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Athipookal-972-973 4-10-11 - 5-10-11

Episode-973 5th October 2011

The Mustache constable goes and meets Saroja and Saroja asks him the whereabouts of Gangamma. They ask him what type of enquiry is being made. The constable tells Saroja that he does not know the place where the ACP has hidden Gangamma.

Saroja gives some money and sends him off.

Episode-972 4th October 2011

Karpagam stops shekar accusing Padma she tells that Padam is a very good lady. The child is Padma's and hence when she slapped me she did a right thing. Shekar asks her then why she became very tension when he told that Padma beat the child Shiva. Finally he tells her Padma is never going to understand her and leaves.

Saroja is in high tension and tells her associates that she has to change this place. Maybe Gangamma will tell the ACP route to this hide-out. Rathnam interferes and tells her that Gangamma was brought here with her eyes blindfolded hence she will not be able to reveal the route of this place. Saroja tells him that she want to know where Gangamma is hidden and what she has told the ACP Ragini. Rathinam tells her to telephone to the PC. Saroja reminds him that they have decided not to have any contacts through phone. Then they decide to bring in the PC to there hide-out. Two people set out to bring in the PC.

Inspector Sudhakar gives a cover to the Mustache police constable and asks him to hand over the cover to the commissioner. He tells him that there is an important matter inside the cover. The PC takes his bicycle and as he goes he is followed by another PC in his motorcycle. The mustache PC is stopped by Saroja's men and asks him to accompany them since Saroja wants to see him. The constable who followed him secretly hides behind a car and listens what they are talking.

The mustache PC tells them that he cannot accompany them and that he has an important work to do. He has to handover a cover to the commissioner. He tells them if they want to they should wait for him and after giving the cover he will return and accompany them. Saroja men then allow him to go.

Another PC who was watching this informs ACP that Saroja's men had way laid the contable and had asked him to accompany them, but he has told them that he would accompany them on his return from commissioner's office. ACP tells him to follow him if he goes with them and find out their hide-out. ACP calls up Inspector Sudhakar and asks him to come to her office.

Right at that the Mustache PC comes to the office of ACP and tells her that Saroja men had waylaid him and are asking him to accompany them. If the gang men are caught they would tell her hide-outs.

ACP appreciates him for his duty consciousness. Inspector Sudhakar comes to the ACP's office and finding the PC there asks him what he is doing there instead of going to commissioner's office. ACP tells him that he has reformed and has come to tell that Saroja's men are asking him to accompany him.

ACP then tells the PC that he had been watched and followed and his phone had been tapped and now he has come out truthful. ACP tells them if the gang men are arrested Saroja will get alerted so a way as to be planned to catch her.

Uttaran-708 Written Update 6th October 2011

Uttaran-708 Written Update 6th October 2011

Gunavanthi insists that the two children now should not live in this house her blood boils hot inside seeing them. Veer accepts what Mai tells him and tells that it will be done as she wishes, these two children will not live in this house hereafter.

Umed Singh interferes and tells that he should not give reply anger with anger.

Veer tells since Mai is having such difficulty in seeing these children then this children will not live here, they will now live where he and Ichcha live. They four will leave the house now.

Gunavanthi turns around questionably hearing this. Veer tells that they two will leave the house. The fate has not written for him to live in this house. First he lost his son, now he is leaving this house, and then it may be something else. He tells Ichcha to come along with him.

Daddaji orders Veer to stop and stay where he is. He tells, “that which happens will not return. Life has taught me only this Ichcha. Veer and their children will live here only in this house only.”

Gunavanthi tells that once again she bows her head on his adamant behavior, but one day he will know that other blood is other blood and our blood will be our blood.

Umed Singh consoles Veer and Ichcha that everything will get all right. He tells Veer to take care of Ichcha, she needs extra care.

Jogi Thakur visits Damini’s house and enquires about Ichcha, he tells that he has no strength in him to meet Ichcha. If God did not want to give her the child why should he give and then give these sufferings. Damini tells him that whatever happens they have to bear. Maybe seeing Khaana and Mukta Ichcha may feel relaxed, Veer too is supportive to her. Jogi Thakur tells God’s action is strange he gave her two other children.

