else stand up.

Rathore: In these circumstances I should not have come, that too with an invitation. I can understand your sorrow; I know what is the grief you are in now. Tell to Ichcha that in these times we are with them. I can understand it is a very difficult period for all of you. If you all can come, we would be very glad.

Veer: we will try our best.

Rathore: I understand.

Rathore and Tapasya folds their both hands as a sign of Namaste and others too do the same except Dadaji and Veer.

Ichcha is thinking of what Mai had been telling her when she was carrying Mukta, "what type of women she is, she has no feeling of having lost her child, and is moving with some other child."

Tapasya is running on the main road behind Rathore. Their car coming behind them slowly driven by their driver.

Tapasya: I am sorry Mr.Rathore, I completely forgot, I was happy in having a child and was engrossed in preparations and forget to tell, I am asking sorry to you.

Rathore: Can't you imagine what is the feeling of loosing a child, how were we feeling when we were sitting in our house thinking our lost child. And this is even worst the child has passed away.

Tapasya: I am sorry, I catch my ears and ask sorry to you Raghuvender.

Rathore: What did you say?

Rathore is happy on Tapasya calling him Raghuvender and gets into a happy mood and he catches of her in his arms in a way like kissing her. Tapasya smilingly struggles in his hold.

Gunavanthi and Chanda Bibi are in the kitchen, Chanda asks her, Ichcha was such a good lady but she lost her child but Tapasya is such a bad women but they are having a son and are celebrating. Gunavanthi tells her that it is not their own child.

Chanda: What do you think what Ichcha will go to the name keeping ceremony.

Gunavanthi: Why are you asking me go and ask Ichcha. Even now in this house her voice goes here who is listening to me.

Rathore is asking his men to rush up with the preparations. Nani hearing and seeing his energetic activity gets jealousy. And she too has to participate in this function.

Divya and Rohini are getting ready to go to Tappu’s house. Pushkar who comes there tells that he has fever and tries to stay away fearing Nani.

Divya tells Rohini to leave him if he is not coming, Rohini thinks if he is not coming he is in some tricks and thinks that she too will not go.

Tapasya is calling up everyone for the function. She remembers Veer’s family and calls up. Veer picks up the mobile. Tapasya asks sorry for coming on that day. Tells that she can understand what is to lose a child.

Veer tells her how could she behave like this knowing fully well she has come to invite them.

Tapasya shows anger to him and tells that she just wanted to know if he is coming with the family.

Veer tells that he is not coming and to tell this to Rathore.

Tapasya asks him to inform this to Ichcha.

Veer sits beside Ichcha and tells her about Tapasya and Rathore’s visit and their adopting a child and about the name keeping ceremony. He also tells about the call he received from Tapasya. He tells that he knows that she wanted to make Ichcha feel for the lost child and so she had invited her to insult her. Ichcha accepts that fact and tells that she will not go but asks him to go to the function.

Veer tells her that he even knows this that he should go to the function but what he can tell to Jogi Thakur when he sees him.

Ichcha tells him to go and tell him that Ichcha has not forgotten his words, that, “those who are brave will never get defeated.”

Veer: I am proud of you Ichcha, I will go tomorrow there.

Uttaran-711 Written Update 11th October 2011

Uttaran-711 Written Update 11th October 2011

Nani comes in search of Tapasya to her room and finding Ichcha's child there thinks if she could throw him away into some dirty slum.

Tapasya and Rathore then come by, Rathore takes the baby smiling and tells that let the preparations be made for name keeping ceremony of the child. He had got the date from the Pandit for the celebrations. Rathore asks if Nani is not happy on this. He asks the child what name you will have. You should have some weighted name. He gives the baby to Tapasya and tells her to take care of it.

Tapasya comes near Nani and asks her what for she is worried? Nani tells her that Ichcha gave birth to a baby and it died as it got its birth. Tapasya feels sorry for that.

Khaana brings his drawings and shows it to Ichcha and goes to show it to the baby in the cradle but he finds no baby in the cradle. Ichcha comes running by and gets shocked not finding the child there. She runs calling out for Kaka.

Gunavanthi brings Muktha to Damini's house and gives it to her, she tells her that Ichcha and Veer have decided not to have their own child for the sake of this child who is found on the street. I am living this child here.

