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Uttaran-706 Written Update 4th October 2011

Uttaran-706 Written Update 4th October 2011

Nani enquires if all work was done successfully. Pushkar tells her that the child was having extreme luck but in the end everything was done. Divya who passes by that side asks Nani what type of work she is talking about. Nani gets fright and twists the story she tells her that Pushkar is spending time lazily hence was sent out to look out for some work. She was talking only about that. She thought that by this reply she could escape but when Jogi comes there calling her, she trembles.

Jogi tells her that as she goes back home to tell Tappu to sign some policy papers that he has left there and send it to office. Nani leaves her breath out which she had kept in with tension. Tells him that she would do certainly. Jogi then tells Divya that they will go to see their grandson. Then he tells that he will first congratulate them and calls up Ichcha. Damini lifts up the mobile and Jogi congratulates Ichcha when Damini tells him that as the child was born it died.

Jogi goes broken, when Nani and Pushkar enjoy the scene. Divya asks what happened. Jogi tells that very bad thing had happened Ichcha's child is no more, last night itself it had died, he had done mistake in not going there last night.

Nani adds on putting her actions, 'this is very bad, for a women it is very difficult to bear this, bearing a child for 9 months and if this happens it is terrible, I think you both have to go there to pacify Ichcha and I have to go to Tappu. Pushkar face burns hearing Nani telling that she has to go to Tappu's house. Jogi and Divya leave the place. Pushkar tries to save himself and tells Nani to stay back for two more days. Nani tells him that she has to tell the good news to Tappu, she goes off. Pushkar tells himself that he is gone, how much more time he can save himself from his mummy, 'get ready to run away.'

Rathore and Tapasya are happily seeing the child with Tapasya having the child in her hand. Rathore asks her to stop as they enter the house and takes a snapshot through his mobile telling 'first day first moment. Nice, see where we have come, this is your house, you are the prince, prince of this house.' As Daija comes there Rathore runs towards her and lifts her up swinging her happily. He asks her to recognise who it is tells her it is his son her grandson. Daija kisses the child. Rathore tells her, that she has told him right that a 'child is a child, take the child in your hand with love, in one minute it will attract you.' So sweet it is, it is more than a blood related. Daija asks him where from he got it, Rathore asks her to bring him milk, the child could be in hunger. Daija runs to bring in milk. Tapasya keeps the child in the sofa, Rathore asks her to be gentle and careful.

Rathore: Hello baby, introductions this is your house I am your Papa and you see here your beautiful mummy, (Tapasya corrects him, Ma) Okay Ma, and you, you are small Rathore.

Daija brings in the milk and Rathore takes it in his hand and feeds the child himself with the spoon when everyone laugh at. Rathore lifts the child into his hand and sings a filmy song happily when Tapasya and Daija looks on.

Nani happily enters the house telling that if she tells the good news to Tapasya she would be so happy then tells herself that Rathore will be there in the room. Nani tells to herself, 'after so many days after I will be getting a good nights sleep.'

The child is sleeping in the cradle, Rathore shows a list of things that they should have for the child. He tells her that he has prepared the list after seeing 16 websites. He reads out the things a baby needs...

Mattress beds, water proof enamel, crip sheets, blankets, diapers, baby wipe, changing beds, diaper bag, diaper icecream, baby clothes, bath tub, baby lotion, baby oil, baby comb, nail clippers, baby towel, baby laundry detergent, milk bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, bottle warmer, versifiers, bicycle. Tapasya snatches the list from his hand with small shock, when she hears him reading bicycle, she hits him on his head, fool, 'your Junior Rathore is so small it cannot ride a bicycle.

Rathore smiles tells her that he has gone a little impatient.

Veer takes the dolls that is in the table and looks on it sadly. He opens a suit case and keeps it inside. Ichcha comes there with watery eyes, Veer takes her along.

Sindhu Bhairavi-Serial-320 to 332 16-9-11 to 4-10-11

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Uttaran-705 Written Update 3rd October 2011

Uttaran-705 Written Update 3rd October 2011

Pushkar searches for a right place to discard the child when he finds the cradle in the Orphanage and happily comes their to place the child in the cradle. As he comes there he sees Tapasya there talking with Rathore and immediately tries to go away from there when the child starts crying.

Tapasya had been telling Rathore that it was this place and the cradle where she had left the child. Rathore runs behind Pushkar calling him to stop. Tapasya runs behind him. Pushkar stops and Rathore sees him with surprise and asks him why he is here at this hour. Tapasya too is surprised to see him there, and asks him whose child it is he is carrying. Rathore then starts asking him repeatedly in a commanding way how he got this child.

