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Maharani - Episode List

Maharani shown on Vijay TV at 7:00 P.M. is a story of two young girls who grow together in an orphanage. 

Mahalaxmi is the daughter of a successful business man Devaraj while Rani is the daughter of a poor family.

Rani through crooked ways enters the family of Devaraj. Not knowing this Devaraj writes off a will to the name of Rani. Now he has to save his property going to Rani somehow.

Maha and Rani both love Prakash. Prakash loves only Mahalaxmi and so the marriage is fixed between Prakash and Mahalaxmi. Prakash at the time of tying the mangalsutra refuses to marry Maha and ties the thread to Rani. Devaraj unable to bear this shock of Prakash marrying Rani in front of his eyes catches hold of Prakash shirt and fights with him and then later dies.

Prakash after his marriage with Rani tortures her and finally forces her to register half of Devaraj's property in his name.

Mahalaxmi with the help of Devaraj's friend opens a new company in the name of Yamuna Associates. Topiaz and Rani along with Inspector Kaliamurthy continously trouble Mahalaxmi so that she does not come out successful in her business.

Topiaz who looses his right hand when Rani runs her car over his hand is furious on her when he comes to know that it was she who was driving the car calls her for a party to kill her. Rani not knowing what is in store for her goes to meet him. Rani then is seen coming running from the place.

Topiaz gets murdered and for the police it is a puzzle. Their suspicion falls on Mahalaxmi, Rani, Mumtaz, Yamuna and Sandhya.

Prakash recieves informations that some files have gone missing by theft. ACP Devanarayanan thinks that there is a link between these file missing and the murder of Topiaz. The person who has committed the theft could be the murderer.

The file is got from Mahalaxmi's office and Mahalaxmi is taken for enquiry, Prakash surrenders on behalf of her and tells that he murdered Topiaz. Sandhya comes and gets him released.

ACP for various reasons gets solid doubt on Rani, and so he virtually kidnaps Rani and keeps her in his custody for questioning. Rani escapes from there.

ACP and Balaji gets doubts on Kaliamurthy and invite him to a party and from him through the calls in his mobile they trace out Rani and make her to confess before the camera.

Maharani - Episode List - Click Below

Episode-1 to 10

Episode-11 to 20

Episode-21 to 30

Episode-31 to 40

Episode - 41 to 50

Episode - 51 to 60

Episode-61 to 70 - 8 Jan 10 to 28 Jan 10

Episode-71 to 80 - 1 Feb 10 to 15 Feb 10

Episode-81 to 90 - 15 Feb 10 to 2 Mar 10

Episode-91 to 97 - 3 Mar 10 to 15 Mar 10

Episode - 98 to 110

Episode - 111 to 115

Episode - 116 to 120

Episode - 121 to 124

Episode - 125 to 131

Episode-132 to 145 - 17-5-10 to 8-6-10

Episode-146 to 157 - 9-6-10 to 5-7-10

Episode-158 to 174 - 6-7-10 to 30-7-10

Episode-175 to 191-2-8-10 to 24-8-10

Episode-192 to 213-25-8-10 to 23-9-10

Episode-214 to 226-27-9-10 to 13-10-10

Episode-227 to 246-14-10-10 to 11-11-10

Episode-247 to 254-12-11-10 to 23-11-10

Episode-255 to 263-24-11-10 to 6-12-10

Episode-264 to 274-7-12-10 to 21-12-10

Episode-275 to 282-22-12-10 to 3-1-11

Episode-283 to 290-4-1-11 to 14-1-11

Episode-291 to 300-17-1-11 to 27-1-11

Episode-301 to 307-28-1-11 to 7-2-11

Episode-308 to 314-8-2-11 to 16-2-11

Episode-315 to 323-17-2-11 to 1-3-11

Episode-324 to 340-2-3-11 to 24-3-11

Episode-341 to 345-25-03-11 to 31-03-11

Episode-346 to 350-01-04-11 to 07-04-11

Episode-351 to 355-08-04-11 to 14-04-11

Episode-356 to 360-18-04-11 to 22-04-11

Episode-361 to 365-25-04-11 to 29-04-11

Episode-366 to 370-02-05-11 to 06-05-11

Episode-371 to 375-09-05-11 to 13-05-11

Episode-376 to 380-13-05-11 to 20-05-11

Episode-381 to 385-23-05-11 to 27-05-11

Episode-386 to 390-30-05-11 to 03-06-11

Episode-391 to 395-06-06-11 to 10-06-11

Episode-396 to 400-13-06-11 to 17-06-11

Episode-401 to 450-20-06-11 to 30-08-11

Episode-451 to 455-31-08-11 to 07-09-11

Episode-456 to 459-09-09-11 to 13-09-11

Episode-460 Written Update 14-09-11

Episode-461-462 Written Update 15-16-09-11

Episode-463-468 19-09-11 to 26-09-11

Episode-469-473 27-09-11 to 03-10-11

Episode-474-478 04-10-11 to 12-10-11

Episode-479-487 13-10-11 to 27-10-11-Video Link removed

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