Gunavanthi tells her that she has brought the child without telling Ichcha and tries to go out.

Damini stops her, and tells her not to separate both of them. Damini tells that Mukta has been adopted as daughter by Ichcha and it has all its rights to be with her. She is proud of Ichcha and Veer who have adopted some others child. They have lost a child already and they will not be able to bear losing another one.

Tapasya and Rathore are travelling in the car discussing the name keeping ceremony of Junior Rathore. Tapasya tells that if he does not invite Bundela's family then her dad will be sad he has not differentiated between her and Ichcha.

Rathore accepts and tells that they will invite them.

Ichcha is with tension to know where the child is when Veer comes by and she complains about the missing child to him. Then Damaini comes by bringing the child and tells that she had taken the child for roaming. Ichcha asks she should have told. Damini asks sorry for that. Damini then takes leave. Gunavanthi is seeing all this and gets relieved that her name is not taken.

Dadaji, Umed singh and Gunavanthi discuss about what to do. They discuss about why they should not have their own child. Umed Singh tells that they have to think on this before asking them.

Chanda tells about the commotion that was created in the house when Damini took the child and went out without informing anyone.

Gunavanthi cooly just tells, just like daughter her mother is, hiding the fact that she herself was the one who had taken the child to Damini.

Umed Singh tells Gunavanthi that Muktha is the strength for Ichcha to live. Gunavanthi tells that she can understand that Mukta is the strength for Ichcha to live but that child cannot become the heir of Bundela's family, it does not have the blood of Bundela's family, if they want to do social service let them do she has not objected for this, but Ichcha should understand about blood relationships, she does not know even this. Just then Rathore and Tapasysa enter and Gunvanthi continues... Ichcha has destroyed their life.

Rathore and Tapasya look each other. Chanda sees them and calls Tapasya. Everybody look towards the door, Tapasya tells Namashkar to them.

Uttaran-710 Written Update 10th October 2011

Uttaran-710 Written Update 10th October 2011

Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that they have decided to adopt Mukta and Khaana their children and they are not going to have their own children.

Gunavanthi tries to convince Ichcha telling her that she can very well look after Khaana and Mukta but she should bear her own child as the heir of Bundela's family.

Veer comes there and tells Gunavanthi that it is his decision to not give birth to their own children.

Jogi Thakur and Divya visit Rathore's house to see the newly adopted son of theirs.

Tapasya becomes happy seeing them, Rathore gives the child in his hands and Jogi Thakur plays with it happily. Tapasya asks him if he is happy. Jogi tells yes and thinks to himself, God is strange when he gives happiness to Tapasya he gives sad to Ichcha and sad to Tapasya happiness to Ichcha.

At Veer's house....

Gunavanthi tells Veer that they can give any much of love to Mukta and Khaana but she wants a heir to her family.

Veer tries to convince her more with his social consciousness words but Gunavanthi does not get convinced.

Veer now tries to convince Gunavanthi telling that if she can embrace Mukta she can feel the love towards the child. Gunavanthi tells him that she can't.

Gunavanthi tells to Ichcha, "the fate has plucked away a heir and a child to her, but she has killed the expectations to have one."

Gunavanthi makes Ichcha to work herself for the sake of Mukta and tells Chanda not to help her.

Jogi thanks Rathore and Daija for having a child and blesses them gives them advices. He tells that it will be a test in his life bringing up the child. Rathore tells him that this is his first son and he will not forgot that.

Nani feels that this Child has more luck than Ichcha now being called has Junior Rathore.

At Veer's house...

Ichcha still fees that God had punished her because she had gone to give Mukta to Tapasya. Veer consoles her not to worry like this since she has to look after the children.

Veer tells that he is not going to office today and will be with her, but Ichcha tells him to go to office but to come home early, he and Mukta will be awaiting him. Veer tells her he will go to office on one condition that she should not be sad like this and take everything positive.