Pushkar is in a hurry to go to railway station and is asking every auto driver to take him to railway station, by then Nani comes there searching him, she sees and takes a stick lying on the ground and throws hard on him. The stick hits Pushkar, he turns around and finds Nani. Nani comes near him, and asks him where he is going.

Nani slaps Pushkar in the public and tells him not to utter a word. Can’t do a single job proper, went and landed Ichcha’s child into the lap of Tapasya. He catches his ear. All happened because of you. Ichcha son will now live like a Prince.

Pushkar tells he could not do anything, the child his having such luck like his mother. He had almost found a place to dispose of the child when from somewhere Rathore and Tapasya came there.

Nani asks him to keep quiet, if she had not given the child to him she would not have to see this. She now has to live in that house where Ichcha’s son is growing. She asks him to bring taxi. Pushkar asks sorry.

Divya is calling Tapasya and is not getting the line when Rohini tells that Pushkar has run away with a girl. Divya tells her not to see TV too much. Divya receives the call from Tapasya and tells her that she and Rathore had been to shopping. Tapasya is sitting with the child in her hand. Tapasya asks about Jogi Thakur. Tapasya then tells that she had done shopping for the child whole day. Divya gets surprised hearing about a child. Tapasya then tells that they have adopted a child. Divya asks how this happened so fast. She could be cured of her defect. Tapasya tells she wanted to take her blessing, she will tell later about all, the child starts crying and she cuts the phone.

Jogi Thakur returns and Divya asks Rohini to bring tea for him. Jogi Thakur tells her that he had no strength to meet Ichcha. Divya tells him that she too has no strength. Jogi Thakur feels sad for Damini and tells what could be running in the mind of Ichcha. Divya tells him that such a thing should not have happened to a lady. On the other hand Tapasya was so happy that she has adopted a child. Jogi Thakur is surprised hearing this, only yesterday it was not there, adopting a child is not so easy. Divya tells that Rathore is a well intellect person whatever he is doing he would be doing knowing its consequences.

Ichcha is in a sad mood and Veer enters her room sees her and thinks of the past of how he had spent the time with her feeding juice and apple. He sits beside her and Ichcha wipes her face. Veer comforts her touching her hand.

Uttaran-701 to 710 Written Updates - 2011


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Uttaran-701 27th September 2011

The nurse comes running and tells that the child has failed breathing. Doctor checksup and then informs that the child is dead. The nurse then gives the child to Nani who takes it and gives money as bribe to the nurse.

Tapasya tries to keep happy Rathore.


Uttaran-702 28th September 2011

Nani is caught taking the ichcha's child out of the hospital she bribes him and escapes. Tapasya makes varieties of dishes to make Rathore happy. Rathore tries to make Tapasya happy and so they both try to keep each other happy when inside they both lead a sad life.

Gunavanti does not believe that the child could be dead but her cries for re-check-up ends on deaf ears.

Nani takes the child to dispose off and in that act she takes the help of Pushkar. She gives the child to him telling him to dispose off in such a way that it never gets food.

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Uttaran-703 29th September 2011

Damini is pleading with God why He is giving so much sufferings to Ichcha.

Pushkar goes to dispose off Ichcha's child in a dustbin, he hides seeing some passersby.

Both Damini and Veer console each other and are worried about Ichcha.

Pushkar keeps the child under a tree and as he goes he sees Dadaji's car, he also sees Chanda and Kaka, so he tries to sneak out from there when from behind Dadaji comes towards him and gives him a gold chain as a present to the child and goes of without seeing Pushkar's frightened face.

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Uttaran-704 30th September 2011

Pushkar is still trying to dispose off the child when he finds a police van and so runs away from that place. Rathore and Tapasya are in their car happily spending their night. Jogi calls up and Rathore assures him that he will take care of Tapasya.

Ichcha is sad on the loss of her child and she bursts out crying when Veer takes her on his shoulders.


Uttaran-705 3rd October 2011

Pushkar still is moving around a good place to dispose of the child and comes to the place where once Tapasya had left her child. Has fate have it Tapasya is seen there right now telling Rathore that it is this place that she had left her child.

