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Athipookal-974 to 977 6-10-11 to 12-10-11

Episode-977 12th October 2011

Video Removed

Episode-976 11th October 2011

Video part removed

Episode-975 10th October 2011

Video Part-3 removed

Karpagam drops Deiva Sagayam in his house and finds that ACP Ragini is his daughter-in-law. ACP too comes back from her duty and informs her that Manohar has been left on bail and she can go to the Jail and release him fulfilling all the formalities. ACP also tells her that they are nearing the hide-out of Saroja. ACP then tells her that she has one more good new which she will tell later.

Maha comes to padma's house and tells her that Padma Marbles is going to become a public Limited company. Maha then questions her why she returned some of the goods telling that it is of low quality. Because of that she may not even be able to pay this months salary.

Padma tells her that she can't buy low quality goods and asks her to mind her business.

Episode-974 6th October 2011

The Mustache constable comes back and tells the ACP that Saroja had taken him to her hide-out blind-folded and hence he could not know the route for her place. He further tells her that she is hiding in a old-building surrounded by rowdies. He hands over the cash that he received from Saroja. The ACP gives the money to Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to note down the numbers.

Bhanu who gets bonus from Padma Marbles decides to donate the amount to the Orphanage and tells this to Karpagam. Karpagam appreciates her and tells her that she too will accompany her. Karpagam and Bhanu go to the Orphanage and hand over him 25,000/- as donation.

As they are there a lady comes running and tells them that Deiva Sagayam has fainted. They go to see him and after sprinkling water he gets up. Father introduces Karpagam and Bhanu to him. Further father tells him to go to the house leaving his two-wheeler back. Karpagam tells to the father that she will take Deiva Sagayam in her car and will drop him.

Uttaran-711-to-720 Written- Updates

Short Written Updates on the above links...Click on the link for detailed updates

Uttaran-711 11th October 2011

Gunavanthi takes Muktha to Damini's house and asks her to keep it, but Damini returns back the child to Ichcha and Veer.

Gunavanthi, Dadaji and Umed Singh discuss about how to tell Veer and Ichcha to have their own child.

Rathore and Tapasya talk about celebrating Name bearing ceremony of their child and they go to invite Veer and Ichcha.


Uttaran-712 12th October 2011

Rathore and Tapasya invite Bundela's family to their son's name bearing ceremony. Rathore for the first time comes to know that Veer has lost his child and feels sorry for that. He feels that he should not have come to invite them.

Ichcha tells Veer to attend the function and he accepts to go for the function.


Uttaran-713 13th October 2011

The name bearing ceremony of Ichcha's child is conducted at Rathore's house, Veer and Ichcha attend the function. Rathore keeps his son's name has Yuvaraj.

Khaana breaks TV and is scolded by Gunavanthi.


Uttaran-714 14th October 2011

Ichcha feels for her child and gets an opportunity to be alone with her child and her motherly feelings gives boost to breast feed her child.

Khaana is slapped by Gunavanthi and Damini gets to know this.


Uttaran-713 Written Update 13th October 2011

Uttaran-713 Written Update 13th October 2011

Name bearing ceremony of Ichcha's child is conducted by Rathore and Tapasya. People start coming in. Jogi Thakur and Divya come in and are greeted by Nani and Tapasya. Then enter Veer and Umed Singh, Rathore and Tapasya greet them, Tapasya sees with expectation if Ichcha had come.

Veer calls up Jogi Thakur who is having Ichcha’s child in his hand. Jogi Thakur comes over to him and embraces Veer… seen by Divya and Nani in an anger way but Tapasya in an happy way. Jogi Thakur feels sorry for his lost child. Veer tells him that Ichcha had a message for him, that those who dare never fail. Umed Singh tells him that this is an happy occasion and we should forgot sad things.