Thendral -27-9-11 to 3-10-11

Thendral-3rd October 2011

Thendral - Serial - 30th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 29th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 28th September 2011

Thendral - Serial - 27th September 2011

Nadaswaram-371 to 375 29-9-11 to 5-10-11

Nadaswaram-Serial-375 5th October 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-374 4th October 2011

Gopi marries Malar in the temple while his engagement with Vanitha is taking place in Nelliandavar's house. Gopi feels that there are no elders to bless them. Malar tells him that her marriage took place with everyones blessing but it did not go off well.

Nadaswaram-Serial-373 3rd October 2011

Gopi goes back to his room to bring back his mobile accidentally enters the room where Malar has occupied. He is stunned seeing Malar there, Malar is overjoyed seeing him, she runs and embraces him. They talk about their love openly. Malar tells Gopi that if he marries any other person she would die. Gopi tells her why they should die but instead they will marry and face the situations.

Gopi tries to inform this to Vanitha when Rohini and the Tailor boy stop him and tell him that first marriage should take place and then they shall inform others.

Gopi and Malar go to shopping and do purchases. They purchase garland and yellow thread for tying and marrying.

Meanwhile engagement function is going on well at Nelli Andavar's house where Gopi's name is read with Vanitha.

Nadaswaram-Serial-372 30th September 2011

Nadaswaram-Serial-371 29th September 2011

Manvasanai Serial-16-9-11 to 5-10-11

Manvasanai-Serial - 5th October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 4th October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 3rd October 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 30th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 29th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 28th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 27th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 26th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 23rd September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 22nd September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 21st September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 20th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 19th September 2011

Manvasanai-Serial - 16th September 2011

Uttaran-709 Written Update 7th October 2011

Uttaran-709 Written Update 7th October 2011

Veer asks Ichcha if she is worried hearing Gunavanthi’s comments. He justifies her words telling that she speaks so because she has lost her grandson and they themselves their son. He tells he understands that telling is easy but if we sit worrying about this how their life is going to be. He comforts her keeping his hand on hers.

He tells that she should worry about Muktha and Khaana concentrate on them they are in need of them. Khaana’s care and look after will be until his becoming major then he will stand on his own leg and do whatever he can do in this world. But Mukta is a girl, she has no one without us, we have to be her guardian life long, we have to support these two children.

Ichcha tells him, that she has full faith in him but…!

But Mai, is not it?! Ichcha Mai is a old custom natured lady. You don’t worry about Mai. Put this child on your shoulders then you will see and have the feeling as if you have your own child. There is nothing like ours and others.

How can we tell in confident that other child will stay with us. Do you know Veer when I went to Tapasya’s house I did not tell her to take the coming child the child I am going to give birth. But I felt like to give her Mukta. And probably now God has punished because of this. I have thought something Veer, about us, about our family.

Tell Ichcha.

Veer I was thinking that we shall not go for our child anymore. Veer now Khaana and Mukta are our children. This is our family, I have regarded this children as my children. I was not able to tell this, which was ringing in my heart. When I first embraced Mukta on my chest then my motherly feeling got awaked. I don’t know Veer when I became mother. Then Khaana came into my life he made me his aunt. And there developed a relationship of a mother and son between us. These poor children do not know who is theirs and who are strangers to them. And for a mother every children are one and the same Veer. Veer do you think this is right.

Veer tells her, that he is with her in this decision of hers. From today Mukta, Khaana, yourself and myself are the family.

As Nani enters the hall at Rathore’s house she finds Tapasya playing with Ichcha’s son. She tells to herself that she had thought that this child will grow in some dirty atmosphere but he has become the princess of this house. Here he is enjoying costly oil, powder, scents, Pushkar was telling right that Ichcha’s son is also a lucky fellow like her and Tapasya daughter…? How she will be, where she will be!!!

Nani goes on thinking, I can’t even tell that this is Ichcha’s child, somehow I have to keep the child far from Tapasya. Nani tells Tapasya why she is doing this, the servants are there to see the child, Daija is there.

Tapasya tells ‘No’ Rathore wants his Junior Rathore to be taken care of by ourselves, he does not want to give it to someone’s hand, some servants hand. I did not do anything to my child I will do everything for this child. Happily Tapasya goes on playing and making love with the child. Suddenly the child pisses off. Tapasya tells, hurray, hurray, every five minutes you piss, naughty. And now started crying.

