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Traffic Chaos

If you are in Bangalore, India, you would have noticed the number of new vehicles that are running on the roads is increasing each day. It finally culminates in heavy traffic and traffic jams.

Not much difference we would find in other states of India, and in other parts of world.

Earlier in ancient days people used to walk or ride horses, later came the bullock cart with wheels. No doubt people in those days used to move in horses, a wishful thinking comes to us - ah.. if only those days return and there are no vehicles on the road polluting atmosphere. But will those days return?

What's the best solution to remove the traffic jams.

Government should put in more buses on the roads and give them free accessibility to roads. They should have their own tracks. Other vehicles should be barred using these roads.

Strictly no broadening of roads should be undertaken, because people will start buying more vehicles and become a cause for polluting the atmosphere and contribute to Global Warming.

People should be encouraged to use bus and bus alone.

BUS BUS BUS is the only answer to come out of all this trouble. All other vehicles should be given so less a place to maneuver that they should go automatically off the roads.

When buses moves it should be given V.I.P. treatment on the roads. There should be no one way roads. Two way roads will minimise the time of traveling and distance. Every road should be only broadened that much that it could hold three buses on its width. Travelling by bus should be made cheap and other modes of travelling very costly. Thus indirectly penalise the perpetrators of Global warming.

Tax the car and two wheeler owners more.

Other idea could be that number plates with odd numbers should ply on one day and number plates of even numbers should ply on the other day. It should be made applicable to all cars, bikes and scooters. By this way half of the vehicles (Cars, scooters and bikes) will be off the roads.

Stop giving new permits to autos. Remember the lesser the vehicles on the road, lesser will be pollution and lesser consumption of fuels for future use. More importantly it reduces pollution and increases the health of people living in the vicinity.

The only solution is to run quality buses on the roads both big size buses and mini buses to connect to remote areas and small roads.


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