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Sindhu Bhairavi

Vijay is furious in his love over Sindhu. He is a great mind reader. He sees in the eyes of Sindhu not the love that he is giving her. He puts his doubt to Veer whether Sindhu really loves him. Veer who knows Vijay's condition tells him not to worry. For Vijay Veer's words are God words, he is satisfied now.

Gunavanthi shows special interest towards Sindhu arousing jealousy in the minds of Bhairavi.

Vijay takes Veer, Sindhu and Bhairavi to an old house. As they enter inside the that house Tapasya fakes pain in her leg and stays back, Veer too was forced to stay back.

Vijay and Sindhu go inside that house and Vijay tells a story of Nandhini something similar to his story.

Sindhu on her part writes a letter to Vijay to tell him her past love with Veer before marrying him. But Bhairavi changes the contents of the letter suppressing the love affair of Sindhu with Veer. She also with the help of her granny pastes the photo of Veer and Sindhu posing together on the wall. Vijay who goes to change his dress sees these photo and gets shock of his life.

Vijay then thinks of not marrying Sindhu but Bhairavi's grandma threatens him that if he does not marry then Jogi, Damarai would commit suicide hence he goes through the marriage rituals but rejects her in his life.

Sindhu does come to know that Bhairavi played this havoc in her life and asks this to Bhairavi itself why she is like this, once she had sent her lover to kill her and then sent him to jail which she did not tell to anyone till now.

Sindhu tells Bhairavi that she will under any count will retain her relationship and asks her not to interfere in her affairs. But Bhairavi challenges her.

From 4th November 2011 Sindhu Bhairavi at

Sindhu Bhairavi - 21-10-11


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