Nani goes off ground, she tells to herself ‘oh God, what I am seeing, Tapasya is cleaning the pissing of Ichcha’s child. What is this?’ Ram Hi Rakhee!

Nani will you do one work, please change the diaper of the child I will bring some clothes. Tapasya gives the child to Nani and moves off. Nani just keeps the child in her hand.

Tapasya comes back and sees the diaper not changed and does it herself.

Tapasya tells her that for two hours she was with him and has become tired and Rathore tells her every then and then to change and wear a new dress to the child.

Nani tells to herself, what a fate I am in, to whom I had life long hated, I have to love her child. Ichcha who had grown in slum went on to live in Jogi Thakur’s house along with Tapasya she went to school. If luck is there whatever you do nothing will happen. Hey, you are a very lucky boy yaar.

Ichcha is standing and weeping when Gunavanthi comes there and consoles her. She tells that she can understand her feelings, she is a mother. For a mother to carry a child for 9 months and lose it like this is unbearable. They both embrace each other. Gunavanthi then tells that God is great and He will give her once again the chance to give birth to a child. You can give heir to this family.

Ichcha tells Gunavanthi that she wants to tell her something she should not take it wrong. She can’t fulfill her wish.

Gunavanthi asks her, why if doctor had told her something.

Ichcha shakes her head and tells, no Mai, doctor did not tell anything, this is my decision and Veer’s decision. We will not go to give birth to our own children anymore.

Gunavanthi opens her mouth in shock.

Athipookal-972-973 4-10-11 - 5-10-11

Episode-973 5th October 2011

The Mustache constable goes and meets Saroja and Saroja asks him the whereabouts of Gangamma. They ask him what type of enquiry is being made. The constable tells Saroja that he does not know the place where the ACP has hidden Gangamma.

Saroja gives some money and sends him off.

Episode-972 4th October 2011

Karpagam stops shekar accusing Padma she tells that Padam is a very good lady. The child is Padma's and hence when she slapped me she did a right thing. Shekar asks her then why she became very tension when he told that Padma beat the child Shiva. Finally he tells her Padma is never going to understand her and leaves.

Saroja is in high tension and tells her associates that she has to change this place. Maybe Gangamma will tell the ACP route to this hide-out. Rathnam interferes and tells her that Gangamma was brought here with her eyes blindfolded hence she will not be able to reveal the route of this place. Saroja tells him that she want to know where Gangamma is hidden and what she has told the ACP Ragini. Rathinam tells her to telephone to the PC. Saroja reminds him that they have decided not to have any contacts through phone. Then they decide to bring in the PC to there hide-out. Two people set out to bring in the PC.

Inspector Sudhakar gives a cover to the Mustache police constable and asks him to hand over the cover to the commissioner. He tells him that there is an important matter inside the cover. The PC takes his bicycle and as he goes he is followed by another PC in his motorcycle. The mustache PC is stopped by Saroja's men and asks him to accompany them since Saroja wants to see him. The constable who followed him secretly hides behind a car and listens what they are talking.

The mustache PC tells them that he cannot accompany them and that he has an important work to do. He has to handover a cover to the commissioner. He tells them if they want to they should wait for him and after giving the cover he will return and accompany them. Saroja men then allow him to go.

Another PC who was watching this informs ACP that Saroja's men had way laid the contable and had asked him to accompany them, but he has told them that he would accompany them on his return from commissioner's office. ACP tells him to follow him if he goes with them and find out their hide-out. ACP calls up Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to come to her office.

Right at that the Mustache PC comes to the office of ACP and tells her that Saroja men had waylaid him and are asking him to accompany them. If the gang men are caught they would tell her hide-outs.

ACP appreciates him for his duty consciousness. Inspector Sudhakar comes to the ACP's office and finding the PC there asks him what he is doing there instead of going to commissioner's office. ACP tells him that he has reformed and has come to tell that Saroja's men are asking him to accompany him.

ACP then tells the PC that he had been watched and followed and his phone had been tapped and now he has come out truthful. ACP tells them if the gang men are arrested Saroja will get alerted so a way as to be planned to catch her.

