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Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding your baby keeps your baby healthy and immune from deseases in his or her later days.

Breastfeeding develops a long lasting bondage between you and your child. You need to take some litte care while breastfeeding your baby. The best way to feed your baby is for you to sit and have your baby cuddled in your lap. It is not advisable that you lie in a bed and just leave the baby to do its sucking when you have gone to your sleep. Chances are that your baby may develop neck pain. Always after feeding your baby a soft patting on its shoulder makes your child digest the milk.

Place your new born baby skin to skin as soon the baby is born. Your baby has the ability to instantly recognize your voice, your scent and your heartbeat. Cover yourself with a blanket and keep yourself warm the heat of your body will keep your baby warm. Your baby will feel comfort when you Keep your baby close, the baby will feel safe enough to find his way to your breast. You on your part need to help your baby towards your breast sometimes. Your baby may just latch on without feeding, you may not put him off since it will refeed after taking a little breath. Feed your baby within the first hour of its birth, but each baby is different and some may need more or less time, especially if birth was a difficult journey for him.

* Benefits for the infant
o 1 Superior nutrition
o 2 Greater immune health
o 3 Higher intelligence
o 4 Fewer urinary tract, diarrheal and middle ear infections
o 5 Less tendency to develop allergic diseases (atopy)
o 6 Less necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants
o 7 More easily aroused from sleep
o 8 Other long term health effects
* Benefits for mothers
o 1 Long-term health effects
o 2 Bonding
o 3 Hormone release
o 4 Weight loss
o 5 Natural postpartum infertility

Happy breastfeeding.


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