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Tamil nadu Assembly Elections

Who is going to win Tamilnadu Assembly Elections?

The wave is towards AIADMK and its alliance barring Vijayakanth's party but the party winning will be congress and DMK.

The Election Commission is fully controlled by the centre and the congress. The Electronic voting Machine is sabotaged and some votes for AIADMK and its alliance will get converted automatically to Congress and DMK votes. A swing of 30% by this EVM is enough for Congress and DMK to win the elections. DMK may lose but Congress will never lose in any of the assembly constituencies.

I can hear you asking me about the recent raids and confiscations of crores of rupees by election commissions belonging to DMK. These are all well-planned and losing 100 crores in this way is not going to affect DMK in any way. These raids are the handi-work of both DMK and Congress against themselves in order show everyone that the Election Commission is working unbiasly and doing its duty properly.

If AIADMK and its alliance are not vigilant and careful there will be lots of booth capturing and votes will be put by the ruling party members right under the nose of Election observors.

Jayalalitha will not even know what is happening when everything will be over for her party and her allinace.


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