Uttaran-708 Written Update 6th October 2011

Uttaran-708 Written Update 6th October 2011

Gunavanthi insists that the two children now should not live in this house her blood boils hot inside seeing them. Veer accepts what Mai tells him and tells that it will be done as she wishes, these two children will not live in this house hereafter.

Umed Singh interferes and tells that he should not give reply anger with anger.

Veer tells since Mai is having such difficulty in seeing these children then this children will not live here, they will now live where he and Ichcha live. They four will leave the house now.

Gunavanthi turns around questionably hearing this. Veer tells that they two will leave the house. The fate has not written for him to live in this house. First he lost his son, now he is leaving this house, and then it may be something else. He tells Ichcha to come along with him.

Daddaji orders Veer to stop and stay where he is. He tells, “that which happens will not return. Life has taught me only this Ichcha. Veer and their children will live here only in this house only.”

Gunavanthi tells that once again she bows her head on his adamant behavior, but one day he will know that other blood is other blood and our blood will be our blood.

Umed Singh consoles Veer and Ichcha that everything will get all right. He tells Veer to take care of Ichcha, she needs extra care.

Jogi Thakur visits Damini’s house and enquires about Ichcha, he tells that he has no strength in him to meet Ichcha. If God did not want to give her the child why should he give and then give these sufferings. Damini tells him that whatever happens they have to bear. Maybe seeing Khaana and Mukta Ichcha may feel relaxed, Veer too is supportive to her. Jogi Thakur tells God’s action is strange he gave her two other children.

Pushkar is in a hurry to go to railway station and is asking every auto driver to take him to railway station, by then Nani comes there searching him, she sees and takes a stick lying on the ground and throws hard on him. The stick hits Pushkar, he turns around and finds Nani. Nani comes near him, and asks him where he is going.

Nani slaps Pushkar in the public and tells him not to utter a word. Can’t do a single job proper, went and landed Ichcha’s child into the lap of Tapasya. He catches his ear. All happened because of you. Ichcha son will now live like a Prince.

Pushkar tells he could not do anything, the child his having such luck like his mother. He had almost found a place to dispose of the child when from somewhere Rathore and Tapasya came there.

Nani asks him to keep quiet, if she had not given the child to him she would not have to see this. She now has to live in that house where Ichcha’s son is growing. She asks him to bring taxi. Pushkar asks sorry.

Divya is calling Tapasya and is not getting the line when Rohini tells that Pushkar has run away with a girl. Divya tells her not to see TV too much. Divya receives the call from Tapasya and tells her that she and Rathore had been to shopping. Tapasya is sitting with the child in her hand. Tapasya asks about Jogi Thakur. Tapasya then tells that she had done shopping for the child whole day. Divya gets surprised hearing about a child. Tapasya then tells that they have adopted a child. Divya asks how this happened so fast. She could be cured of her defect. Tapasya tells she wanted to take her blessing, she will tell later about all, the child starts crying and she cuts the phone.

Jogi Thakur returns and Divya asks Rohini to bring tea for him. Jogi Thakur tells her that he had no strength to meet Ichcha. Divya tells him that she too has no strength. Jogi Thakur feels sad for Damini and tells what could be running in the mind of Ichcha. Divya tells him that such a thing should not have happened to a lady. On the other hand Tapasya was so happy that she has adopted a child. Jogi Thakur is surprised hearing this, only yesterday it was not there, adopting a child is not so easy. Divya tells that Rathore is a well intellect person whatever he is doing he would be doing knowing its consequences.

Ichcha is in a sad mood and Veer enters her room sees her and thinks of the past of how he had spent the time with her feeding juice and apple. He sits beside her and Ichcha wipes her face. Veer comforts her touching her hand.

Uttaran-701 to 710 Written Updates - 2011


Short Written Updates on the above links...Click on the link for detailed updates

Uttaran-701 27th September 2011

The nurse comes running and tells that the child has failed breathing. Doctor checksup and then informs that the child is dead. The nurse then gives the child to Nani who takes it and gives money as bribe to the nurse.

Tapasya tries to keep happy Rathore.


Uttaran-702 28th September 2011

Nani is caught taking the ichcha's child out of the hospital she bribes him and escapes. Tapasya makes varieties of dishes to make Rathore happy. Rathore tries to make Tapasya happy and so they both try to keep each other happy when inside they both lead a sad life.

