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Global Warming - Ways to avoid it

Save your money and CO2

You not only save MONEY by following this simple tasks but also can contribute to the society by reducing CO2 emissions.


Switch off that Computer when you are not using it.

Switch off that T.V. when you are not seeing it.

Switch off that fan when no one is in the room.

Switch off that light, stereos, and other electricity appliances.


Do you know if properly insulated you can cut your power bills by up to 50%

Switch off you radiators, turn down your airconditioners before opening your windows.


As far as possible use less of hot water. Some do take cold bath. You can save energy here.

You can wash clothes in cold water, instead of hot water.


Walking and cycling is a good exercise for your body. So avoid automobiles if you can.

Trains and buses is not only a cheaper mode of transport, it also burns less fuel per capita than cars and PLANES.

Reducing speed and air conditioning cuts car fuel consumption and your hard earned money.


Try to buy fruits, vegetables and other items nearby to your house rather than traveling to the market in automobiles.

Carry items in one baggage rather than doing excess of packaging each item. By not packing every item you save plastic and cardboard.



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