Veer comes near Rathore and Tapasya who are having his child and takes it in his hand while Nani looks on. Umed Singh tells Jogi Thakur that Veer is fond of child very much. Nani teases him saying who can stop the fate otherwise he would have his own child in his hand. Rathore looks towards Tapasya angrily. Nani feels that if Ichcha had come a balance would have been made she would be seeing her own child from far. Somehow one part has been accomplished. Veer who had insulted Tapasya cannot tell his child as his.

Divya asks if Ichcha had not come. Umed tells that she is not well to come. Rathore smiles on. Nani feels that Ichcha should have come today. Veer gives back his child to Rathore who takes it happily.

Ichcha is with Mukta in the garden when Chanda brings milk for the child.
Nani comes over to Ichcha’s house and as she enters the compound hears Chanda telling Ichcha that Tapasya should have thought before inviting her. Nani comes near her and tells her “put fire put as much as you can, you are fond of doing this, my Tapasya happiness is not liked by many. (Towards Ichcha) You had come to the house when Tapasya had lost her child carrying this child found in the street, what happened now?”

Ichcha: Nani Tapasya happiness is mine and I need nothing more.

Nani: Good, if you are so happy then why you did not come. If you are loving Jogi Thakur’s family why you did not come. You regard Tapasya as your sister then why you did not come over to see Tapasya’s happy moments forgetting your sorrows. I know very well that from the start you are jealousy towards Tapasya being happy. That day you had come just to laugh at Tapasya because at that time you were carrying but God has balanced the act.

Ichcha: Nani please believe me that I had gone there to share Tapasya’s sorrow.

Nani: Good then to share happiness, if you are so pure at your heart then come with me I have come to take you there. Come and congratulate Tapasya and her son at his naming ceremony.

Veer is looking the children caressing their head when Rathore come there and asks sorry to him for having come on that day to invite them. Veer tells him that Rathore had not done any fault but he had in not informing to anyone. Rathore tells that he knows the feeling of losing a child he had spent days in that conditions.

Back at Ichcha house….

Ichcha: Please forgive me I can’t come.

Chanda: Forgive me Nani, but you can’t come to our house and talk like this to our daughter-in-law. Just because no one is there in the house you can’t talk whatever you want to. If Mai was there you would have dared not to speak like this.

Nani: Stop talking telling I don’t have guts to speak, I know your Mai very well now you go on seeing what your Mai will do to Ichcha. I want to tell you this Ichcha, that person who had done so much to you life long , who loved you so much now he has joined the happy moments of her daughter. But his eyes shows he is worried about your sorrow. If not for Tappu you could have come for the sake of that person. If you had been the true daughter of Jogi Thakur will not you have come.

Nani feels that she had touched her heart.

Rathore ties knot to the child when Veer helps him in it. The poojari tells that as per the stars his name should start from ‘Y’ and name can be kept to him starting from ‘Y’. Rathore and Tapasya talk with one another, Rathore tells that he is the prince of this house and keeps his name has Yuvaraj Raghuvender Rathore.

Nani and Ichcha come in, Veer and Umed sees her coming.

Dadaji asks where is Kaka. Gunavanthi tells that he has gone to bring Khaana from school then he will have to take care of him on other things only later he will do household works. And Chanda could be taking care of Muktha. They have made the house orphanage center. Ichcha has herself gone to attend Tapasya naming ceremony, not even a month has gone by losing her child she has gone there. She did not even think of the society. As Chanda comes there Gunavanthi asks her if she is there to do Aaya work to the children. At this time a heavy sound is heard upstairs and everyone run there to see what had happened. They find Khaana standing near the TV which has fallen down and broken. Daddaji asks Kaka to find out if he is not hurt. Kaka checks him and finds that he is alright. Gunavanthi comes near him and shakes him and questions him how he broke the TV. Chanda looks on worriedly.

Veer looks on Ichcha and asks her how she is here. Ichcha tells that Nani had come to bring her and she had come because of Jogi Thakur, if I do not come maybe he may feel bad. He was in my side on all my sorrows Veer you don’t worry. Ichcha goes and meets Jogi Thakur who is happy seeing her and embraces her, while Divya looks on with jealousy.


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