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Rakhi Ka Insaaf-Laxman-Anitha story

Invited to the show are... Anitha; Laxman; Balbir; Balbir's wife; Anitha's parents; A reporter; A witness.

Anita is the wife of Laxman who for money was asking his wife to sleep with Balbir his uncle. Anita was forced to sleep with Balbir and would be shown pistol if she does not agree to sleep. He would threaten her that he would kill her brother.

Rakhi Sawant is helped in her judgement by various witnesses.

A reporter tells that Anitha's parents are drunkard's and the parents who are seated there accept it. Thus for money they too seemed to be silent on atrocities committed on Anitha.

A police inspector who comes on telephone line confirms that Balbir is such a type of person that he could do anything. He tells that various cases have been registered against him in the police station. He has always goondas with him and moves with him. This puts Balbir in a very bad position.

Another witness tells that Anitha could not lie or she does not lie.

Laxman, Balbir and his wife would not have expected these kind of turnabouts in the show where everything went against them.

Rakhi Sawant in this show insults Laxman telling him he is not a man. As we see in the show it seems that he is so.

The participants in the show totalitarily support Anitha. And when you see these Videos you too would be convinced that these people had committed crime on poor Anitha.

Laxman thereafter dies... the police report his death as a natural death. Rakhi Sawant is absolved of the Abetment of suicide charge.


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