Pushkar seeing a cradle comes to keep the child there and finds Tapasya talking with Rathore and tries to run off when the child for the first time cries. Rathore calls him up to stop and both Tapasya and Rathore run and find Pushkar with the child. They ask whose child it is, but Pushkar tells that he found this on the road, somebody had left it.

Rathore gets fond of the child and tells that Daija's words has come true. He tells a child is a child and they get love on it when we see it with love.

Pushkar comes back to his house and tells that he has finished disposing off Ichcha's child.

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Uttaran-706 4th October 2011

Jogi Thakur is about to visit the hospital to see Ichcha's child and calls up Damini and gets to know that the child is dead. He becomes sad when Nani and Pushkar look on.

Rathore and Tapasya are happy with the child and Rathore feeds milk to the child.

Rathore shows a list of things that they should have for the child. He tells her that he has prepared the list after seeing 16 websites. He reads out the things a baby needs...

Mattress beds, water proof enamel, crip sheets, blankets, diapers, baby wipe, changing beds, diaper bag, diaper icecream, baby clothes, bath tub, baby lotion, baby oil, baby comb, nail clippers, baby towel, baby laundry detergent, milk bottles, steriliser, bottle brush, bottle warmer, versifiers, bicycle. Tapasya snatches the list from his hand with small shock, when she hears him reading bicycle, she hits him on his head, fool, 'your Junior Rathore is so small it cannot ride a bicycle.

Read more...Uttaran-706 4th October 2011

Uttaran-707 5th October 2011

Nani comes to know that Ichcha's child is now in the hands of Rathore and Tapasya and they have become very fond of the child.

At Veer's house Gunavanthi is very angry on Khaana and Mukhta she tells Veer to chase them out of the house. She tells it is because of them that Ichcha's child died.


Uttaran-708 6th October 2011

Pushkar tries to escape from Nani catching a train but catches with him up, slaps him and stops him going.

Gunavanthi insists on the children going out of the house, Veer tells that the four of them will leave the house. Dadaji interferes and tells that these things happens and so no one should go out of the house.

Tapasya tells to her mother Divya that they have adopted a son.

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Uttaran-709 7th October 2011

Tapasya looks after well Ichcha's baby cleaning her up and Nani is frustrated seeing her working on Ichcha's child.

Ichcha and Veer decide to forgo having a child of their own and adopt Khaana and Mukta as their children and to live only with them.

Ichcha tells about their decision to Gunavanthi who hears that with shock.

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Uttaran-710 10th October 2011

Gunavanthi is not acceptable to Ichcha's decision of not bearing a child. Veer comes there and tells her that it was he who has take the decision not to have a baby.

Gunavanthi is on the angry mood over Ichcha on their this decision to not have a child. She asks the servants too not to help out Ichcha and that she do every work herself.

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Uttaran-701 to 800 Written Updates - 2011

Uttaran-701 to 710 Written Updates - 2011

Uttaran-711 to 720 Written Updates - 2011

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Uttaran-721 to 730 - 2011


Nani plays havoc in Ichcha's life and lifts the child from hospital but as fate as it the child finally lands up in Rathore's house. Both Rathore and Tapasya become attracted to the child and regard it their own son.

Ichcha and Veer decide not to give birth to their own children and adopt Mukta and Khaana as their children. Gunavanthi does not like this decision of theirs and fails in convincing them to have their own children and a heir to Bundela's family.

Rathore decides to celebrate the Name Bearing ceremony of his son (Veer's son) and invites many including Veer's family. Veer attends the function not knowing that the child is his own. Ichcha too attends the function later, on the force invitation of Nani for the sake of Jogi Thakur.

At the function Tapasya greets Ichcha. Tapasya is about to give the child and Ichcha longs to have it in her hand when someone calls Tapasya so takes off the child. Ichcha feels resigned.

Khaana who playing breaks the TV set gets slap from Gunavanthi, he tells this to Damini who comes there to give sweets.

At Rathore's house Ichcha's child is crying so Daima takes him to room to give milk, she leaves the child in he cot and goes to bring milk for him. The child is left alone in the cot crying, Ichcha who passes by finds her child crying and she lifts her child in her hands milk boozes from her breast so she starts feeding him breast milk. Tapasya searching Daima and the child comes to the room and find Ichcha giving milk to her child.

