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Chellame Episode List

Chellame is shown in Sun TV at the late hours of 9:30 P.M, this serial is missed by many for the sole reason there are sequence of serials shown before 9:30 P.M. Starting right from Madhavi at 6:30 P.M. The serial centers around Chellamma and her heroics. As usual there is bomb blasts etc in this serial, there is huge lots of recognised characters who are the regular crew members of Radan Productions. Radha Ravi is introduced in this serial who is Radhika's brother.

Just like the popular Chithi character C.J.Bhaskar the director tries to make Chellamma's name popular in this serial.

The names in Chellamay serial is unique like...Chellamma, Kadarkarai, Vadamalai, etc.

In this story Kadarkarai the brother of Chellamma goes away with Sneha who gives all kinds of trouble to Kadarkarai's family and Chellamma.

Sneha plans to kill Vadamalai Chellamma's husband but Chellamma arrives at the right time and beats up the goonda elements chasing them away.

She then admits her husband Vadamalai to hospital and saves him.

In this half-murder case Kadarkarai is arrested and is sent to jail. Ratna Kadarkarai's daughter who loves him very much could not bear this she argues with all that her father could never have committed such a crime.

Sneha sends a MMS in which Kadarkarai roars that he will kill Vadamalai. Seeing this video Rathna thinks that her father is the culprit and commits suicide.

Chellama comes to see the body of Ratna but Kadarkarai's family is against her visit and is beaten by Kadarkarai's wife and sent out. But Sneha who is behind all these is accepted.

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