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Valli - Tamil Serial | Episode 1198 (31/01/2017)

Kalyana Parisu Tamil Serial - 31-1-2017

Repenting time for Subbu...

Chandralekha Tamil Serial - 31st January 2017

Valli 30th January 2017

Bala joining with Swarna now gives more headache to Prakash, Swarna tells Prakash that 25 lakhs is only advance and she wants crores from him now whenever she demands.

Prakash returns with shock and narrates the happenings to his father.   But he tells their first headache should be to finish off  Vennila. 

Indira Sena watches Vandhana's birthday party video from inspector Karthikeyan and gives a complaint on Arya,who raped Balaji's sister Thenmozhi.


Anandi is a eight year old young girl. She is a bright student at her school. One day when Anandi was walking along with her friends the village boys try to play with the girls and hold a rope on their way. But a man who passes by that same way falls and his dress becomes mud.

Anandi who sees this scolds the boys and helps him to get up. The man gets impressed by this girl.

The man is Bharau Singh. He has come seeking alliance to his son. He visits Jan Singh's house who is none other than the father of Anandi.

Bharau Singh and Jan Singh fix the marriage of Anandi with Jagadish Bharau Singh's son.

Anandi also falls in the mud and makes herself to look shabby. She returns to house and finds the same man in her house. She childishly tells their parents that she already has met this man. The boys were playing naughty with this man and that she had scolded them.

The teacher of Anandi does not like child marriage. When the arrangements of Anandi and Jagadish is under way teacher brings in the police to stop the marriage.

The police take bribe from bride's father and allow the marriage to happen. The police turns against the teacher itself.

Anandi has to go into the new house and has to adjust to the new relationships. Her husband boy plays all types of naughty with his wife. The boy tells his grandmother to chase away the girl to her parents home. The old lady tells him that he has live life long with her and she cannot be chased away.

When everyone sits around the table for lunch Anandi had to look on. She is not allowed to eat until they finish. Just to make Anandi to wait a little more Jagadish eats slowly and eats more. Anandi boils inside. As soon as he leaves she sits happily to eat. The old lady tells her to eat from the plate of her husband Jagadish. Its only Sumitra who is supportive to her. She consoles her and tells her that it is a custom to eat in husband's plate. So Anandi crying takes some food and eats and starts crying. She is consoled by Sumitra.

Anandi, Jagadish and their friend Suguna go to a temple. Jagadish to tease her tells her to keep her eye closed so that Lord Shiva appears before him.

Suguna meets her lover Pratap and keeps talking with him. Jagadish thinks of hitting Anandi as she passes by with a stone and break her head but then sees her seeing him with gazing eyes and throws down the stone with frustration.

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Mahalaxmi and Rani are orphanage mates. One day Rani advertises in paper to find out her parents.

Yamuna sees the advertisement, Devaraj and Yamuna think Rani is her daughter and adopt her.

Rani finds out that their real daughter is Mahalaxmi, Rani does not want to loose her newly found luxury so she decides to remove Mahalaxmi from her way but all her plans fail.

Rani sees Prakash in her birthday function and falls in love with him, she tells this to Prakash but Prakash and Mahalaxmi are already in love.

Rani is sent out of Orphanage due to Manikam. She settles down in her mother's house. Sandhya at first does not know it is her own daughter but then she knows the true nature of Maha and Rani.

Sandhya and others support Maha and arrange her marriage with Prakash. At the marriage hall Prakash ties know with Rani to save his people from Rani's murderous acts. Devaraj is unable to bear this and gets hear-attack leading to his death.


Gopi and Malar meet at Pollachi, Malar says to him that she loves him. For the first time ever Malar tells this openly and Gopi too opens up and tells her that he too loves her. Malar asks him why not they both commit suicide. Gopi then tells her instead of committing suicide why not they marry and face the situations boldly. This idea gives them enough strength and they both marry at a temple. Rohini and Gopi's little tailor shop boy help them.

One of the neighbor who happens to see them marrying informs to both Gopi's house and Malar's house. Malar's brother goes with his goonda elements and beats up Gopi's father who gets hospitalized in a serious condition.

Pandi and his father along with Maha's brother become so angry that they go to Malar's house and thrash her brother. Maha's brother takes a brick and hits his head which starts bleeding. Malars father comes there and they talk hot. Malar's father tells them henceforth Malar is not his daughter and they can do anything to her. Pandi's father tells him that they have not accepted Gopi has their son anymore.

In these conditions Gopi and Malar are on their way back home.

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Prabhakar who is released from Dharma gets the opportunity to know his family history.