Uttaran-707 Written Update 5th October 2011

Uttaran-707 Written Update 5th October 2011

At Rathore's house Nani walks talking to herself when unknowingly she kicks a soft doll and thinks it to be a snake and shrieks out. Rathore comes there smiling and tells that it is only a doll and why she is afraid of it. Nani asks him if he was playing with the doll, and then thinks him to be a fool.

Tapasya comes with the baby in her hand laughing and smiling. Nani in a surprised way asks whose baby it is. Tapasya takes promise from her that she will not scold her listening what she tells. Nani, tells okay tell. Tapasya tells her that she got the
child from Pushkar but not to tell her Mummy since she is very doubtful.

Nani starts shaking inside tells to herself, hurray this is Ichcha's child. Rathore seeing her face asks her, why is she so afraid, if she knows whose child it is. Nani, trembles and tells how can she know. Rathore tells if you don't know don't worry Tapasya will tell you. Tapasya tells her that it is her child and keeps it to her cheeks. Rathore tells her, meet this, this is Junior Rathore, Prince Rathore, meaning Prince.

Nani asks from where Pushkar got this child. Tapasysa tells that she had went to the place where she had left the child and lost it. Pushkar came there to leave the child there. When they asked about the child he told that somebody had left the child in the street. Pushkar did not know what to do with the child so he came to leave it in Orphanage, we brought it to home. When Taps is telling the incidents of how they got the child, Rathore is just interested in the child and is playing with the child. He tells that their meeting with the child is written by fate and it is their luck.

Nani comes out with the words which Rathore does not like. She tells Rathore, that he is a broadminded person, hence he has took this big decision, but showing love to a child which is found in a street is not good. Asks him not to take any decision to which he may afterwards feel for it.

Rathore looks her in an anger way and tells her, that whenever he takes any decision he
does it with full voice and senses. There is no turning back. This is mine and it is my final decision. There should not be any argument. This is my son, Tapasya's son, we will give it a name. It is good for all of us if we accept this fact. Nani shows her castrol oil face hearing this.

At Veer's house Gunavanthi is sitting sadly and Chanda is with Mukta which is crying. Umed Singh tells that Veer is alone in the hospital and he has not talked with Ichcha. Gunavanthi gets frustrated hearing the crying of Muktha, asks Chanda to silent the child. Chanda tells that it might be hungry and gives the child to Gunavanthi and goes to bring milk. Gunavanthi shows anger towards the child. When Khaana comes there and asks when Ichcha will be back, then Gunavanthi gets anger on him too. Umed singh pacifies Khaana. Veer and Ichcha enter the house slowly when they hear Gunavanthi shouting frustrated on the cries of Muktha.

Nani calls up Pushkar and Pushkar seeing the name of Nani in his mobile tells to himself, 'Pushkar, mummy has come to know, now you are finished.' Rohini comes and tries to attend the phone, Pushkar snatches it from her hand. He then packs his belongings. Rohini thinks that Pushkar is having some relationship and he is going to meet her. She cries and makes a hell out of it. Asks where he is going.

At Veer's house Veer and Ichcha as they enter the house hear Gunavanthi cursing the children for what had happened. Veer calls Khaana towards him. Umed Singh goes near Ichcha and pacifies her. Gunavantha does not see Ichcha at all, she keeps her eyes down and is with anger. Veer takes the crying child Mukta and tells Gunavanthi to take rest and they will take care of the children. Umed Singh tells that he was trying to convince her that whatever happened is fate and it is not the fault of these children.

Gunavanthi stands up and tells them that it is the fault of these children, Ichcha did not take care of her own child but was taking care of these children and working hard for that. She worked for 9 months forgetting that she has a heir to this house. Now we see the result.

Veer tells her that he can understand what is going on her mind, he too has lost his child, he also is sad, asks her to be silent.

Gunavanthi tells him that she can't be silent and asks to chase away these children. Khaana tells to Ichcha that he will not go anywhere. Veer tells Khaana that Mai is anger and nothing of that kind will happen. He asks Kaka to take him it is time for him to go to school.

Gunavanthi again tells him that whatever she told she did not tell with anger, now these children cannot live in this house.


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