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Linking of Rivers

Lets discuss generally the situation in Tamilnadu. Recently except some parties in Tamilnadu and almost all people of tamilnadu who were showing genuine concern on Tamilians genocides in Sri Lanka for immediate stoppage of war, there were no others who were calling for stoppage of war.

For example no Central Leaders both ruling and opposition were talking about war in Sri Lanka. No single word was being uttered by them when Tamilnadu was burning for stoppage of war. All these shows that Tamilnadu has been virtually a neglected state, no suicides evoked any response. It is unimaginable that Sri Lankan Navy had shot gunfires on Tamilnadu fishermen and there were some 600 of them killed till now. No word is talked about this.

This situation is really dangerous for the state, it has to rethink about its own leaders and to how about going self-sufficient in everything. The state should protect itself in a worst situation.

It also brings in another thing to the fore. Politicians seems to have no feelings for human lives. The Indian people are living in a very dangerous country were help may not come forth if faced with real problems. The same holds to other states as well.

Thus it becomes absolutely clear that all politicians after getting elected never strive for the development of their constituency, they live in their own comforts. Both poor and middle class people suffer the most. As days goes by the situation will turn to worst with innumerable problems creeping up.

Already a deadly Swine-Flu virus has struck the people of India and this may not end here there is more to come, a different type of disease. These are more dangerous. Our Indian country spends a major portion of its money in producing weapons of destruction and buying it from other countries encouraging them to produce more of it. It is time that these money is diverted towards upkeep of hygenic conditions in peoples lives.

Lets take in Bangalore. The Governments that ruled here has been saying that they will beautify Bangalore. The Government has huge funds but all these funds are spent for the sake of showing accounts to misappropriate it. There is total neglect of desilting of Storm water drainages that runs through the breath of Bangalore. The Government still has not felt the need for a separate department for foreseeing the upkeepment of these storm water drainages. These storm water drainages stinks and pollutes the air day in day out.

As the days goes every state and the country as a whole will face some acute shortage of water. No politician is seriously working for linking of all rivers. Nothing about this future problem of water shortage is being talked now. It is time now that people start thinking of their own futures and fight for it until it is accomplished.

To start with FIGHT FOR LINKAGE OF ALL RIVERS IN OUR COUNTRY to save ourselves from water shortage. Fight for it until it is accomplished.


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