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Global Warming - the no return

A no return situation

A document was prepared by Climate experts and representatives from 105 countries. They outlined a roadmap for avoiding disaster.

The good thing is the technology already exists for countries to tackle the issue through the greater use of biofuels and renewable energy sources, and improving overall energy effieciency.

And only the immediate ACTION can cap the average global temperature increase at around 2 degree celsius. The emissions must start declining by 2015 to prevent the world's temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrialisation temperatures.

The aimed level of 2 degree Celsius increase would itself put some 2 billion people facing water shortages by 2050. Imagine what would happen if the aimed level of 2 degree Celsius itself is not achieved.

The bad thing is that everything can only be on paper and the Governmental heads of all countries though are worried and want to act upon it but they do not possess that guts to really implement it with IRON HAND.

And so the result could be disastrous.

The disastrous can be seen in that by 2015 or 2020. There could be water shortage in all parts of the globe. This naturally would lead to some billions of people perishing.

Before long the earth will become a totally uninahibited place. You will find no people on this earth. Maybe by 2050.

Whoever can survive without water???!!!


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