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Intellect and Consciousness

Think of this Intellect..., where does it reside in our body?

You may say it is in the brain, in the mind.

Think of this body...a dead body and a living body. There is no difference in them at the moment of death. The organs in a dead body and a living body is exactly the same. The atoms that has gone to create this living body still remains in the dead body. It is only by the passage of time the dead body decays. Now why should it decay?

So there is some difference between a living body and a dead body. A dead body decays!

What then is the difference in them. We may say. `Consciousness' and the `intellect' that had been governing the body has gone, hence the body decays. But where has this consciousness, and intellect which is a part of consciousness, has gone.

Has this atoms, that has created this body, has anything to do with consciousness and intellect? No, should be the answer. Consciousness, and intellect which is a part of consciousness, exist independently. But Where? At the moment of death where it has gone?

The body which you have exercised and kept so healthy has gone dead now. It is dead because consciousness has escaped from that body. You faint and lie like a dead body until the consciousness returns. If the consciousness never returns then you die. What is this consciousness, what is it made up of?

What if this consciousness never leaves your body.

Sometimes we writher in intolerable pain, we fall into untold sufferings, at this time some get into suicidal tendencies, some call the Kala Bhairava to take their lives.

Consciousness can also be called as PRANA.

To know all about this consciousness, THINK upon it and find the answer that is right within you. This Consciousness, this intellect from where it has come.

Go back to the origin of universe the beginning of universe.

Go back to that time when nothing existed, just when it was a total shunya, darkness with no activity.

In the previous chapter we came to know that to a life to come into being some Great intellect should have existed to create it.

Now when back in time in the begining when nothing existed where from this INTELLECT come from to create this LIFE, this universe, this water, air, earth etc?

And as you read the coming chapters you will come to know. Your intellect will open up.

Just for Gags

Jhun Jhun Wala was asked to deliver a speech. So he called up his secretary to draft one.

Jhun Jhun Wala not conscious of what he is doing delivered his speech, later he scolded his secretary: 'Why did you write such a long speech for me? You saw how those people were feeling bored!'

The secretary replied, 'Sir, it wasn't a lengthy speech at all; but I did make one mistake- I gave you all 3 copies of the speech.'


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