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The Great Khali

Khali the Indian born great wrestler's real name is Dalip Singh Rana. He was born in the year August 27, 1972, he is now 36 years of age and still strong enough. In WWF (now WWE) he is called by his ring name The Great Khali. He is an Indian, a punjabi and was an officer in the Punjab state police. He is a professional wrestler, actor and former powerlifter. He has won Mr. India in 1995 and 1996. He is currently signed to World Wrestling Federation now renamed as World Wrestling Entertainment.

Before embarking on his professional wrestling career, he was a one-time World Heavyweight Champion, and appeared in the film The Longest Yard in the year 2005.

After Khali's entry into WWE everybody thought that no one can beat him. Thus one after another of WWE champions were beaten by Khali. Even Undertaker could not take upon Khali. Khali was like a monster tall looking with big chin and face. Though Undertaker and Khali had won against matches against each other Undertaker's wins were not convincing.

So the match between The Great Khali and Big Show held on 27th April 2008 evinced much interest. One of the media channel in India had much news about this match.

In this battle of WWE giants at Backlash, Big Show proved that size does matter, both had the same height and well built body. But Khali looked strong.

As always that happens in WWE both had a one to one long stare. Through the stares they tightened their nerves and did a mind war. The stare cannot go long, the 7-foot-3 Punjabi giant bashed Big Show early, sending him outside the ring with a surprising flurry of offense.

A thunderous body slam of the 420-lb. Khali helped Big Show regain momentum, and the five-time World Champion stunned the Indian colossus with a choke slam to earn the pin-fall victory.

Khali could not believe that he was defeated he left looking up at the arena lights.

Big Show who had the same height equal to Khali proved that he can still dominate in a WWE ring, no matter how big or small his opponent is. Who will be next in Big Show's sights as he climbs back to the top of the WWE championship ranks?

But is it not said that every show at WWE is fixed.

The Great Khali has pledged his support to fasting social activist Anna Hazare.

"Khali has extended his support to Anna and asked people to extend full support to root out corruption from society," a spokesperson of Khali -- one of the tallest WWF wrestler at 7 feet 3 inches and weighing 190 kg -- told IANS Saturday.

He said that the ongoing deadlock between the government and Anna over the issue of Lokpal bill is worrying Khali, who is currently settled in the US.

"I am not against any political party but Anna's movement is in the interest of the country," a statement quoting Khali said.

The wrestler said that he was "closely watching the developments in India through news channels" despite his hectic schedule.


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