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Sasural Simar Ka -Serial Lists

'Sasural Simar Ka' serial shown in Color TV 7-30 P.M. - repeat next day at 6-00 A.M. - 8-30 A.M. - 10-00 A.M. - 2-30 P.M. the times as usual changes. Puja is a young girl lives in a middle class family. Her father is a disciplined person he grew her under such conditions. Puja loves her father and so does he. His father had grown up teaching her the values of family life, love, the culture of her country etc.

Sasural Simar Ka-01 to 20

Sasural Simar Ka-21 to 35

Sasural Simar Ka-36 to 60

Sasural Simar Ka-61 to 70

Sasural Simar Ka-71 to 80

Sasural Simar Ka-81 to 95

Sasural Simar Ka-096 to 105

Sasural Simar Ka-106 to 120

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