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Get Justice Through God

Have you got a complaint against your enemies and trouble mongers. Instead of filing a case in a court of law visit Kolanjiappar Temple situated at Manavalanallur, Tamilnadu. This village is at the outskirts of Virdhachalam , which is 220 km from Chennai.

Justice is delivered in three days, three weeks or a maximum of three months.

You will have to pay a very nominal fee for the justice which is affordable to the poor.

You will have to fill a application that is given by the temple administration and file the complaint. The fees is calculated according to the distance that you come from.

Sree Kolanjiappar is Lord Shiva's son. He is called by the name of Karthikeya, Muruga and Shanmuga.

You can file petitions for all kinds of complaints including marital disharmony, property disputes, financial irregularities, theft, murder and rape.

A printed petition form for the complaint is given. It has to be filled up. Rs.10/- is the application fee and processing fee. Once the complaint is lodged, the complainant has to pay the bata (charges) for handling the case. The bata charges is calculated at 10 paise per kilometer. So from Chennai if you go to lodge a complaint it will be Rs.22/- only.

The temple priest presents the petition to Kolanjiappar. After pooja they are tied to lances stuck to the ground before a sub-shrine dedicated to Muneeswara. Once Kolanjiappar administers justice, the complainant should withdraw the petition filed, there is a printed form to do this. Nearly 90% of the complaints are withdrawn which shows the amount of justices administered by the Lord.

Please share your experiences here once you get your problems solved.

Kolanjiappar Website


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