Gunavanti does not believe that the child could be dead but her cries for re-check-up ends on deaf ears.

Nani takes the child to dispose off and in that act she takes the help of Pushkar. She gives the child to him telling him to dispose off in such a way that it never gets food.

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Uttaran-703 29th September 2011

Damini is pleading with God why He is giving so much sufferings to Ichcha.

Pushkar goes to dispose off Ichcha's child in a dustbin, he hides seeing some passersby.

Both Damini and Veer console each other and are worried about Ichcha.

Pushkar keeps the child under a tree and as he goes he sees Dadaji's car, he also sees Chanda and Kaka, so he tries to sneak out from there when from behind Dadaji comes towards him and gives him a gold chain as a present to the child and goes of without seeing Pushkar's frightened face.

Read more....

Uttaran-704 30th September 2011

Pushkar is still trying to dispose off the child when he finds a police van and so runs away from that place. Rathore and Tapasya are in their car happily spending their night. Jogi calls up and Rathore assures him that he will take care of Tapasya.

Ichcha is sad on the loss of her child and she bursts out crying when Veer takes her on his shoulders.


Uttaran-705 3rd October 2011

Pushkar still is moving around a good place to dispose of the child and comes to the place where once Tapasya had left her child. Has fate have it Tapasya is seen there right now telling Rathore that it is this place that she had left her child.

Pushkar seeing a cradle comes to keep the child there and finds Tapasya talking with Rathore and tries to run off when the child for the first time cries. Rathore calls him up to stop and both Tapasya and Rathore run and find Pushkar with the child. They ask whose child it is, but Pushkar tells that he found this on the road, somebody had left it.

Rathore gets fond of the child and tells that Daija's words has come true. He tells a child is a child and they get love on it when we see it with love.

Pushkar comes back to his house and tells that he has finished disposing off Ichcha's child.

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Uttaran-706 4th October 2011

Jogi Thakur is about to visit the hospital to see Ichcha's child and calls up Damini and gets to know that the child is dead. He becomes sad when Nani and Pushkar look on.

Rathore and Tapasya are happy with the child and Rathore feeds milk to the child.

Rathore shows a list of things that they should have for the child. He tells her that he has prepared the list after seeing 16 websites. He reads out the things a baby needs...

Mattress beds, water proof enamel, crip sheets, blankets, diapers, baby wipe, changing beds, diaper bag, diaper icecream, baby clothes, bath tub, baby lotion, baby oil, baby comb, nail clippers, baby towel, baby laundry detergent, milk bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, bottle warmer, versifiers, bicycle. Tapasya snatches the list from his hand with small shock, when she hears him reading bicycle, she hits him on his head, fool, 'your Junior Rathore is so small it cannot ride a bicycle.

Read more...Uttaran-706 4th October 2011

Uttaran-707 5th October 2011

Nani comes to know that Ichcha's child is now in the hands of Rathore and Tapasya and they have become very fond of the child.

At Veer's house Gunavanthi is very angry on Khaana and Mukhta she tells Veer to chase them out of the house. She tells it is because of them that Ichcha's child died.


Uttaran-708 6th October 2011

Pushkar tries to escape from Nani catching a train but catches with him up, slaps him and stops him going.

Gunavanthi insists on the children going out of the house, Veer tells that the four of them will leave the house. Dadaji interferes and tells that these things happens and so no one should go out of the house.

Tapasya tells to her mother Divya that they have adopted a son.

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Uttaran-709 7th October 2011

Tapasya looks after well Ichcha's baby cleaning her up and Nani is frustrated seeing her working on Ichcha's child.

Ichcha and Veer decide to forgo having a child of their own and adopt Khaana and Mukta as their children and to live only with them.

Ichcha tells about their decision to Gunavanthi who hears that with shock.

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Uttaran-710 10th October 2011

Gunavanthi is not acceptable to Ichcha's decision of not bearing a child. Veer comes there and tells her that it was he who has take the decision not to have a baby.

Gunavanthi is on the angry mood over Ichcha on their this decision to not have a child. She asks the servants too not to help out Ichcha and that she do every work herself.

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