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Why are some people ticklish and some aren't?

Ticklish is an adjective term having the following meaning:-

  1. sensitive to tickling
  2. very sensitive or easily upset; touchy
  3. needing careful handling; precarious; delicate

Tickling is touching a part of the body (any part will do), so as to cause laughter to him. Such sensations can be pleasurable or exciting, but are sometimes considered highly unpleasant, particularly in the case of relentless heavy tickling.

We do have ticklish spots somewhere in our bodies, and its easy to find it. Some have it just above their knee, and some other back of their neck, and it is very common to find some of us go into fits of laughter if someone grabs our sides. It is but natural reaction that we laugh when another person tickles us. Scientists have found out that the feeling experienced when we are tickled causes panic and is a natural defense to little creepy crawlers like spiders and bugs. Slight tickles from insects can send a chill through your body letting you know something is crawling on you.

Ticklish feeling puts us into a state of alertness and gives out a response of uncontrollable laughter if a person tickles us. We have least expected to be tickled and the sudden act of tickling by others causes us to feel extremely uneasy and panicked, which leads sometimes to anger. Some people are so ticklish that they begin laughing even before they are touched. It is the state of mind we are in if serious minded then tickling will produce anger. If the personality is of a easy going and jolly type then the person almost laughs when tickled.

Others can tickle us, but can't we tickle ourselves? the explanation for this is still unknown, but research tells us that the brain is trained to know what to feel when a person moves or performs any action. We are unaware of a lot of the sensations generated by our movements. For example, we don't pay much attention to our vocal cords when we speak. In the same way, we can't tickle ourselves. If we attempt to tickle ourselves, our brain anticipates this action from the hands and prepares itself for it. The mind is removed of the feeling of unease and panic, the body no longer responds the same as it would have if someone else were to tickle us.

That's about touching sensations we have discussed above... now about feelings.

Ticklish are those People who are sensitive to remarks made on them who have been brought up by their parents with some love and care. They are not exposed to vigaries of ups and downs in life.

When they have their own family their previous easy life is no more and they are sensitive to all sorts of things said against them.

As a matter of fact they become very emotion and boasting for a little success they encounter in life.

At the same time any failures in their life too never seems to affect them much.

Those who have been bought-up without much love and affection tend to be serious minded people. Smile usually is missing on their face. They are not much bothered about what is happening around them. These types of people could also become too emotional sometimes when they encounter love.


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