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Globalwarming - Its End


Scientists have said that the earth was formed about four and a half billion years ago. If this figure is correct then we must assume that the first sign of human being on earth could have started at that point of time.

The five billion peoples on earth today did not start out on their development at the same time and consequently did not incarnate at the same time but the very first who did must have done so many millions of years ago.

This is probably the only time in history when we have five billion peoples living on earth at the same time.

Therefore the human colony expanded and the human population saw a steady increase in its numbers. The newly incarnating germs however would have to learn from those who had been here before them.

We have been told that the earth was formed about four and a half billion years ago and fossil evidence have shown that bacteria already existed a billion years after this. The theory is that the atmosphere of the early earth consisted of gases such as methane, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde and cyanoacetylene. In fact it has been found that interstellar dust clouds, where new stars are formed contain large numbers of organic molecules which include those mentioned above and more such as water and ammonia. Thus the existence of human beings depended under suitable and carefully controlled conditions.

These are very long periods of time which would have allowed for the development of a wide variety of organisms. The concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere increased dramatically during this era and this permitted for the first time the appearance of the first air breathing organisms.

We must realise that oxygen appeared only gradually in the primitive atmosphere through the photosynthetic activity of the sea weeds which were macroscopic algae. With the appearance of terrestrial plants the concentration of oxygen could only increase further. These terrestrial plants included mosses, liverworts, club-mosses, ferns and horsetails. More advanced plants included conifers, cycads, monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous flowering plants. The invasion of land by first the amphibians could only occur after sufficient oxygen had formed. The plants therefore, provided the opportunity and the basis for the invasion of land by vertebrates.

One must notice here the gradual progression, the step by step manner in which the development took place with no gap missing. First, life in the oceans with plant life and small simple organisms, then the formation of oxygen through the photosynthetic activity of plants which make use of what was abundant in the environment: carbon dioxide and water to form sugars for themselves releasing oxygen as a by-product into the water and into the atmosphere as a result. The invasion of land by organisms which needed to do so. Those which did not need to do this remained in water. This allowed more and more organisms to appear, the opportunity was thus created for the enormous diversification of life. Therefore, not only the sea could bear life forms, also the land could through the appearance of oxygen in the atmosphere. This happening, which was a turning point allowed more organisms to appear and later on after millions of years formed the basis for the appearance of man who was destined to be an air breathing creature.


Click below and find how different countries get affected by the rising of heat.

Some solutions provided here

Now lets get to practical analyses about what really may take place.

Each and every countries way of living is almost decided by the government that it is run by.

In that case every people's way of living is decided by the Government of all the countries.

So if the Government shows interest in reducing Global warming it needs to take some drastic proactive and authoritative steps.

We can very well see that no Government is really interested in taking any steps since it will result in and detard their countries developmental activities.

Who will ask a business man who is manufacturing Refrigerators and air-conditioners to stop production!

Which government has the guts to ask the manufacturers to stop producing air-conditioner cars.

Can the government ban travelling in two-wheelers automobiles and use only buses and trains?

Can the government ask people only to use bicycle for travelling?

Thus under any stretch of imagination we can never dream of the above to happen.

So the result will be:-

End of man's life on earth except some few survivors here and there.

When really could this end fall upon men? Well it could be by 2050 i.e., from 43 years from now.

What could really happen by 2050?!!!

Population will rise. So are their incomes too and their demands. More use of automobiles, development of industries and employments.

Cutting of more and more trees and reduction in forests lands.

Depletion of oxygen and increase of Carbondioxide.

More and more of working places turning into air-conditioned buildings.

Rich people opting for more and more air-conditioned cars and houses thereby contributing more to global warming.

These are the only few given as examples and there are so many other factors collectively acting in contributing to global warming.

There will be such heat generated that there will be scarcity of water in all parts of the world. Without water survival is difficult.

There will be fight for water. People will start dying for water and due to unbearable heat. Diseases starts attacking people. Doctors may become reluctant to attend to patients being afraid of infections.

Death approaches fast on the human beings on earth.


Depletion of population.

Due to the heat rich people will tend to shut themselves inside the air-conditioned rooms.

Poor peoples may start building huts and houses out of branches of trees and may try going inside caves to escape from heat.

In the end rich people unable to shut themselves in air-conditioned rooms (there also could be power failures) have to come out of their houses. It would be unbearable for them to withstand the heat outside. Rashes may be formed all over their body. Immunity in them gets eroded. Death for some is instant, for some 3 days and for some a week.

Poor people could die due to starvation and for want of water. Killing of one another could take place too.

In the end only a few people may survive, at least some 10 of them.

Rising of population

By the time the population decreases more and more of industries could have closed down. More and more of automobiles, cars and houses would have got abondoned.

The country could look deserted with no people. The Global warming now takes a reverse trend for good.

When a rain starts downpouring trees will start growing, there will be no people to cut down these trees. If there are floods houses will get razed in the floods. Sands and mud may cover these houses and factories and they will get buried inside. Large trees will grow in their place.

Some poor people who happened to have survived in caves and huts will slowly bear childrens and the population will start raising.

These poor uneducated people will then start building their own colonies, since they know of cultivation there is no problem for them to enter into cultivating the land.

One rain would be sufficient for them and they will have enough water for their survival.

Then starts a new form of people. A new happy life begins on earth. To start with from these 10 surviving people.

When really these things could happen - according to me it could be by 2060!

MELTDOWN: According to scientists, global warming has caused the Columbia Glacier to retreat seven miles in the last 20 years, leaving calves of ice in Prince William Sound.


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