Pushkar who is out of his woods then picks up a story and tells he found the child on the road, somebody had left it, he took on pity on it and has brought the child to this orphanage. Rathore asks him how does he know that there is a Orphanage here and why he did not go to Police Station. He asks where he got this child.

Pushkar tells that he got the child in a dust bin half kilometer from here. Rathore asks him again, then why he did not go to Police Station. Did he think of its parents, maybe someone has stolen this child and left it somewhere. Why should he bother, found a child and brought it to Orphanage, why?

Pushkar tells that he could not understand what to do, he was pitying the child, he did not believe the police, they may put him behind bars, and they may telephone to Jogi's house and Divya would make hell out of it. His wife is very innocent. He adds if its parents had any interest on this child why it has been left in the streets.

Something strikes Rathore and he takes the child from Pushkar and then tells to the child if its parents is not ready to take care of it why he should be born. Pushkar now feels something is going out of his way, he tells, he too came under pity but thought why to take trouble. Tapasya feels his talk as rubbish and tells in this night how can they leave this child here. Pushkar tells himself this Tappu is going to kill him.

Pushkar rushes in with his suggestions, tells that they leave the child here and someone may take care of it, why they should take responsibility on it, we got it on street, when its parents are not taking care of it, why should they. Tapasya sees him in bewilderment.

Rathore tells him it is enough, he has not come here to speak good things so he will not talk to him. Pushkar has to shut his mouth now. Rathore thinks of Daija's words... your daughter maybe growing somewhere, it may be getting mother and father's love, it may be living happily, think like that, and to repay this debt you too adopt a child, give love to it, maybe this is God's wish.

Rathore speaks out, Daija was telling right, child is a child maybe it is someone else's child, in one minute the child won over his love. Pushkar and Tapasya looks on. Rathore tells them firmly that whatever happens they will not leave the child here. Tapasya asks him what they will do. Pushkar interferes and tells that they will leave the child here in the orphanage.

Rathore tells him that this Orphanage is closed for months and asks him if he can't see it. Then Pushkar tries to take it forcibly from Rathore, telling that he will leave it in some other orphanage. Rathore does not allow him to take it, he tells Tapasya, "I think destiny has brought us here. why did they come here, in which place we lost our child why did we get this child here, whether this is a coincidence, we were just thinking of the lost child and now we got this child, this has to be a sign. Rathore is happy and smiling, he further tells that they will take the child to their house, adopt it.

Pushkar nearly goes mad, "what are you talking, how can you adopt some other's child maybe it is related to a very bad blood. Rathore gives the child to Tapasya and comes in a threatening way towards Pushkar with anger in his face, he asks him, "If you tell on this child anything more I will forget that there is some relationship between us. Do you know whose child it is, where from it has come, if you know tell it, last chance for you, and later if I come to know that you had known this and you did not tell me, or if you are playing something naughty with this child I wiill be very bad with you.

Tapasya who was seeing the child with love, sees Rathore in anger and tells him that he is her uncle. Pushkar gets one more chance to speak out now. "Don't mistake me Rathore sab, we don't not know whose child this belong to, we don't know whose blood is running in the body of this child, may be it could be affected with some disease."

Rathore catches the shirt of Pushkar and Tapasya tells him, "Mr.Rathore, No."
Rathore tells him, "the child's parents have left the child because of some dire necessity. What is the fault on this child. See it, looking at it we can know whether its blood is bad or good. If you are the uncle of Tapasya, then I would have." Tapasya tells, "No." once again. Rathore leaves the shirt of Pushkar and tells to Tapasya, that they have a chance to make their marriage fruitful and meaningful, as a retribution they should not miss this opportunity. They both smile and take the child with them. Pushkar stands there.

Back at house Nani is telling to herself, "Don't know where this Pushkar is lost, Don't know whether he has done the work successfully." Pushkar who has come back and is watching Nani, tells to himself, the day when Nani comes to know that Ichcha's child is in Tapasya's house, then I will have no one take care of.

Nani seeing Pushkar asks him, If he finished the work successfully. Pushkar tells her, 'yes mummy,' when Rohini comes there asking him where he had been all night, she was not having any sleep. Nani, chides her, "yes, you had cared for him very much, hence you were sleeping putting your legs stretched." Rohini tells her she had not slept but only dreaming of him. Nani tells her to make food for Pushkar when Rohini happily goes to prepare food. Nani once again asks him if everything was alright and he had no trouble.

Pushkar tells her, "the child was having great luck it was getting saved at all place but in the end." As he speaks this Nani in frustration sees suddenly Divya there. She asks, "Divy you." Pushkar turns around in surprise.


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