Bhuvana not knowing that his son is listening tells her whole history.

Laxman during arguments tells Bhuvana that Sundari's did not accept his compromise proposal. He tells that when Sundari talked about his son he felt bad. He tells that Sundari was right in many things but it was Bhuvana who started all this. Arranging of Dharma too was Bhuvana's idea.

Bhuvana gets angry on Laxman praising Sundari. She bursts out telling that she had left her husband and daughter and has come back with him and has earned a very bad name. She goes on pouring out more and more and Prabhakar thus gets to know his family.

Tulasi requests Thamizh to take up the job offer of his brother Poovi. Her convincing positive words somehow changes his mind and finally he accepts to work under Poovi in his shop.

Charu who had arranged Thamizh's friend to destroy Tamizh's life by making him to borrow money under heavy rate of interest now backtracks to help her any further when she tries to order him.

Charu is unable to bear Thamizh and Tulasi coming and living at Poovi's house.

Anand returns from his honeymoon trip with his leg bandaged being bitten by a dog.

Poovi's mother argues unsuccessfuly to bring home only Thamizh and then tells him to leave them at their present house only. Poovi's wife shuts her mouth at the right time and Poovi supports his wife.

Thamizh and Tulasi come to stay at Poovi's house. Thamizh mother does not even give food to Tulasi and she starves. That's only one part. Thamizh acts almost to the wishes of his mother and does not understand his brother. He unnecessarily misunderstands him on all his actions. Inferiority complex, personality straits plays havoc in Tulasi's life because of his foolishness. He is slowly and steadily falling into the trap of his mother and inclining to do whatever his mother may ask him to do. Poovi, his wife and Tulasi absolutely have no control over Thamizh and are slowly falling apart.

Thamizh's mother convinces Thamizh to take Tulasi to Kalahasti instead of going to the function of the Travels Company of Deepa's father's.

Tulasi firmly refuses to go to Kalahasti since that would prove that her time is not good. Tamizh accepts her view and for sometime turns a good Samaritan.

Dharma sends his own men to Sundari's house and destroys her household items then takes money from her and asks her to give complaint to police against Bhuvana.

The complaint is given and that resulted in Laxman's arrest culminating in his hospitalisation.

Thamizh's job at his brother Poovi's house too does not last long.

Due to Thamizh's refusal to give money to the gangmen of the local corporator they force the closure of Departmental store and Poovi throw out Thamizh from work.

Charu enters into the Thamizh's life when she arranges 5 lakhs to Thamizh through his friend. Charu's friend convinces Thamizh that the money is as advance for his talent and that he is going to look after the new company as head.

Thamizh leaves for the new job, he tells Thulasi that he would call up every day.

Thulasi calls up Thamizh and asks him to come on Wednesday but Thamizh tells that he cannot come. When Thulasi says that it is their wedding day, he curses himself for having forgotten that. He promises that he will on that day putting all his work aside.

Thulasi is made to look after the Poovi's shop and she sits in the cash-counter.

Sindhu Bhairavi

Vijay is furious in his love over Sindhu. He is a great mind reader. He sees in the eyes of Sindhu not the love that he is giving her. He puts his doubt to Veer whether Sindhu really loves him. Veer who knows Vijay's condition tells him not to worry. For Vijay Veer's words are God words, he is satisfied now.

Gunavanthi shows special interest towards Sindhu arousing jealousy in the minds of Bhairavi.

Vijay takes Veer, Sindhu and Bhairavi to an old house. As they enter inside the that house Tapasya fakes pain in her leg and stays back, Veer too was forced to stay back.

Vijay and Sindhu go inside that house and Vijay tells a story of Nandhini something similar to his story.

Sindhu on her part writes a letter to Vijay to tell him her past love with Veer before marrying him. But Bhairavi changes the contents of the letter suppressing the love affair of Sindhu with Veer. She also with the help of her granny pastes the photo of Veer and Sindhu posing together on the wall. Vijay who goes to change his dress sees these photo and gets shock of his life.

Vijay then thinks of not marrying Sindhu but Bhairavi's grandma threatens him that if he does not marry then Jogi, Damarai would commit suicide hence he goes through the marriage rituals but rejects her in his life.

Sindhu does come to know that Bhairavi played this havoc in her life and asks this to Bhairavi itself why she is like this, once she had sent her lover to kill her and then sent him to jail which she did not tell to anyone till now.

Sindhu tells Bhairavi that she will under any count will retain her relationship and asks her not to interfere in her affairs. But Bhairavi challenges her.

From 4th November 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi at

Sindhu Bhairavi - 21-10-11


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